Fabric Moratorium 2022

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I'm in for 2022!

It is time to use all those pretty Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, FQ and yardage that are waiting to be called. I'm also including embroidery stabilizers in the challenge.

There isn't another stitch of room to add anything else here.
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I am happy to enjoy another year here. Thank you Iceblossom.
i have made a ($22 ) purchase already this year ( which is truly rare for me) but just found out a niece is expecting and due the middle of March. I really didnít have anything that would fit into her color choice ( gray) for that baby quilt, burp cloths and snuggle wraps. - I found some great Minky and flannels that are going to work well and it was nice to be able to take advantage of a good sale and buy something new.
the same day I received this news I had also packed up (2) large flat rate boxes of scraps and sent them off- so I did get rid of quite a bit more than I purchased.
i am looking at my stash with New Eyes- ď oh my goodness, I brought this fabric into the house when we moved in 15 years ago- and know I bought it a few years before tható if I havenít found a use for it yet- Iím not going to- itís gotta go!Ē
a couple times I have pulled something out and decided- I love this fabric and need to use it- instead of putting it back Iím keeping it out to be used- if it sits in my way too long I will let it go.
Iíve been good at shopping my stash first for years and on occasion invite someone else to come in and shop my stash. It is definitely becoming easier to see whatís there.
anyway.. happy for this new year, this forum and this great moratorium group!
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Thanks for starting this!
The last 3 months I've bought practically nothing and am so proud of myself. I'm serial fabric shopper haha.
I feel so good using stash. One reason I'm enjoying it is because last year I got rid of a lot of fabric I didn't like
and now I can use what I love. Makes a huge difference in my attitude. Too much stuff makes me nervous and then
I'm not as prolific as I want to be.
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I'm in for 2022. I've been wanting to reduce my stash for some time. Have several kits I want to sew up and some other projects all churning in my mind to get done. Don't know how much I'll be able to post but I'll be following along and sewing as time makes itself available.
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I have looked over the fabric moratorium threads, but never with an eye towards actually joining in the fun. In fact, I increased my stash quite a bit in 2021. OK I had an excuse! My husband retired in the fall, and I am planning on retiring this summer, so I needed to purchase what I could while we still had an income. As I am a dedicated pre-washer, that also meant that all the new fabric had to be washed, dried, and ironed. Which lead to me actually reorganizing my stash last November/December - which also meant finding a bunch of fabric that I didn't even know I had. It was then that I realized that even once I retire, I won't have enough time to use it all.

At the moment, I have six months to reorganize my work life, finish up the few projects that are ending before I leave, and transition all of the other projects to co-workers. That is taking a lot of energy, so I can't even think about quilting beyond the particular one that I am currently working on - which is my first BH mystery.

All that to say that this feels like a good way to start the year! Thanks for organizing it.
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I just love hearing about when people get rid of large amounts of fabric. It feels almost as good as if I've done it myself, LOL.
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Through dedicated stash shopping last year I realized what I actually use and what I don't. So anytime I need to "scratch that itch" I know to get small prints, geometric and abstract blenders.
Those are the ones that get used

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I'm still working on my fabric no buying spree since Nov 2018. So far I've only had to buy 3 fat qtrs to finish up a border when the recipent decided she rather have a queen size instead of full size after I'd purchased a kit to make her quilt. Luckily I was able to find these fat qtrs as it had been a couple years since I had purchased the kit at a local shop. Since then I haven't made that many quilts due to rotor cuff surgery, then the pandemic came about, then I had a sunroom built onto the back of my house and decided since I would be living in a total mess I might as well get the kitchen remodeled at the same time so total mess.

Now I'm back to finishing up those projects I started back then, have made a set of 48 embroidered wedding ring quilt blocks from my stash and searching for a new project in blues, purples and whites for a 19yo boy/man for a future project. I know I can take from the scraps from his parents quilt (in progress) as well as another project (working on it as we speak) and then take from my stash as it will be a queen size. Just need to decide what quilt pattern to go for.

I did order 4 king battings QD the other day as I know my bolt of batting will not be enough to finish these last 3 queen size quilts I'm working on. The 12 quilts waiting to be quilted all have their backings and battings cut ready to go.

So I still plan to continue using from my stash and you'll see why as this photos still doesn't show the 30+ partial bolts sitting on the floor or under the quilt frame.
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Thank you IceBlossom for starting this thread. Through this thread I'm getting control of this addiction.

All of Merry Mayhem came from stash. Then more was needed for the back and binding which came from stash too.

And I tend to avoid fabric stores.
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Great to be back here again this year. I did all of my projects from my stash with the only purchases being backing and some WoW. I made and had quilted 5 quilts One was a King size and the other 4 twin to full sizes. I have a project that I started back in August, before I got sick, and I am still working on it. I was running low on some of the colors I have choses from my stash to make it. It is a QAL project and so each block is different. I did have to buy a couple of yrds to finish it off. The plan is to have it done in the next couple months. I still am not able to stand very long to work at my cutting table. I will get there with no doubt in my brain. Step by Step.
I have a number of quilts in my mind to do this year and all of them will come from my stash. I also have a stash bash planned for next month or March. That is taking each piece out and refolding it and sorting by color all the fabrics. This is always fun.
The Moratorium keeps me on track. I need that help. So thanks a lot for hosting this again this year.
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