My messy sewing room

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Default My messy sewing room

As ugly and messy this room looks it is a wonder that I ever get anything sewn properly. I clean it up and then it gets messed up again. Although I am in the process of organizing my scraps into 2", 3 1/2" and 5" squares. Oh and also 1 1/2" squares for my postage stamp quilt. They are going into plastic bags for now and then clear shoe boxes. I thought maybe if I posted my mess on this forum that it would motivate me into getting it done. If you have any suggestions/ideas, please don't be bashful. Let me know how to "fix" this mess. Hopefully I will be able to post more than one pic. Well, it let me post 3 pics but I guess you can see the mess I am in. And I don't like the little attached images. When you click on them they always magnify and you really can't see it well.
Attached Thumbnails my-messy-sewing-room-008.jpg   my-messy-sewing-room-009.jpg   my-messy-sewing-room-012.jpg  
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I hope you feel as I do. It is my room and I don't care. As long as I'm sewing. I've gotta learn how to attach pics etc. My room is a mess and if I straighten it and then start something, off it goes again. LOL
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I feel it is time to clean my sewing room when I can't walk in it or can't find anything. Guess what -- I am trying to clean it now since it reached that state and I moved the mess into the guest room until I could make more room (hmmmm wonder why I am here...)
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I think the only thing that will help is to pack ALL your fabric in boxes and ship it to me. Then you can start fresh. LOL.
Seriously just vow to do a little piece each day for an agreed amount of time. Then reward yourself with a treat (can be anything you want or long for) each day you accomplish your task. First thing you know, you'll have an organized room and you will be able to create to you hearts content. First thing I did when I set up my sewing studio is to organize my fabric on boards. They took less room, & I could see what I have. I can't start a project if my space is a mess. (That is just me, it doesn't bother some.) Good luck & show us the "after" picture when you get it done.
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I know what you mean! I clean up and organize my room and then I turn around and it is a mess! I decided tonite I really don't like my sewing room too much. Some good things about it, but some not so great. I might have to rethink this whole thing. I cut up a bunch of scraps into diffrent block sizes, strips, now I think they are in my way!Gee!
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I am just so thankful that my room isn't the only one that looks like this! LOL I am in the process of redoing it now and I am bound and determined to keep it neat. So we'll see how well that works! lol
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Originally Posted by QuiltnLady1
I feel it is time to clean my sewing room when I can't walk in it or can't find anything. Guess what -- I am trying to clean it now since it reached that state and I moved the mess into the guest room until I could make more room (hmmmm wonder why I am here...)
OMG I just did the exact same thing!! But my sweetie said "Let's take the bed in the guest room apart and store it in garage and then we can put up some shelves in there too so I have more storage" ! Wants me to have 2 rooms for my quilting fetish! How wonderful is that? In fact, we are looking to move in the next few years and every house that he wants me to look at has some large area that he feels will be "perfect" for my sewing room!
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See if you can find some plastic bins, to fit onto your shelves, to hold your various projects and fabrics. For overflow, the bins can be stacked.
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I really don't think it looks all that bad, I have seen for worse , so don't be to hard on yourself.
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Looks familiar. My room is in a similar state. In fact mine is so messy my quilting has overflowed into the dining room. Like you, I always have the best intentions after I clean up but it's always back to a mess in no time. Seems to be another one of those afflictions common to quilters.
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