Fabric Moratorium 2022

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I'm finishing up quilts that I started or purchased fabric for last year, so up until recently, I haven't been thinking of any new purchases. But now that I am at the quilting phase of two quilts, I'm starting to be tempted, and man, is it rough! I was looking for something on the other day, however, and came across several pieces of that I purchased last fall that haven't even made it to my stash yet. So that's going to have to satisfy me for the moment, even if they all were creams or tans.

Happylab - you'll love the Laundry Basket Quilts mystery. That's the quilt that is currently on my machine waiting for me to get back to quilting it. I'm happy to say that it was made entirely out of my stash. About 10 years ago, I accidently purchase one yard of fabric - I say accidently as it was an on-line purchase that I had put in my cart solely for the purpose of trying to match colors for something that I was working on at the time. And of course I forgot to delete it from the cart when I pressed purchase. That turned out to be the perfect accent and binding for the mystery quilt. Hopefully, I'll remember to post a photo when it's done. By the way, she's announcing the fabric needs for another mystery quilt next week.
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Rob I fall for the free shipping too many times and that's why its there.
WMU Teach congrats on your retirement! Not long now.
I've surprised myself in my productivity lately. Usually I'm a slow sewist (or it feels like it compared to what others get done). I will try pictures later though must admit I never have figured it out since the change. After a half dozen attempts, I gave up in frustration.
I'm currently working on an easy cathedral window. A youtube video By Jenny Doan. It's fun and going rather quickly and uses a lot of background fabric. Also working on a jewel box.
I did buy a piece of fabric but feel very good about the purchase. I have looked for just the right color of brown for quite awhile now. Couldn't believe how hard that seemed to be. Well I finally found it! It will go in my stash but I'm pretty sure it won't stay there long. I had put it in the cart several days ago and finally did it this morning. Nothing else jumping in the cart or thinking I needed a bolt ( I really don't). Lots of thinking about the purchase and still thinking I need it. Happy I finally found the right color!

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This last week I restrained from buying by waiting to push the buy button and then the item was no longer on sale, or sold out. I had wanted to buy a background piece for this years BHMQ. As usual the fabric I liked was already sold out. I have a while yet, so I will wait until I really like the backing fabric then buy the fabric. I plan to keep this quilt for myself. Unless I really don’t like the finish product. So far I really like the individual pieces.

Several times this week I saw sale fabric I liked for background, but restrained from buying. I have too many projects at this time. So I will finish some projects before I seriously buy more fabric. The old saying, ”Too many UFOs and I want to make projects, to make 1st.” This is my new motto for this year. So I will check my stash & scraps 1st.
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Woodlandcreature, thank you for the heads up. I will be looking for her next mystery. I just love doing mysteries.
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Hi, everyone! You are all staying on track with a few slip-ups but sounds like you are doing good, overall. I, too, am doing good. Most of my purchases are for backing but I did buy a jelly roll in my colors specific for a jelly roll rug, which I’m working on now. Other then that, no new purchases.

This year is my scrap busting projects. I have made 2 quilts from my 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 rectangles…made one quilt with 2 1/2” sq supply…now, I am tackling all the strip scraps and I am loving this quilt so much. I am down to my last three rows but it is taking time. I’m in no hurry except I want to see this when all done. Lol…so, I’m focused. I made 2 other small projects from misc scraps so I am doing pretty good, I think, staying focused.
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I went to the closest fabric store yesterday to get a tumbler ruler - the person who waited on me had never heard of one. But I had to walk by two totes of some of my favorite fabrics - Jason Yenter in the Beginning, Jenny Beyer and the Northcutt Artisan line for $3.99 a yard. I had deliberately left my debit card in the car - it's a good thing. The store is closed until Monday so the staff can go to Padukah. Hopefully, by then I will have forgotten about the sale.
I came home and made a tumbler template. Now to collect fabrics from my generous stash to try it out.
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Way to go staying strong, Irishrose2! I'm sure it was hard to pass up those fabrics, but think of the fun you will have shopping your stash to try out your new tumbler template!

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to be good.

I have been staying out of the store which is my only salvation to not buying anything. I've also been giving myself the liberty to work on small projects (probably Project Linus) instead of large bed quilts. Last week I banged through an HST job and said I would ONLY use scraps and stash. (I wanted something simple and fast). And I did and it looks very nice but the final size is 37 x 45. So small! says my brain. I tell my brain to shut up. And then I found the perfect size piece for a backing. 'Twas destiny!
So I wish everyone a happy spring! And send me strength to continue staying out of the store!
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Way to go, people! Lots of stash shopping and temptation resistance happening here. :-)

I'm also avoiding buying right now, but I've not had much success with using things up because we actually opened our house to a couple of gatherings which meant the dining room (aka my sewing space since March 2020) has been packed up and projects are off-limits for now.

That being said, when I was clearing out the guest room closet I found some curtains I made back in the early 2000s and only used for a few months (I moved). They've been tucked away in a bag for probably close to 20 years but the fabric is a lovely grapevine by RED Designs so I spent an afternoon unpicking and washing and I feel there might be a project in there somehow. :-) Sometimes just playing with fabric can be as much fun as sewing with it!

Good luck with all the stash shopping and enjoy the season of new beginnings. :-)
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I found a cure for fabric shopping or maybe one more reason to shop your stash, simple cost. I needed about 1 yard of fabric for a border for a finished quilt top. Nothing in my stash to fit the bill. Most of the top WAS from my stash. Well, found what was needed at a local quilt shop. $24 dollars later, I walked out with a yard and a half of fabric.

I can tell I haven't shopped for fabric in a while. This cut was not of spun gold made by fabric elves living in a deep forest glen nor was it one of a kind artist hand made stuff, but simple off the bolt 100% cotton. I have heard prices were going up but Wowzers. $14 a yard! The internal laugh came when the salesperson suggested I buy the rest of the bolt at 30% off. I passed on that bargain. Don't need to add to my stash and I can spend the savings on other quilt necessities. I will return to my stash,the give away table at my quilting group and live happily ever after remembering the olden days when good quilting fabric was $7 and $8 a yard. .

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