2022 UFO challenge

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Default 2022 UFO challenge

Good day everyone!!!! Iím hoping this is okay to start our UFOs for this year. No reply from administration yet. So here we go.

Welcome everyone who wants to be a part of this thread this year. All members are welcome to participate, no need to sign up before hand. If you have a UFO to post or want to receive any input for completing a UFO this is the place to be.

I would like to see yearly & monthly goals and the story behind your UFOs, if there is one. So 1st tell us what would you like to accomplish this year? Then what would you want to accomplish (or already accomplish for January). Then let us know what steps you need to complete the project. My desire this year is for members to tell or post pic of their starting place of their ufo and throughout the month let us hear how you are doing. Once itís completed post a pic. Even if you get side tracked let us know.

I know we all have different versions of the definition of an UFO. My definition, I donít touch or think about the project for over 6 months. Understand that is my definition, it will not be the definition we will use for this thread. The thread definition is, ďIf you consider it an UFO, itís an UFO.Ē A ufo can be listed as one you complete (ready to be used), swapped to another person (may or may not be finished), given away (out of your place and may or may not be finished), or donated to somewhere (finished or not finished). Examples of the above, a ufo in a bag that you are tired of and decide to give it to a guild to complete. Or you are cleaning out your sewing room and decide it needs To go elsewhere. Or you decide to put all the fabric back in your stash and decide to give the started project to someone else. Iím hoping we complete as many of our ufo as we can get through.

To get us started, my goals this year is to complete at least 12 UFOs that I have to finish piecing; and quilt 12-18 UFO tops this year that are currently on my UFO list. (Sorry to say I have a long list). Then Average 1-2 projects completed per month. My January ufo project goal: Complete my Bauble quilt and quilt my raggedy Ann throw top. My steps for my bauble top, sew 2 borders on and quilt the top. The raggedy Ann top just needs to be quilted.

So members letís get on the ufo wagon and sew/quilt our way to getting them all done or making a dent in getting them done. Happy sewing and quilting everyone.
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Thank you Happylab.

For the year, my goal is to move with only possessions I love and want around. This includes no UFO's I feel an obligation to complete but don't really care about. So with that in mind:
1. Gather all UFO's and catagorize them into: 1) moves with me, 2) finish before moving, 3) rehome, 4) trash. This is brutal.
2. After assessing, get to work doing

1. Finish the UFO on my studio floor.
2. Do the gathering, catogorizing, assessing.
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Yay, our 2022 UFO challenge is up! Thanks for leading us along, happylab!

My big goal for the year is to have 9 quilts completed. My January goal was to finish quilting my queen size Burgoyne Surrounded, but unfortunately it's looking like that will be a February finish. I quilted these huge feathered wreaths in each block and then, silly me! I decided to do tiny cross-hatch quilting in the center of each wreath! Now I'm kicking myself for starting that and wish I had just kept the whole thing simple. This is going to take some time! I'm hoping it will be one of those quilts that I love after it's done and am grateful for doing the extra work.

I think I'll keep my next UFOs quilting simple.

I really look forward to joining everyone as we work together to reduce our piles of projects. This is going to be a great UFO year... As long as none of us say "Oh, look! Squirrel!" 😂
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I have 4 UFO's that all the blocks are sitting on a table ready to be put together. I have to make sashing for these quilts and they will all be full size quilts or larger depending on if I add borders to them. These are my UFO goals for 2022. Other UFO's will have to wait their turns.
1. I need to cut the sashing.
2, lay out the blocks
3. sew them together.
4. Complete on a month for 4 months.
These are the goals. Now to see if I can meet them.
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Thank you, happylab, for leading the 2022 UFO challenge! I find it very inspiring to read about other people's UFO goals.

The only thing I consider UFOs are completed tops waiting to be quilted. I have many of them, and need to sort them into ones I really care about finishing, and ones I'm willing to pass on or maybe try to sell.

DH working from home has encroached on my quilting space, so my second immediate goal for the year is to 'encourage' him to get his stuff off of the work surface next to my sit-down machine. Once I get my space back, I have two quilts basted and ready to quilt. After those are done, I need to get a backing constructed for the next one in line, which involves some reverse applique (or I could just take the easy way out and do a plain backing).
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Hooray, the "UFO TRAIN" is boarding and I am purchasing my ticket now. Thank you "Conductor Happy Lab," for heading up this train. In the beginning of this thread I remembered boarder would offer a baked treat as they climbed aboard. Since I no longer bake just allow me to offer the Conductor a cup of Starbuck's a flavor of her choice.

Now, let me settle down and just state what it is that I want to get accomplish for 2022. The few UFO's that I have to come to mind are:
a. the oldest UFO in my flock of 5+years is 1,000 pieces or more scrappy flimsey, that I want to hand quilt
b. a Christmas flimsey of 4+years that I want to add another boarder
c. my orange butterfly blocks that I want set together
d. my Edyta Sitar' California Super Bloom pattern blocks set together

Some of these projects may have to take the role of 'leader and enders,' because I did have to go back to making mask. I also promised my oldest DGD and her fiance', a set of matching aprons

Thanks again HappyLab, and happy quilting everyone

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Thank-you all for encouraging me to host this great thread tradition. I have to tell on myself, I really like this thread too. I like to see everyone’s progress on their ufo quilt projects.

Welcome everyone. I’m glad to read what we have planned for this year and this month. Please spread the work the UFOs are back.
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HappyLab, wouldn't you know it a hacker would invade us just as we start up
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Making progress. The UFO on the floor is now a flimsy. Found a piece for the back.

I like to tell the stories. The main material was bought many years ago. I found a pattern, Big Blossom Quil(BB). The proplem (always a challenge to solve) the size of the focus blocks was different and this repeat is on the 60 degree bias. So I cut parallelagram with 60 degree angles. The idea of BB got way to complicated, so it was set aside for when I had way more time. And it lanquished.

In starting the packing for moving, it was uncovered with just 3 focus blocks cut. Decided it was time to figure out the math and geometry. Resurrection! Because with time, I'm not so tightly emotional about it, I could let go and let it be what it would become. Even the back doesn't match, at all. But it's big enough and I want to be rid of it. As a wall hanging, rarely does anyone see the back. So it's all good.
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So glad we are up and running for this year. Thank you, HappyLab! I have two UFOs complete and two more I am trying to figure out borders for. I will post pictures as I get them.

Thank you again, HappyLab!
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