2022 UFO challenge

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Originally Posted by Gemm View Post
I don't actually have any UFOs on my list, as such, but I do love this thread so I'll just say I have lots of ideas, a few projects started, and boxes of fabric that I'm hoping will find some meaningful place in a quilt top at some point. Of course, if I start all of the projects that are currently at the ideas stage, I'm sure I can have a stack of UFOs by the summer! That would allow me to board the train officially, right?

In the meantime, I really look forward to seeing what you all dig up on this journey. :-)
Same hereÖI am hand sewing the binding on my BH Frolic from 2020 but that is the only UFO I own. I will be following along to cheer everyone and love reading the posts and photos. I started a king size quilt and this thread will be helpful in keeping on track to finish itÖ

Thank you Happy Lab for hosting this popular thread. Joanne
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Hoopdee Doo, we are in business for 2022! I have identified 6 UFO's but I also have plenty of tops that need to be turned into quilts. Made three this month! Yikes! But then your inspired and on a roll, one just keeps using up the scraps that are on hand. Quilted one UFO this weekend that was layered last April. Now on to the binding so I can call it finished. Photo when really, truly FINISHED.

My quilt group is meeting this Saturday and my goal is to layer three of my UFO/Tops so I can quilt them and bind them perhaps one or two a month.. Time to get them done and out of the house. Most will go to Project Linus as adolescent quilts.
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Yay! Thanks for starting this thread, Happylab! I have 20 UFOs- most of which are quilts that are partly pieced, but then I got bored, or perhaps a squirrel ran by..... My goal is to get down to 10 by the end of the year. I won't have a UFO finish for January as I'm trying to finish things that were WIPs when I had my riding accident in September- the last thing I want to do is add them to the UFO pile. I'm down to three WIPs- one is currently being quilted, but it's a long term, difficult, quilting project, so it may get back-burnered while I finish the 2nd WIP which is sandwiched and ready to quilt. The third WIP is still being pieced- hopefully I'll get the piecing done by the end of the month. That will free up my design wall so I can pull out a UFO to finish piecing for Feb.- I've got one in mind that should go pretty quickly and I may even be able to get it quilted in Feb. as well...

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Thanks for being so welcoming petthefabric, and good to have another UFO cheerleader to hang with, jmoore!
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Thanks for hosting HappyLab! I lurked on the UFO thread last year and this year, I'm inspired. This month (next 30 days) I have a quilt to bind that was in last year's round robin, one to finish hand-sewing the label--the Merry Mayhem mystery quilt from last year. Then I just got up early this morning to iron a 20-year-old Baltimore album quilt top to go to my LAQ but need the backing fabric washed, that will be done and to the quilter this weekend. Near my machine are two tops that are waiting, one is a lone star that I started hand appliqueing broderie perse flowers but never finished in the early 90s, one of my first quilt tops. Then there is the Color My World BOM from The Quilt Show that is partially finished. It is my goal to do something on it every month. If I can get these done, then everything else is icing on the cake this year. Hugs all!
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This is the UFO I decided to work on. It's mostly quilted, then binding. It's promised to a friend, so get er done and gifted before I move.
I like broderie perse, hense the medallion and birds. Around that is 2 square cut into triangles. Then assorted borders.
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Nice to see Iím not alone with ufos in 2022 😉
I actually decided this is the yearÖthat ufo thatís been in ziplocks and a box since 2005. It either gets finished, recycled or passed on- one way or another it has to go.
i did pretty good for a few days- managed to stitch a few blocks successfully then sewed 40 together wrong. So not I have taken them all back apart. Not giving up yet- but feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated- which has been the case with this project since 2005.
now Iím Quarantined until next Wednesday- worked all day Saturday and half of Sunday with someone who tested positive for Covid and I feel like crap. Canít get tested until Thursday. While I have this horrible headache along with (7 out of 10 symptoms) Iím not very motivated to function much. Probably not a good time to try to redo this 40 blocks.
my ufo list this year isnít too bad, still have 7 or 8 of Benís quilts to get quilted and 3 of mine. That horrible 2005 project, put together my National Quilt Museum bom from last year- blocks are all done just need to put it together. Then there are a couple quilts I would really like to make this year- but, Iím going to concentrate on finishing before starting anything new
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ckcowl, you should concentrate on getting rid of that headache first. I had that last Christmas from covid and it is debilitating.
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Ckcowl - Ditto to what mmunchkins said - self-care comes first! Put your feet up, get a nice warm drink and just focus on getting over whatever you're fighting. Sending healing energy your way!

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Hope you feel better soon, ckcowl!

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