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Teen 11-10-2020 06:10 PM

Connie....praying for your son and claiming negative results!!!

Julie....one of the reasons I don’t do a lot of scrappy quilts (unless the pieces are already cut in sizes I inventory) is for the mess it makes. It jams my creativity vibes....lol...so, I start out with only pulling a few main colors of scraps....then add a few more blenders. Then I start sewing. When I run out, I pull more as I go. In my opinion, Lori Holt is the queen of scrap cutting and organizing. For me, I cut up the scraps of done projects immediately in the sizes I keep...but, do whatever floats your boat....enjoy the egg nog..

Julienm1 11-10-2020 06:22 PM

1. Connie, hugs, lots of hugs from afar for you/your family.
2. Teen, Egg nog is great
3.Teen, I'm between projects so decided make a new future UFO. Cut the jelly rolls. Cut the squares. Now getting creative relating to the layout. This is a mindless sewing which is kinda fun. Tidied up the loose pieces. Jammies on so I can start to piece. Sewing tble looks better if I don't look at the cutting table hind me!

rryder 11-11-2020 03:48 AM

Connie- Sorry to hear your son is under the weather, and hoping for a negative test result so he can unquarantine and spend time with his wife and baby. Sending virtual hugs your way.

Julienm1-enjoy that special eggnog!

We have had a string of minor disasters recently (dead speed oven, dead car, dead refrigerator) which have required some reorganizing of our lives. After 3 weeks of searching, we finally found a late model used vehicle to replace the dead car and finalized the purchase on Monday. Today I’m setting up its maintenance and repair folder in my file cabinet and getting used to the idea that we will have a car payment for the next 4 years after being free of them for more than 15 years.

The oven is still on the blink after 4 repair visits over the course of the last two months but hopefully when the repair person comes back out next Wednesday it will finally be fixed. Have also spent the past week calling every repair person in our area who works on our brand of fridge- earliest availability is December, but most say they don’t advise repairing a 10 year old fridge. Finally bit the bullet and ordered a new fridge (different brand that gets better reviews from Consumer Reports)- it was originally scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Last night Got an email from Lowes saying delivery has been delayed by one week. DH has been busy reorganizing his kitchen activities to facilitate preserving as much of the refrigerated and frozen food as possible.

I think I will try to spend some quality time today playing with fabric...


Teen 11-11-2020 04:02 PM

Oh Lordy, Rob...when it rains it pours. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with this all at once. At least you’ll have new and reliable replacements for everything as you enter 2021.

I played in sewing room today so no organizing for me today.

retiredteacher09 11-11-2020 05:55 PM

Thank you for the prayers and virtual hugs. The clinic said the results would be 2-8 days. Today was 3 days. itís tough when both of them are in commission jobs and my son was looking at trying for a promotion. On the great side, my 9 month old grandson finally started to crawl yesterday! Since heís been up on all 4s for 3 months, we thought it would happen sooner. 🙂. He managed to get around by pulling himself before.

julienm1: I often wonder why I make such a mess starting scrappy quilts too.

Teen: I just started following Lori Holt. 👍

Rob: Oh my goodness. Like Teen said, you will have new and reliable replacements now. But ouch to the pocketbook.

I kept getting sidetracked today. My mind just kept jumping from one thing to another. However, I did get farther along on my 2 UFOs and started to organize a fabric pile that I had been planning to use for a scrappy quilt. Iím repurposing or putting away the fabric in the pile. Also, my niece will be moving early next year so I pulled out some of the tubs I have emptied this year from fabric organizing and pictures/memorabilia and will be dropping a few off to her on Friday. Iím glad I hung on to them though but it will be nice to have some gone.

Julienm1 11-11-2020 06:20 PM

So been sewing for a long time it seems on this Diamond Squared and now I hate it. Just way too busy. So tomorrow will square up the blocks and pack it up with all the extra strips. Probably just need to let it all age for all and revisit it at a later date. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/wink.png https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/eek.png

Teen 11-12-2020 04:59 PM

Retired... keep us updated on the kids. Hopefully, they’ll be back at it in no time... and, Yah for the little guy. So fun to see these early stages of big time achievements!!

Julie...seriously, I know this feeling so well right now. I have been working on a quilt for well over a month and have redesigned the applique border about 4 times. Today, I threw in the towel, got rid of applique, cut the 8” border to 3” border, and prepped for LA’er. I am so done with that quilt. Putting it away to think about later is a “no go” for me so I am relieved this quilt top is done and I can move on to next project.

I took all the scraps from this quilt, cut them up and and organized away. Next!!!

retiredteacher09 11-12-2020 05:31 PM

Teen: Unfortunately, my DSs test came back positive. I think he was relieved just to get the results after 4 days, My DDIL and grandson had to go in and get tested also after DSs positive result. Praying they donít get sick especially the grandson. My DS followed all of the precautions so he isnít sure where he contracted it but probably from work. After he told me the results, I had a hard time focusing and recounted or checked directions so many times. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for my concentration.

Julie: Sonetimes a project needs to have a time out. 👍

Teen: Iím glad you solved your border problem.

I organized some scraps. I chose to cut them into signature shapes with my die cutter. So far I have used 3 of my 4 sizes of the shapes, cut the triangle shapes to go with the signature die shape, and put them into bags into a shoebox sized tub. Very little waste because I cut the leftover triangles from the cut off corners of the die into sizes I use and put them away right away. Whew!

Julienm1 11-12-2020 07:06 PM

Hard to believe but almost a year ago we were planning a move for DH’s job. The move was unexpected so we/he started packing quickly. DH went to Lowe’s and bought a lot of packing boxes. I was working so could only help on my day’s off. Picture this…mattress/box spring flipped on end and that bedroom became storage for whatever he packed up. That room has boxes stacked floor to ceiling. Sadly packing lists only stated shirts/pants (his) or quilt stuff (mine). But there was a delay in the move . Leap forward and here comes the pandemic and we still haven’t moved. I’ve bought inexpensive, duplicated quilt supplies…pins, marking pens, rulers, etc. Decided to reorganize my fabric. Had it stored in several opaque/clear plastic tubs by color. Went thru every tub and took out what I thought I’d use until we moved and put it in the bookshelf. Bought some fabric. (Sewing calms my nerves. Was the best therapy when we were taking care of Mom while she had ALZ.)

DD bought her first house and asked me to make a quilt for her bed. We found fabric and she chose Drunkard’s Path pattern. I’ve make this pattern twice before and have two sets of templates in different sizes. I have gone thru 3 boxes and no templates and every box is just a hodge podge of stuff and I lost it. Told DH tomorrow I’m going to go thru every box marked quilting, empty it, organize, repack them, and put a detailed packing list on the outside. Two boxes in the entry, three in my sewing room and no idea how many in the bedroom.

Thank heavens we never started to pack the kitchen. Oh, tysm for allowing me to rant. I need DH to help me with boxes tomorrow so can’t yell at him. I have a feeling he’ll give me a wide birth tomorrow. Yes, I have a bag of Ghiradelli in my sewing room.

oksewglad 11-12-2020 07:07 PM

Oh Connie...hope he has a mild case. Saying some prayers for them and you.

Julie..yes setting a frustrating project aside, or in the case of Teen revamping it is a good route to go. Kudos to putting the scraps away immediately, ladies.

Sorry about the minor mishaps, Rob. I know how you feel the week the fridge died, and my brother's house fire, plus a couple of weird incidences here on the farm front. We just adapt and adjust.

Julie...sounds like you are more than adapting and adjusting...good luck with the re organization!

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