Fabric Moratorium 2022

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A minor fall is OK with me. As long as you're still in control. ****holic's is constant and distructive. I've got the shelves and boxes of fabric to qualify. Now, it's under control.
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I managed to piece two quilt backs for 2 more of Ben’s quilts out of stash- amazing that I still find pieces big enough to make backs. ( luckily they were fairly small quilts ) I only have 2 of Ben’s tops left to quilt- and, he’s sending me backing for them. Then I can ( finally) concentrate on some of mine. I have 3 queen size quilts to get quilted and I think 3 wallhangings. I have backs for mine so still ( staying the course) and not shopping. I think I’m going to have to buy some thread though
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In my humble opinion, limited fabric purchases that help to bring some joy (back) into your life are totally justifiable. I think a lot of us find ourselves in this thread because the fabric is becoming burdensome. So many reasons for this - could be lack of time, inspiration, or storage space. But whether it was gifted fabric or pink or just a moment of much-needed mental health retail therapy, that spark of joy makes it a good decision. No matter what kind of "diet" you're on, allowing yourself to satisfy a craving with a small indulgence is generally better than causing yourself increased pain and anxiety by depriving yourself.

And remember, we are all travelling this path together and we will be here to listen and commiserate, to encourage and support and to give you a helping hand back up onto the wagon no matter where you find yourself on the journey. :-)
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I found an end of bolt fabric sale earlier this week. I went a little crazy, but the price of the fabric was great. So I bought fabrics colors I will use in my projects. I’m just not sure how soon I will receive this order. Good news I did receive my Mo Star order today (My backing fabric). Yea. I’m now getting about ready to order a couple of jelly rolls. Then no more fabric buying for a while. It will be time to sew and quilt. Now back to my other UFOs & WIP.

Happy sewing/quilting everyone .
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Hi folks...I've bought a couple of yard pieces to use in current UFO'S and/or WIP's. Have been sewing for church and used some of my stash for backings on receiving blankets and diapers. Been offline for a while..amazing homuch more time I have for sewing😆
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I had a wonderful chat with my youngest sister who just started quilting. I will give her what she wants for the most part, I reserve the right to say "I need to keep this one" and let her rip it open. It will be a couple weeks before we start on the stash bash but I am excited and so is she. I will get my stash under control and she will get to start a decent stash.
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oksewglad: Happy to see a post from you again.

juliasb: What a great way to reduce stash! Enjoy your sister time.

One of the home sewers for our church group wondered if we had any of the precut squares left which were cut by some of our group. I gladly gave her a bunch of 9” squares I had at my house. I was able to empty 2 of the 15 quart bins (next size up from a shoebox size.) which were stuffed with the squares. Wahoo! I then proceeded to condense a shoebox bin and extra FQs into one of the bigger bins. So a bit of organizing happened also!
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Finally after not buying any fabric since Nov 2018, except 3 fat quarters to finish a quilt, I had to buy 5 yds for a backing, border and binding to finish a over sized lap quilt that will end up going to a puppy dog............big puppey dog.

Here's the story about all this. I made a quilt from a kit I'd purchased 4-5 years ago for a gal that wanted darker fall type colors. It would have made a full size bed quilt. Once I got started, she then changed her mind and decided she wanted a queen size quilt so pulled fabrics from my stash to accommodate the size change but realized at the end that I wouldn't have enough to finish the border. It had been a couple years before I got to this point so finding the fabric would be a miracle.............miracles happened and I found the 3 fat quarters at the same store I'd purchased the kit. I make quilts as gifts to all in my congregation and have a number of them waiting to be quilted at this writing.

Then the gal got sick with pancreatic cancer and finally was put into a nursing home. Thought I'd have enough time to whip up an over sized lap quilt for her to use in the home but she passed away within a week. None of us expected this either. So here I am left with the queen size quilt and the start of a lap quilt. A friend of mine came to visit me back in August, saw the quilt and loved it and wanted to buy it but told him I'd give it to him as I don't sell my quilts to anyone, gift them only.

I'd lost my sewing mojo for quite some time but finally got back into it so started working on all those UFO projects to at least making them into blocks and then put them away again as I needed to get started quilting all those quilts that have been waiting so long. Well, that over sized lap quilt I'd cut all the fabric for from the scraps left over from her quilt are now Jewel Box blocks. Still had no one to give that to so asked my friend if his puppy dog would like to have it since it's the same fabrics. He jumped at the chance so now the quilt will have a home. Only problem is I don't have any more of the border fabric so went searching for a navy blue twin size flat sheet at the thrift shop for the backing and border since this quilt will probably be washed a lot.

Didn't find any but Walmart seems to be selling most all their fabrics as their shelves are just about bare at my store. Found a navy blue at $3.44/yd so picked up 5 yds as I have no idea how many blocks I have to make this lap quilt. Wanted enough for the backing, border and binding. So there it is, I broke my promise to myself and bought some fabric. I am so badddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!
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snooze; love the story.
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sooze-3 years is a long time to go without buying anything. You get some grace especially if it was to finish a project - no matter what the reason or giftee.

I have been strong twice this week. Saw something pretty at Joann's and said "no, I got fabric at home" then went to the antique store and they had some vintage - but I didn't really have a project in mind and decided I don't need more fabric.

My stash is not large by some of y'all standards but I'm getting better about stash purchases as to what I'll ACTUALLY use. (Blenders and anything grey)

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