2019 Fabric Moratorium

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Silly Susan like ReTeach, I live in the snowy Midwest...we have at least 8 additional inches on the ground and now the wind is picking up and blowing this light fluffy stuff all over. I'm sure grocery stores were busy on Monday in preparation for the big blow...we take the weather seriously. One thing you learn is to always have food in the pantry...if I run out of bread, I have flour and yeast to make it. Well milk is a different story, but there's a bulk tank full in the milkroom at my place.

RE: "that green" basket quilt
If I finish it off with the diagonal setting, I will have a 60 x 75 quilt...might try to find some repro fabric similar to the print in the basket and add a 5" border (blocks are 10 1/2") to make it a 70 x 85. I don't think I have enough of that green for a binding. Retiredteacher, are you familiar with the shop Reproduction Fabrics in Northfield?
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We got about 6 inches of snow over night here in Maine...it will make for a wonderful day of sewing. Teen, from the wonderful quilts you post, I always imagine that you have a delightful stash...
Iceblossom, those are neat postcards.
I ordered a yard of terry fabric from MSQC this morning (on sale) but it will be used for baby bibs/burp cloths.
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Brrr. I've been trapped with the Seattle snow. Most years we don't get any, or it only lasts a day or two -- not this year! We are going on a week plus. I know the rest of the country laughs at us how we shut down during snow but we have a lot of hills, a lot of marginal cars, and people don't get the opportunity to get used to driving in the snow. Back when I lived in Alaska, the first two weeks of the snow season always meant an increase in accidents, and then we got used to it for the next 6 months. Here in Seattle, they never get used to it...

The major chain grocery store I use has had huge gaps on the shelves. I got one of the last cartons of milk on Friday, apparently they had a deliver because there were different ones available on Monday. Every single egg was gone. 80% of the meat section was empty. No one in the bakery and 90% of premade stuff gone. I didn't go down the bottled water or toilet paper aisles because I also shop at costco, but typically those are empty too.

But it's been good for sewing. My Tuesday small group is just down the road about half a mile, so despite the deep snow and slush and trees falling I went and visited with the hostess since it was just the two of us this week, lol it's a small group I finished off the binding of my "Pig Pen" baby quilt -- for those not keeping track, it's the Year of the Pig, and besides, I just liked the fabrics. The white came out of my stash, the pink was thrift store, the pig fabrics on the front and backing from another thrift store sale (it was all $1/yard or less!), and the sashing was given to me by the small group hostess.

Here's the pre-bound pigpen. I've been using a vintage machine for the last 20 years, this was my first project done on the modern machine my friend gave me in November.
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I haven't been ready to commit to not buying fabric before now, but I've spent quite a lot of time organizing this year, and it has brought it home to me that it would be foolish to keep buying more fabric when I have so much on hand -- maybe more than I can use in the remainder of my life. So I am ready to commit to the moratorium.

Iceblossom, what a sweet quilt!
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Welcome, Joe's mom! You will soon discover you have a use for those wonderful fabrics on hand!
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I needed to buy more 30’s fabrics to keep going on my crossroads quilt. I bought just what I needed and nothing else. Yay me!
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Welcome joes mom!!

Ice....quilt is lovely...

Pamela....good job! I have a tendency to over buy on yardage so I am watching that, as well.

Here is the Dresden Plate quilt top. I used the remnants and scraps from the a Happy Birds quilt and have just enough to do a scrappy binding. Gotta dig thru stash for backing but I have options. This will be donated to Hospice...
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What lovely projects you are making with your fabric. Thanks for sharing everyone. I'm going to try to figure a way to post pics. Have had trouble with that lately. I just have to say that being half way through February and not purchasing any fabric is the best start to a year yet for my moriatorium. Still have part of a gift certificate left and what I bought with the other part was thread organizers. Hopefully I'll continue to stay strong. Keep up the good work everyone.
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Iceblossom and Teen, I love your quilts! Really beautiful!

Tomorrow is 2/14. We will be officially at the half point of February! Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! And so many of us have been so good making tons of beautiful quilts using stash only!

I'm working on the binding of the last of the eight baby quilts I've been plodding through. I think my next project will be a couple dozen crib sheets. I know this doesn't involve quilting... just sewing... but they use up lots of stash quickly and I still need to empty some of these bins, totes, stacks, etc., so I can get a path started through my house!!
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Silly Susan: We got about 12” between Sunday morning and yesterday evening.

Oksewglad: I remember looking at the website for Reproduction Fabrics several years ago but never purchased anything from them.

Iceblossom and Teen: Very nice finishes!
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