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sewbizgirl 04-18-2020 10:23 AM

I *love* that BOM quilt, Teen! Love, love love!

retiredteacher09 04-18-2020 04:07 PM

Teen: Awesome quilt top!

cherrybsixty 04-18-2020 05:00 PM

Good evening everyone, Teen that BOM is simply gorgeous

I haven't been around very much lately, I've been making masks for the family, then a friend requested a couple aprons so I haven't been in the UFO category. I have a few more masks to make and then back to packing.

Stay safe everyone


joe'smom 04-18-2020 06:15 PM

Teen, that is beautiful!

Teen 04-18-2020 06:39 PM

Thanks, everyone!

rryder 04-19-2020 10:59 AM

That's gorgeous, Teen!

I'm still plugging away on two different UFOs. One is nearly finished and will be done by the end of the month. The other is more long term, but I'm hoping for a May finish for it.


QuiltMom2 04-20-2020 04:13 AM

Progress report on #3 UFO for this year. This scrap quilt continues to fight me all the way. Upon discovering the UFO hidden in bag, first came design change to make it smaller. Then the backing needed to be made larger. Pieced backing and realized just to be on the safe side, backing should be just a bit wider, so ripped and put a couple more strips along the blocks from front I moved to the back. I thought "I'll just do an allover STID/grid pattern then I'll be done." Well, grid is taking forever and I'm hoping there's enough fabric to make the binding. I wouldn't make any bets on it though. Have a great day and thanks for letting me vent.

oksewglad 04-20-2020 09:59 AM

Another winner Teen!
I've been lurking on my phone...Small screen is not kind on my eyes. Finally got on the laptop today. I'm having power cord issues and limiting my time on the computer. Power cord is taped to the unit so I can charge..so far it's working. Hope the new one comes in soon.

retiredteacher09 04-20-2020 05:50 PM

QuiltMom2: Sometimes things that should be easy just aren't . You can get this UFO done and fabric will be found to be used for binding. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!

oksewglad: Here's hoping the new cord comes soon too. I know it isn't easy looking at my phone either.

oksewglad 04-20-2020 09:24 PM

Yes it came today and I am relieved...wow so much easier on the eyes. I was also having trouble with the photos. Once I viewed them I couldn't go back to the thread. Very frustrating.

I started the second UFO mentioned earlier..and put it away...so many pieces, takes me a while to get just one block sewn; made 9 and have 16 to go! So I switched gears again. I was gifted a bunch of 2" strips of so so fabrics. Instead of finding a home for them I sewed them in strips of 60" long. Ended up with a 63" x 60" piece. I will donate this to my cousin's World Relief project...It isn't very pretty, but some of these "quilts" are used to carry possessions in, so pretty is not part of the criteria.

I am now working on a couple of quilts for our twin Gsons. Just have a little bird to applique on each and then can get them on the LA. I have to piece the backing fabric so am attaching a piece of minkee on the one selvedge side to widen it. Anxious to see how this will work.

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