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Texas_Sue 11-15-2019 06:41 AM

Can someone tell me how to download my picture of my fabrics? I think I'm having a senior moment and I need a reminder. Thanks in advance. BTW the pic is on my phone.

Iceblossom 11-15-2019 06:45 AM

The first place to start is pictures are under the "Go Advanced" options.

I have an old school camera, I think most people with a phone send the picture to themselves via email and then post it from there. The FAQs here are great, first two are about posting:

With my camera and browser etc., my file sizes are almost always too large so I go to this site to reduce them. It was easier to use but just got changed a week or so ago, is still easy just a couple more clicks than I'm used to, and it still doesn't set off my browser protections.

Once downloaded from there to my system, I am ready to go advanced and post.

Bug Lady 11-15-2019 08:39 AM

Originally Posted by NZquilter (Post 8321561)
Whittles Fabrics is carried Frolic fabric FQ bundles specifically for the Mystery Quilt. https://www.whittlesfabrics.com/search/?q=Bonnie+hunter . Quilted Twins.com usually puts together bundles of MQ color fabric too, but so far I haven't seen it on their webpage.

Did Bonnie hint somewhere that thus will be an easier mystery? Maybe if I finish my Christmas quilts before Thanksgiving... I do love all things blue!

Thanks for the helpful link. I think it is safe to assume that the Texas Blue Bonnets are indeed blue and Indian Paint Brush are a red and so you are probably right.

Thanks again NZquilter, for the link as I have used it.

Iceblossom 11-15-2019 11:42 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Dealing with stabilizing these hand dyes is a full time job! Once again I am out of vinegar and salt. I have at least two batches of medium left for the vinegar/salt boil.

Aqua is mostly done, some in the final wash now along with some of the medium.

For Parakeet, I'm mostly working with a solid. Here's an updated picture of treated fabrics made from the solid up top. I bleach treated the pieces in the middle, one is "natural" and the other I let sit in the boil dips with the darker fabrics. The green is slightly bluer than it was, but you can see how the bleached sections pulled in that excess blue dye! The other half I'll be putting in with the yellows. On the sides (can't see them well) are some of the tea dyed portions I did from the same original solid.

Texas_Sue 11-15-2019 12:10 PM

OK, I want to thank Iceblossom for the instructions for the directions to upload my photo, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it isn't happening. I have tried since 10:30 this morning and it is now 10 after 2:00 and all I get is a failure to upload message so I give up. I really wanted to post also as I wanted opinions of what I have so far. Oh, well. I'll try this one last time then I give up !

Iceblossom 11-15-2019 12:18 PM

It's probably the file size Texas_Sue, it took me months here before I figured everything out and I'm somewhat techie, unfortunately I don't have a smart phone and can't help too directly.

Try putting your picture on the website below, reduce the file size, and chose the download option.
Because of my vision issues, I have my default set in file manager to large icons, I reduce my windows screen to about half my monitor. My file manager is set to come up on top, I simply select and drag the picture from my camera/system to the spot on the website, then I re-maximize my screen.
In the picture above, I reduced the visual size to 60% and the Quality (File Size, that's the important one) to 80%.

Then, when you are in the advanced options here, when you get to the Browse option, go to your download folder (it's probably a pre-selected option even). If you are having problems getting to that advanced screen, try holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard while you are clicking the "Manage Attachments" button.

ILoveToQuilt 11-15-2019 12:26 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is the constant green fabric that I have. It is more of a kelly green than the green that Bonnie is using.[ATTACH=CONFIG]619760[/ATTACH]

This is one of the Buttercream fabrics that JAF used to sell. Got it for $1 per yard on clearance with coupons.

Texas_Sue 11-15-2019 01:03 PM

2 Attachment(s)
[ATTACH=CONFIG]619762[/ATTACH]These are the fabrics I have chosen so far. I have ordered some pinks and aquas from Whittles and I should be good to go! Looking forward to all the fun with you gals!

Texas_Sue 11-15-2019 01:08 PM

Thanks Iceblossom. That did the trick. I really appreciate your help.

Feathers-N-Fur 11-15-2019 01:25 PM

2 Attachment(s)
These are my fabrics. Mostly from scraps, a few purchased at Joanns last week. I’m also including the sheet I plan on using for my backing. I’m aiming for around 60”x90” then whatever blocks are left can be used for a table runner or baby quilt, or whatever.

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