Fabric Moratorium 2022

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I made good and not so good buying decisions. I ordered some red fat quarters. 1/2 will go into a red, black & white queen size quilt for a niece. I had planned on using up my red scraps, but my niece mentioned she would prefer Japanese red fabric. So I told her to go on line and send me a pic of what she likes. She picked the pattern 6 months ago. So in a few weeks it’s happy sewing a new project time. Then I ordered another red bundle to round out my stash. I did pass on buying more end of bolts sale again. I just need to stop looking at that site for a while. The prices are really good and I liked the fabrics. But I don’t have any projects planned for them, so passed.
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Nice to see the stories! Fabric we are using/need can be bought. "Need" can be a tricky thing to define

I plan on doing some packing of stash this weekend. I know some boxes are going pretty much whole/entirely as they are but there are some where I'll be making judgement calls. And some of the things designated to be purged need to go into that box too.
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Ckcowl….I saw wide backing sale and almost caved but decided to wait and buy as each project completed. It’s great that you will now be able to get so many completed with your purchase.

happylab….love black, white and red quilts. I am always low on red in my stash…yellow is the other color I run out of, as well.

I went to my LQS yesterday to buy more white and WOW. I go through that stuff so quickly. I bought a few yards of another print for background options but that is all I bought even though plenty caught my eye. In stash, I am down to 3 FQ bundles and 2 JR’s and 3 layer cakes in my precuts…which is a major accomplishment. Haven’t selected patterns for them yet but that is on my agenda for this year. I gave a layer cake of batiks to my friend since I don’t care for batiks..she was stoked so all good here..
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That's quite an accomplishment, Teen-- Congratulations!

I managed to use stash/scraps for the sashing, backing and binding on my recent UFO finish. The bonus is that the piece I used for the binding was exactly enough- I had no left over except for the small pieces cut off when I made the diagonal joins. Usually I err on the side of making a bit more binding than I think I'll need, but I really wanted to use that fabric as it enhanced the colors in the quilt without overwhelming it, so I was sweating a bit until I did the trial fit and realized that there was enough there- Yay!!! So far, no fabric purchases for 2022 and no thread purchases either.


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Well, I fell off the wagon. I went of a spending spree for some fresh new fabrics for some fresher looks on quilts I am planning for this year. I am not counting the backing fabrics of course. I still cannot believe I have done this but I did. Hopefully this is it for the year! Now I must think hard, "work from stash".
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My name is Lisa and I admit I have a stash problem... I ventured into a quilt store, had to since I needed a good amount of sash fabric in my daughter's colors... with the FIRM resolution to buy NO other fabric under any circumstances whatsoever <sigh> and yet still come home with four additional fabrics, that would be perfect in a different quilt...
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Made a purchase today. I need to celebrate!! Got exactly what I needed and couldn't find anything else to even tempt me.

Solid black 1/8 yd, 30% off sale.... $0.89
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Originally Posted by petthefabric View Post
Made a purchase today. I need to celebrate!! Got exactly what I needed and couldn't find anything else to even tempt me.

Solid black 1/8 yd, 30% off sale.... $0.89
It is time for a celebration if you can go to a fabric shop and buy 1/8 yard!!!!
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Sometimes we need to buy just ‘because’. 🙂

I went to my LQS 4 times this week and didn’t even look at fabric. I needed thread and found out they could get my machine looked at within a week so that was 2 round trips of 20 miles each since I went home to get my machine. 🤷‍♀️ Then my machine was done a few days later, so I picked it up. An employee heard me talking to another customer about me making donation tops for our church group and she said she had a big bag of strips, triangles, and other cut offs from projects and asked me if I would like it for my church quilts. I said sure and she planned to bring it to the shop today, Well, I went today and she forgot to bring it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But I didn’t buy any fabric and I don’t plan to buy anything when she does have the bag for me, Lol!

I finished a 60” by 80” top for the church group. There were several colors of 1 1/4” WOF strips donated to my church group. The note said for color wheels or placemats. Each color had 6 strips. I added some extra strips to get the strip sets to 6.5” and used them as centers of 12 of the Shoofly type of blocks. It was a great stash buster.
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Connie- I am always amazed at the creative way you use your donated scraps and this top is no exception. I really like the effect of transparency in the blocks that comes from your use of color and value on this one- well done!

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