Fabric Moratorium 2022

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Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 View Post
Sometimes we need to buy just ‘because’. 🙂

I finished a 60” by 80” top for the church group. There were several colors of 1 1/4” WOF strips donated to my church group. The note said for color wheels or placemats. Each color had 6 strips. I added some extra strips to get the strip sets to 6.5” and used them as centers of 12 of the Shoofly type of blocks. It was a great stash buster.
That's lovely!

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Thank you for the compliments. I finished a 10” scrappy tumbler top today. Tomorrow will definitely be a ‘clean-up’ my sewing room day.
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Love this one, Connie…..enjoy the scrap bag when you receive it. Very cool offer. Good job resisting on your trips..
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Thank you, Teen.

I finished my 10” Tumbler top. The colors are brighter and not as dark as they look in the picture.

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Grats to all who deserve it on more temptation resistance and stash usage! Hooray for all of us who struggle, fabric can be a glorious thing even stored

RetiredTeacher, that one you did with the strips is working on my mind and my stash possibilities... I am not looking to start a project, but I can at least play with some Electric Quilt and do stuff that way.
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I'm glad to say I finished or at least got the top done on a 60 x 70 oversize lap quilt. Used scraps from the original queen size quilt (still waiting to be quilted). Pieced some batting too for this quilt but had to buy some backing for it so I finally broke down and bought fabric after doing so well since Nov 2018. Put up my next UFO onto the design wall, an embroidered wedding ring quilt blocks, 48 in all, an Anita Goodesign project. Will be a lap quilt for me. Have another quilt on the frame and if my back will play nicely I might be able to get it quilted completely by the end of the week.

My goal for 2022 is to get all 13 quilts hanging up right now quilted, bound and gifted to their recipents. Luckily I have all the batting and backings for these so won't have to buy anything.
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I believe I am back on the wagon. I am back to using my stash for my next quilt. I am not getting the feeling I use to get when I bought fabrics. So when the box arrived today I took a look and set it aside. No stroking, and no ability to smell it (recent covid) is making a difference on how I look at new fabrics. They are pretty but since they were bought randomly with nothing in place for them I have learned a lesson. So back on the wagon I am.
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The backings arrived. I have to work this afternoon but I’m going to go ahead and get a couple of them laundered and at least load up the next quilt and get the machine threaded and ready..
I have Sunday off. We are taking Jeff’s mom out to breakfast Sunday morning but I’m hoping sometime Sunday making some progress on the next quilt.
I’ve had a * trying* week including my old iPad finally deciding it was DONE. I had been putting off upgrading for Years. So … it was forced on me. I know many people have their lives on their phones- we have ours on our iPads. It has taken me a few days to get everything transferred, then all new log ins— ugh! Some passwords I’ve had ( automatically filled/saved) for years I’ve had to ( try) to figure out to reenter. It’s been a tough transition but at least I’m functioning again. I still have a few I haven’t been able to log in to yet but I’m getting there.
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Yesterday I went to the MidxAtlantic Quilt Fest and didn’t buy any fabric. I also didn’t buy a sewing machine or a longarm machine. But I did drop $150 on thread…😱🤔

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Well, rryder - think of it this way - buying thread means you will be able to stitch together all of the fabric from your stash that you are trying to use up! :-D

I can't actually imagine going to a quilt fest and not buying fabric. Well done!
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