Fabric Moratorium 2022

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Default Fabric Moratorium 2022

I think I'm not alone in needing the support of my fellow Moratorium posters! My thanks to all of you in whatever places you are in your stashes/lives. I think I'm going to do ok with my desires to buy fabric this year, but I'm going to need support and ideas for using/reducing and stash related things. I'm ok with having a stash, I just think I can have less than my current amount...

Welcome to the 2022 Fabric Moratorium.

We have general guidelines, but please just do whatever makes sense for you. Although we call it the "Fabric Moratorium" the main idea is to not add to our stash and hopefully reduce it!
Here are some general guidelines:
* No fabric purchases "just for your stash" from Jan 1 until U.S. Black Friday (11/25/21).
* When you start a new project, shop your stash first. If you don't have anything that will work, then feel free to make a purchase. Hopefully at least some of the fabric for every new project will come from your existing stash.

As the year progresses, post your updates here. We can support and encourage each other, post tips on how you use your stash, and any planned new projects where you shopped your stash!

Let us know about falling off the wagon, everyone enjoys a great excuse to purchase fabric. Some members have come up with creative exemptions: ie trips, birthdays, quilt shows, receiving the Covid vaccine...I'm sure our imaginative followers will think of others.

Pictures are always wonderful!

As stated these are just guidelines, there are No Moratorium Police! Please do whatever makes sense for you and your stash. Just start using all that gorgeous fabric in your stash, after all, that's what you bought it for!
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Yay! Thanks for opening this thread, Iceblossom. I have benefitted greatly from the support of members of the Fabric Moratorium over the years and am looking forward to another year in the moratorium,.

My goals for this year are:
1. continue to shop my stash first when starting a new project
2. only buy fabric as needed to either finish a project, or to replenish stash staple fabrics such as blenders and wow.
3. use up more of my scraps

I'm looking forward to seeing photos, too!


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Thanks, Iceblossom! Glad to have this thread up and running again. :-)

As always, my stash isn't quite as deep as some people's, but I still get a thrill out of "making do" and discovering hidden gems of combinations of fabrics I already had. Looking forward to another year of quilting with everyone here and am also hoping to be able to share a moratorium-ish project soon. :-)
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Thank you for starting the thread, Iceblossom! Being part of the moratorium has really re-shaped my outlook on fabric. I now can look at and appreciate pretty fabric without feeling the impulse to buy it (it doesn't hurt that I have run out of storage space for fabric in our small home).

I am planning to continue prepping simpler quilts from stash as leader/ender projects for more challenging projects, of which I have several that need finishing, so I'm hoping to resist joining in any new sew-alongs this year.
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Count me in. I've got yardage and a number of panels that I want to get made for various occasions and I don't want to buy any more fabric. What I have is liable to fall on me and crush me!.
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Iceblossom: Thank you for starting this thread.

I look forward to hearing about/seeing everyone's projects.

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Thank you, iceblossom, for starting the thread.
I didn't do as well as I could have last year - fell for a jelly roll I haven't used yet and fabric for my first bargello. I guess it could have been worse. I took no exemptions for my birthday, my trip to Kentucky or anything else. I also didn't shop in the 'free' period - for me, that would defeat the purpose of 'being good' all year. My physical therapy is in the same mall as JoAnn's. I did make a few small purchases, but only what I needed to complete a quilt, so I did well there.

Here's to a successful year for all of us.
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I'm in. My LQS offers us a birthday discount of 1/2 of our ages, so I stocked up last July. I have bought a back or two's worth of fabric since but plan to shop my stash this year for the most part. I recently found a whole project box full of stuff I had forgotten about from a couple of years ago. I really need to know my stash better.
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Woohoo! Thank you Iceblossom. I know you have a lot on your plate with packing and downsizing for your move but thank you for hosting this popular thread.

Count me in again this year and although I don’t have a large stash, this thread helps me remain conscientious and mindful of using the fabric I have on hand. In January each year I sift through my stash and pull unwanted pieces that I have tired of or just won’t ever use and share them with friends or guild members. My goal this year is to complete 12 quilts. I only have one UFO that needs quilting…BH’s Frolic. I don’t have anything large enough for backing so will have to shop this coming week so I can get it done.

I look forward to the posts and photos…and slips and falls on this thread.
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Although I am have plenty, I can attest to the results of following threads like this. My stash is considerably smaller and in the "reasonable zone". I still like the accountability of others to help keep me just buying what is needed for a specific project and backing. I honestly have only a couple of pieces large enough even for pieced backing. Lead on Iceblossom!.
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