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how do you cook bacon

how do you cook bacon

Old 12-08-2022, 06:19 AM
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Electric skillet on a small table in the garage. Also brown meat out there (even in freezing temperatures I wear an old coat). Occasionally I cook bacon in the microwave on a round dish with ridges so the grease drains to the outside channel. I save the grease.
i just helped a family member clean their newly purchased rental house. Kitchen was covered in grease. Dawn Platinum 4X is good stuff.
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I nuked mine in the microwave. I have a special microwave dish I picked up from the thrift shop no less, actually 2 of them. One is square and one is rectangle but I like to use the square one best. I cut the bacon down the middle first. I placed double thickness of paper towels under each layer of bacon, one layer of bacon over the next layer. The paper towels absorbs most of the grease that comes off the bacon as it cooks. I set my new microwave at 9 minutes, let it rest a couple minutes. Check to see if any bacon is cooked enough to be removed, which normally none are. Then I cook it for 7 minutes. With my new microwave I've found this works best. I peel the bacon from the paper towels right away so they don't start to stick to it and place it on actually the top layer of paper towels that had been on the top of it all keeping it from splattering grease all over the microwave. No clean up, no fuss, no muss. I cook a pound of bacon at a time, place it into a tupperware long rectangle container and when I want some, I just nuke it for a minute to heat it up.

Yes, my old microwave was killed while nuking bacon about 4 months ago but it was also 15 years old too so I figure it was time to replace it.

Yes, there might be a pool of grease on the bottom of your dish you use so be careful and it will be very hot also. This dish I use is a special dish especially for the microwave as it has some sort of browning abilitity. I've tried cooking bacon in the oven which is very messy to me as well as on the stove. As I mentioned, the paper towels between each layer of bacon absorbs most of the grease plus you place one over the top of the last layer of bacon to keep it from splattering. My bacon is basically greaseless, crisp and perfect size for BLT cut in half. It does not shrink much at all for me.
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I line baking sheets with foil. Lay out the bacon and cover loosely with foil and bake. It does take a while sometimes with the turning.
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I cook it in the oven in a deep sided pan. I use a roasting pan. 400 degrees. Thick slab bacon takes about ten minutes, a little more for crispy. The deep pan keeps the grease inside, no spills or sputters.
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My favorite way to cook bacon is in the oven. I have been known to use my George Foreman grill outside on my porch when the weather is nice. I love the way bacon smells when I am hungry, but I find that afterwards, I don't like the strong smell in my house, so that is why sometimes I will cook it outside.
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Originally Posted by farmquilter View Post
I tried baking some and it seemed to take forever to get done. What is your best method for preparing bacon that is crispy and does not make messy splatters.
dust with flour then bake at 400 degrees
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Thank you all for your methods of cooking bacon. I have taken notes and will give them a try with the next package.
BonnieJP, what is your 'recipe' for the borax and water to wash down the cold oven.
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I cook mine in a convection oven at 375 degrees on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Takes about 15 - 20 minutes depending on how thick the bacon is and how crisp you want it. I don't worry too much about splatters because I have a self-cleaning oven.
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I buy mine pre-cooked from Costco.

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I've gleamed this from cooking sites:
cold bacon in cold pan to start cooking. it lies flatter.
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