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I Loved Making This Quilt!  No Squaring Up Was Needed!! see post #1 for tut and links >

I Loved Making This Quilt! No Squaring Up Was Needed!! see post #1 for tut and links

I Loved Making This Quilt! No Squaring Up Was Needed!! see post #1 for tut and links

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Beautiful quilt.
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Beautiful scrappy! Would love to see a tute on it!
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[QUOTE=kwilter;4861239][COLOR=#4B0082][FONT=comic sans ms][B]This quilt is wonderful! It's on my bucket list for sure. Looks like 4-patches, geese and rectangles...although the patch with the geese may be different. Is this correct?

That's great! I can't tell you enough how easy and fun this one was to do! I also loved the fact 'no sashing' was needed between blocks! I also loved the fact that it appears to have been placed on point without having to go to all that trouble! Also, if you look at the date on the pics, you'll see I only had a few blocks done on the 13th and in 3 days I had the whole quilt sewn together and finished except for the final border! Yes, you are right! The patch with the geese is different. In fact, there are no geese and no rectangles in this one. You'll need 18 flower blocks and lots of 4P's (I'll have to draw up the directions soon!). The blocks are joined horizontally, then rows, then long vertical sashing (or the middle of the stars) to join the rows. Look for my mini tut on this one. I'll post that later today. Be looking for it. Thank you so much, kwilter, for your interest!!
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Pretty scrappy!
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I LOVE it!!!
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I love this !! So pretty and perky and fresh looking!!
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Would love to have directions. It is so pretty!
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Very pretty!
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n2scraplvr - What a fantastic quilt. Whoever receives it will truly appreciate it. I am looking forward to your tut.
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Ok, gang, here are the instructions for the Flower Quilt! Let me know if there are questions!

# of flower blocks needed: 18 (12 darks; 6 med.)
4.5" white squares needed: 17 (these are the alternate blocks)
4P's needed: 66
2.5" squares needed: 264
fin. 4P = 4"
fin. block = 12"
fin. quilt = 49.5 x 65 (includes a 4" border)

1 block = (5) 4P's + 4 star points or flower

1) On the design wall, lay out your (5) 4P's with the 4 star points or the flower.
2) Lay out the blocks on your wall for 3 rows. Don't worry about getting the right colors beside one another. You can move the blocks around later for color balance after the blocks are sewn together. For now, you just want to start filling in the design wall. (see picture 1)
3) Once you have a few blocks on the design wall and you're happy with it, sew the blocks together. {(5) 4P's + 4 star points.} They are then much easier to move around.
4) Place 8 blocks on the wall and start filling in with the white squares between them. Fill in the flowers of the 3 blocks between the 2 rows. The 3rd row will reveal the tops of the flowers that will start off your 4th row -- the tops only.
5) Next, you will be sewing together the vertical strips between the blocks. This vertical strip contains a white square, the top star point of your flower, a 4P, the bottom star point, a white square, and the last piece is the top of the flower that starts your next row.
6) Sew together all 3 vertical strips between each flower.
7) Join blocks to vertical strips.
8) You now have 3 rows sewn together. Remove from the wall and repeat the same for the last 2 rows.
9) Join the 2 halves together.

I haven't figured out how to put a heading on my pics so I'll just describe it here the pics that follow. I did use paint.net to edit my photos. I believe you can figure it all out.

I show pics of the inspiration piece I followed. Don't remember where online I found this pic, but the quilter hadn't put her quilt together then. She used lots of pinks and it truly is pretty. It's just laying out on the floor. You can see how the blocks go together. It just dawned on me to show her photo. There are 2 of hers.

Now I'll attach my pics. In pic #1 I show how I laid out my blocks of the flower even before I added the star points. This was so I could see the colors I was using and what I needed to add next color-wise. I work as I go and it's easy to see the colors you need next. However, you might want to do it differently. Just don't try moving unsewn sections around on the wall as it'll get confusing. Believe me, I tried that! Good luck with your quilt!

p.s. I just thought of one more thing! On the 4P's, I made sure the darkest square was faced inward toward the flower on each corner!
Attached Thumbnails 1.jpg   2.jpg   3.jpg   quilt-pics-6-1-11-006-medium-.jpg   quitl-picstures-5-24-11-002-medium-.jpg  

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