Fabric Moratorium 2022

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WMUTeach- Well done! Every little bit of stash used up counts.

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Originally Posted by woodland creature View Post
So I knew this was going to happen, and there was no stopping it. But I'm still feeling a wee bit guilty. There is a young man who basically grew up at our house, so we are very close to him and his wife. They are now pregnant with their second child, a girl. I made a quilt for their son, and while I loved working on it because of who it was for, it was not my favorite, either in style or fabric (but the parents loved it, so there you go!). So when they asked me to make another one for their daughter, I knew what I was in for. Needless to say, they sent me some photos of what they would like, and all the quilts had large pink flowers in them. As I hate pink, and as I tend to not be drawn to large scale prints, there was absolutely nothing in my stash that would work. $100 later, the fabric is now on it's way here. As I bought enough for both the quilt top and backing, there isn't even any stash diving for the back. The baby is due in August, so at least it's not something that is going to end up as a UFO.
That does not count, as it is for a project that you are making now (or in the near future). I believe the fabric moratorium only applies to stash building behavior. There are other exceptions, though, such as the birthday exception, the vacation exception, etc.
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I am proud to admit that I showed the ultimate restraint yesterday. We traveled 200 miles to an outdoor swap meet for my husband's hobby and while there, found out that one of the gentlemen was having an estate sale in the afternoon for his departed wife's quilting and crafting stash. She had been an avid quilter for 55 years and never found a piece of fabric or handcraft that she didn't like. According to the inventory sheet he showed me, and our lengthy discussion, she had numerous sewing machines, lots of rulers and notions, over 40 kits, 100s of commercial patterns, over 1000 spools of thread, 70 extra-large Rubbermaid tubs and/or underbed boxes of fabric, and a 4' wall cabinet filled with backing fabrics, works in progress and quilt tops that needed to be finished. He was also selling over 20 finished quilts and 17 totes and handbags she'd made. She also had numerous containers of yarn, embroidery, and cross stitch supplies. Heaven on earth, right? I didn't go!! After discussing it with my husband, he said it sounded like fun and we should drive the additional 50 mi. to the sale starting in 3 hours. As inviting as it sounded, and altho I am sure that I would have bought something, I decided I have enough of my own stash to last 2 lifetimes and I just don't need to buy any more. I am sure that some of you might think I am crazy to pass up the opportunity, especially since we had already come so far, but all of this stuff was in a small space and I am sure that there would have been a large crowd of buyers. There is currently a serious upsurge of covid in that area, so combined with my supply at home, I just didn't want to take a chance with my husband's or my health after being so careful for over 2 years. Maybe I made a mistake, but we'll never know, and I am content with my decision, and proud of my restraint.

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Well, you may have passed up some bargains. On the other hand you have a supply of your own waiting for you at home. Pat your self on the back for your good restrain, skipping on potential exposure to COVID and the great wisdom and kindness to allow others to have the opportunity to purchase what they may need while you enjoy all you have now. Good Girl!! Sew on SueZQ.

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WMUTeach, I just love the hearts quilt. I have to put that on my quilt wish list. Great job on using your stash.
- For the record, I have gone 8 days enjoying the wagon ride. But my traveling ways are trying to lead me astray. LOL. But Iím staying strong. I do enjoy the ride.
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[QUOTE=happylab;8552971]WMUTeach, I just love the hearts quilt. I have to put that on my quilt wish list. Great job on using your stash.

The pattern for the hearts quilt, Happylab, is on the Scrap Quilt Enthusiasts Facebook page. To access it you would need to join the group but that is easy, peasy. Then look under the tab labeled files. It is all there for us to use.
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Lovely finishes, WMUteach! And a great use of stash.
The current ones I'm working on have a combination of stash, scrap, and new fabric in. So far have one on the LA and the other in pieces.
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I had one of those moments yesterday when I just had to paw through a bin of scraps and orphan blocks that I have created or that were given to me. Lots and I do mean LOTS of HSTs that needed to be created and used. I found so much to do. I had a lovely afternoon wandering through blocks, squaring them up and bagging them for a future projects . But more to the point of this thread, I found enough to create the centers for several baby quilts. I dug around in my stash and found coordinating fabrics to expand the centers into usable sizes and can finish at least one this weekend and maybe two. What an amazingly creative afternoon I had matching, trimming, sewing and seeing the bin of "usable scraps" turn into usable quilt tops. I began to put to use what was right next to me waiting for my attention. I am ready for day two!
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WMUTeach - this is one of the things I love best about having a collection of fabric "bits and pieces" to hand - while sometimes it can feel like it would be so much easier to just go out and buy an already-coordinated FQ bundle or kit, I think I'd miss this process. Hoping to get my current project and a couple of other UFOs done so I can get back to this kind of fun! Way to go with your collecting/planning!
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My machine is in for service, so I plan to cut out my next two FQ stash quilts for leader/ender projects. It's such a good feeling to get a group of fabrics prepped for sewing!
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