Fabric Moratorium 2022

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Originally Posted by WMUTeach View Post
....This cut was not of spun gold made by fabric elves living in a deep forest glen...
you made me snort my tea...
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WMUTeach, I agree a %100 percent. #170. LOL.

I keep looking at fabric on the internet sites. I’m looking for 8 yards of dark blue to start the Piecing the Past current QAL. I just haven’t found the right fabric at the price I’m willing to buy. I have also found UFO fabric for $14.00 -a yard. I like the Grunge dark blue fabric with streaks of purple, but again too expensive. I’m going to wait until Mother’s day sales and look again then.

I have 6 yards out from stash for Raggedy Ann UFO completion. Yea! And no fabric buy for April. Another yea!!

if we buy a BOM project, is that considered fabric added to our stash? I’m thinking of buying a precut BOM mystery project.

we’ll have a great week everyone.
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$14 a yard in the US? Wow! When I was at my LQS Tuesday, a batik I'd like for backgrounds was $12.99. It makes the good fabrics at $3.99 look good. Hopefully, they will sell out before I get the urge to stop back in.
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I can relate to the sticker shock of fabric prices these days. I haven't shopped for fabric since Nov. 2018 and even then I thought it was getting too high priced. Luckily I have a good amount of stash on hand but it never fails when you're looking for a certain fabric and can't find it in the stash.

I was looking for a simple dark blue for a backing so went looking for a flat sheet at the local thrift shop. I kept looking for it plus looked at Walmart for just a flat sheet which is hard to find just the flat sheet alone. I was able to find flat sheets only for sale on Amazon though and bought a dozen twin size back when I needed to cover everything in my sewing room during construction. Those sheets have come in handy for many other reasons too so it wasn't a bad deal for me.

But while cleaning out my machine room, especially under my quilt frame, wouldn't you know it, I found a queen size flat sheet, navy blue that would work for what I wanted. So for me it just took patience until I find it.

Check out your local thrift stores gals as every once in awhile someone is unloading their stash and you can't beat the prices. Also I've found prices at Quilted Twins online is still decent too.

I have enough projects started and quilts to be quilted to keep me busy for the rest of the year so I'm good for now.

My sister has always been afraid that if I go before she does and mind you she's older than me with health issues, she's afraid she'll have problems unloading my sewing room. I told her all she has to do is just list it as "quilter's delight", low prices and she'll have it cleared out in a day or less.
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Hi, everyone! I've been concentrating on two long-term projects that definitely can't be considered stash projects, but I did finish work on my latest stash leader-ender project last night. I had planned to do black blocks framed in gold with an alternating black 4-patch, but when I finished cutting fabric, it looked like I had just enough of everything to also do the reverse, gold blocks framed in black with alternating gold 4-patches. I bagged the gold/black units last night and will now leader/ender the black/gold.

I guess these rising prices will make not buying fabric easier. It also makes me glad I have plenty of fabric on hand, other than backings and borders.
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I actually have to shop today- I’ve been so good this past few years always using what I have but have reached a point where I no longer have what I need. I want to use a flange binding on the LoneStar quilt I finished quilting this past week and found I have No light blues in a shade that will work— it seems like a couple years ago I made so many predominately blue quilts that blues were a large part of my stash- not anymore. I also have to find a black solid for a commission quilt I’m working on ( really, I don’t have any black? How / when did that happen?) My shelves still seem well stocked but when it comes to basics they are lacking. It will be nice to shop a little and browse what’s new.
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I sort of went off the wagon this month. I say sort of because I bought small pre-cut kits from one of my favorite quilt shops in Alaska. I won’t get to the project until next year probably. But I just did not want to miss getting the kits. I like the row by row kits with quilt blocks and wildlife scenery.

I still looking for dark blue background (I want something to go with batiks, or mostly batiks). Then I’m looking for reasonable priced c on c or w on w background fabrics. If the background design & color is close to looking the same will work okay too.

it warm and thundering this AM. Great sleeping weather. I wonder why I’m not sleeping. lol have a great day everyone.
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I fell off the wagon too, but that's understandable because I was only hanging on by my fingertips. I went to a deceased quilter's garage sale and came home with 66 yards of quality fabrics, including a wide back, for only $125. Last month I bought a wide back for a current quilt, added 3 yards of Amish black (which I've been using a lot) and a pincushion to get $20 off and free shipping, applied my points from previous purchases, and wound up paying only $12. I feel like one of those extreme coupon clippers, without the coupons.

I'm trying to reconcile my conflicted feelings. On one hand I have a huge stash and don't "need" any more fabric. On the other hand I do make quilts, lots of quilts, from my stash. Although I'm not spending more than I can afford, I am concerned that my children will someday have so much fabric, tools, and machines to dispose of. My quilt room is well organized, but it's getting very full. It's so confusing that sometimes I feel guilty at not feeling guilty!
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So I knew this was going to happen, and there was no stopping it. But I'm still feeling a wee bit guilty. There is a young man who basically grew up at our house, so we are very close to him and his wife. They are now pregnant with their second child, a girl. I made a quilt for their son, and while I loved working on it because of who it was for, it was not my favorite, either in style or fabric (but the parents loved it, so there you go!). So when they asked me to make another one for their daughter, I knew what I was in for. Needless to say, they sent me some photos of what they would like, and all the quilts had large pink flowers in them. As I hate pink, and as I tend to not be drawn to large scale prints, there was absolutely nothing in my stash that would work. $100 later, the fabric is now on it's way here. As I bought enough for both the quilt top and backing, there isn't even any stash diving for the back. The baby is due in August, so at least it's not something that is going to end up as a UFO.
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Default Still sewing from stash!

I finished these three all from stash. I posted two of them in other threads but ........ Here are my efforts to work from stash for this year. The baby quilt needed a back, so I found the same turquoise fabric, "Guess How Much I Love You" for the back. Yup added a little, but not off the wagon. Now I have enough scraps from my scraps to make another baby quilt using the same fabric but a different pattern. Also, I have enough RWB for another quilt if I add a little more from stash. The hearts are all 2.5" s and I have a lifetime supply of them. They never truly disappear from my stash.

Love to see the stash diminish, even if it is just a bit less than 8 yards.
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