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Default Runner

My niece just had another remodel. She turned her screened in patio into a closed in dining room. So she went shopping and found an oak table with 8 chairs. I offered to make her a Christmas runner and sent her pictures of fabrics I had in my stash. She chose this piece with Santa, deer, tree and snowmen.
The runner can be reversible. I used the fabric with the rows going across the width for one side. On the other side I made Stars.
I don’t know why but lately I have been making it hard on myself. I think it’s because I am always being interrupted or distracted. Here is what I mean.
I knew she liked the Santa with deer and tree, so I fussy cut a square for the center of my stars. I made all my blocks, then decided to sash around them with the rows of snowmen from the fabric. All went well and I was so proud of my mitered corners matching up. (See photo
Then I thought it needed a row of Santa borders because I only had them in the center square. If I had really been thinking, I would have realized by adding another border all around, it would just be too wide. I didn’t ‘think’ until after I sewed, mitered and edge finished it. 😳🙄😩
So after making perfectly mitered borders ( yea!) I had to rip it all out (boo-hoo) and go back to just the first snowmen border only.
I have been working on this 3 days! I should have finished this easily if I had use all of my brain and not just ‘half a brain’. The idea forms in my head and I make as I go. Somewhere along the way I guess I quit thinking.🙄 The finished width with just Snowmen border is 17 inches. If I had left the Santa border on as in the 3rd picture, I am embarrassed to admit it was 25 inches! Her table is 41 wide. It did look good but just too wide to look good on the table.
1- fabric niece chose
2- first border mitered
3- with both borders on ( just look at those mitered corners!-lol)
4- back to just one border and completely quilted and black binding on
5 -reverse side with whole fabric

I think she will like it and the fact that both sides can be used, she still gets her Santa.
Have a good day or night!❤️Toogie
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Another beauty Toogie! I think we have all been down the path of not really thinking through something, oops! It turned out fantastic!
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wow, really nice! She will love it!
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Sometimes we're our own worst enemy! But the finished runner is beautiful.
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That looks so elegant!
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Lovely runner but that perfectly mitered border was great, even though you had to take it off.
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You did a great job on everything including the borders, despite the set backs, and your niece will be thrilled.
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Great runner. I like the extra border on it. Too bad it was too wide
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This is so festive. She will love it!
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Great runner!! I'm sure your niece will be thrilled.
.. and thanks for the inspiration, as I just happen to have some similar border print fabrics that I never know what to do with. Now I have no excuse!!

You sound like me .... have an idea and make it as I go, but then I have another idea and oops, kind of messes with the first plan's execution. Ugh! But that's how we all get originals instead of cookie cutter quilts that EVERYONE can have!
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