Fabric Moratorium 2022

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I enjoy reading all of the good tips/ideas posted so far.

good news = for January I didn’t buy any fabric, not so good news I didn’t finish any projects, so nothing went out either. I am trying to finish several large king size projects (3 - current and last years BHMQ & a lock-in mystery from last year). My goal to complete by end of month. Then I would have a larger number going out for February numbers. Bad news I bought 8 yards of backing fabric for backing and 5 yards of background fabric for a possible mystery quilt today. So I really need to complete these projects. I’m thinking of using the bought fabric to use for this years lock-in mystery which is in late March. So I have time to decide if I want to use the fabric for this project. Right now I have 2 fabric color ways I’m deciding between. I so love mysteries.

Happy sewing / quilting everyone.
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happylab: do you have a link for the mystery?
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No purchases except for backing for three quilts. The other two quilts that got backed used stash. The Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts Valentine quilt was all from stash and I will look for a back from stash. The upside or perhaps the down side is that although I did not purchase extra fabric, a quilting friend who can no longer quilt, arthritis, gave me five bags of unfinished quilts, backs, HSTs, charms and on and on. Lovely fabric that are of a different color way than what I use. Pushing me in new directions.
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Polkweed: It definitely sounds like a challenge with creating your backs. But if it works for you, awesome! I would love to see pictures.

lindaschipper: 🙂. Your granddaughters will be thrilled with heart quilts from grandma.

happylab: At least you have an idea of how you plan to use your new purchases.

WMUTeach: Lucky you with your gifted fabric. Enjoy!

I used approximately 18.5 yards in quilt tops for my church group in January. I made several tops that used 7” squares which were mostly cut by the group. I emptied a smaller plastic tub (the next size up from a shoebox size) so that made me happy.

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Yes, WMUTeach…sounds like you’ll have plenty of fabric to last a long time. How nice of your quilting friend to think of you.

Connie, wow that is a lot of fabric going to good use and out of your stash.

Sadly, one of my favorite LQS is closing its doors March 1 and the building has been sold. I have purchased large cuts of basic fabric like Moda Grunge to be used for backings. The LQS owner had a wonderful selection of top name fabric and offered sale prices at $5.50/yd with a 2 yard minimum but I just can’t commit to that much fabric without a “plan” or pattern.
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Connie- way to go on using up a whole tub of fabric! That's awesome.

Moore- sorry to hear about your LQS closing. I just found out that my favorite LQS is up for sale as the owners want to retire- hoping they find someone who is as welcoming and friendly as they are. Meanwhile, try to stay strong when those sales happen.

I still haven't bought any fabric this year. I've been throwing out all emails (unread) advertising fabric sales from all my favorite on line companies- so far, so good.

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Well after a month only, I fell off the wagon. All I can say is someone help me from great retirement sales. But then again there appears to always be great sales. On a positive note, my two oldest fabrics are done into Tops and its time to pick backing from stash. After my tumble in an already bursting room, these backings will come from stash whether I have to piece them or not.
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elly- you go girl. it takes lots of decisions to overcome fabric buying
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And I made a decision today. I fed my pity party with a fabric purchase. Still haven't calmed down enough to feel regret. Well 3 yds of it was needed. The rest caught my eye. I need a totally new project, rather than working on yrs old fabric. Does this qualify for an exemption? Maybe emotional therapy? Cheaper than a mental exam? I feel trapped. Mental excuse for my actions.

Can't stand whining and blaming. So sick of it I don't ask for help unless absolutely necessary. I've been mad all day just to get 3 5gal plants into the ground. And Adam, the man, brought sin into the world. I'm sick of men blaming Eve when the Bible is very clear. Adam's reply," it was the woman, you gave me god, she gave it to me so I ate it." Adam was so stupid to put the blame on god. God's reply, "you will toil all day the rest of your life to get the ground to give you more than thistles and weeds. You're expelled from Paradise, no more free ride." God didn't accept his blaming and whining and doesn't accept it from man now!

Eve wasn't to blame for Adam's choice and neither is any woman to blame for any man's choices today.

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I had a minor fall, too. I ordered fabric I needed to finish a wedding quilt - just a few yards for setting triangles and binding. But while I was there a pink batik on sale jumped into my cart. It's pink and it's a batik!!!What can I say?
Now to wait. Missouri Star ships so slowly but no one else had a yard of Maywood Gelato in the rainbow color.
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