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I am hooked on Congee

I am hooked on Congee

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Default I am hooked on Congee

I didn't know it was called Congee, my grandmother called it rice gruel. She didn't make it unless someone had stomach problems and it was always bland. My friend invited me over for lunch and she served Congee. I was surprised to find out it was what I knew as sick food. LOL It was delicious. She added chicken soup base and pulled chicken to it. It was warm and comforting. I have made three pots of congee since and have used different bases and ingredients. I love with soft fried egg. The rice is cooked until it is creamy about hour and half. By then it is 90% water so you can eat all you want of it. I keep a big bowl of plain congee in the fridge. I haven't gotten tired of eating it. I put fruit in a bowl of it with a bit of honey and had it for breakfast this morning. I heat it up in the microwave. I have used alfredo sauce, lasagna filling, left over roast, vegetables, all with add some soup base flavoring and a little hot water to mix., I like Better then Bullion brand. It's great for weight control.

Rinse 3/4 cup long grain white rice several times with water.
Put in pot with eight cups of salted water.
Bring to boil and then simmer semi covered (a little vent for steam)
Cook until very creamy, about hour and half.
You will have a pot full.
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Thanks for that recipe. I love Congee. I used to live in Hawaii, where it was a regular menu item in the Chinese restaurants. We always ate it i the wee hours, after we d been out drinking...it works wonders on hangovers...LOL. But I think that it's a lot like a Jewish Grandma's chicken soup...it's good for whatever ails you. Ours was always made with chicken, like yours, but I suppose that other meats, or even seafood, or tofu would be good.

~ C
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I've never tried it, but it sounds wonderful! Right now we're having a 'cold spell' (haha I know) in Phoenix, and I've been craving warm foods - this might be fun to play with!
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I love congee too, it's one of the carb things I miss about my diet. It is breakfast to parts of the world, usually with savory little bits like smoked eggs or herbs mixed in. At a good dim sum restaurant what they serve changes throughout the day and it starts with congee!
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I don't think the carbs are a problem with the stuff being 90% water after cooking. This is what most websites list the water count as that I have checked. Many use it to fill up when dieting.
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That sounds really good! And versatile too.
I love comfort foods when I don't feel well. My go to is poached eggs. That's what my Mom always made us.
(not that your recipe is for sickness only lol)
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