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need advice on hard boiled eggs

need advice on hard boiled eggs

Old 08-20-2022, 04:39 AM
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Default need advice on hard boiled eggs

I have just been put on the list for funeral meals at my church. I would be taking deviled eggs, but I seem to be having issues with peeling them to look decent to serve.
Please offer your detailed method of cooking them to peel well. I would need to do 2 dozen eggs for each funeral meal.
My eggs would be brown and some green eggs from a friend's backyard hens. I have an IP pressure cooker but want the 2-dozen cooked all at once.

My current method: a 2-day process, boil in softened water with 1 T vinegar, to a rolling boil for 3-4 minutes, off heat and cover for 1/2 an hour or so, drain. Then in fridge overnight to peel and make them deviled the morning of the meal. This method was given to me but was told NEVER use brown eggs only white.
Was given a suggestion to gently roll the egg on the counter to crack all over--still ended up with 4 ugly eggs out of 12.
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I use brown eggs all the time. The color doesn't matter. The most important thing for good peeling is the eggs have to be old, not fresh. Peeling fresh eggs is almost impossible. Crack the shell and peel under running water. I get perfect egg 99% of the time. To prevent the green around the yolk, get the boiled egg in cold water as fast as possible and don't overcook. Honestly I buy already boiled eggs to make deviled eggs to take to functions. . They are in the egg section at most grocery stores. So much easier.

I bring the eggs to a boil. turn off heat and cover. Let sit for 20 min. Done. I've made hundreds of Easter eggs this way over the years for church and kid groups. Most were made into deviled eggs after the fact.

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i have this web page bookmarked.

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I bring the eggs to boil in heavily salted water. Then turn off the burner, cover, let set for 25 minutes. Drain then fill the pan with cold water. Wait about 10 minutes then peel.
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For those of you who bring the water and eggs to a boil, turn off burner and cover: Are you using an electric or gas stove and do you leave the pot on the burner? That can make a huge difference.

A gas burner is pretty much instant on/instant off, with no residual heat. An electric burner will gradually cool, with quite a bit of residual heat.
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https://getpocket.com/explore/item/w...=pocket-newtab That shows a great comparison of methods, but I would want to adjust it to do at least 12 eggs at a time.

Also, if making just for a funeral meal--no choice of older eggs from my friend.
Guess I will need to do my own testing with more eggs.
Thank you for your information
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First off tell the eggs you are going to eat all the deviled eggs yourself - they are not going to be served to anyone else. They will then peel without issue. The minute they know you want them to look pretty they hang tight to the shell. Whenever I am making them for just us they are easy, the shells all but fall off. But if I am serving them to friends and family, it's a battle.
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When water begins to boil, I set timer for 9 minutes. When time is up, I transfer eggs to cold water. Fresh eggs don’t peel well.
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I have never tried this yet. But I have heard tell, that if you make hard boiled eggs in an insta pot, they are easy to peel. Anyone tried this. If you have to do this often and it does work, the pots are not all that expensive.
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sewingpup, I do have an instant pot and will see if that works for me.
quiltingcandy, isn't that the way it goes, I will keep that in mind.
Thanks again to everyone
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