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New Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans

New Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans

Old 03-10-2018, 11:14 AM
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Default New Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans

I just bought a set of 2 titanium ceramic frying pans from Costco and after hearing so much about them I thought I would give them a try. I was especially interested in the fact that you did not have to use any oil or butter for frying. The directions that came with the pans were sparse, to say the least.

The first time I tried them I used a little bit of oil and pan-seared a round steak and then added water and braised it until it was tender. Everything went pretty well.

This morning I used no oil or butter and fried an egg, just like they do in the commercials. Well, that was a big disappointment! The egg kept sticking to the pan and my over-easy eggs ended up broken and a little tough. The commercial shows how the eggs slide around easily and then they plop it onto a dish. My eggs didn't quite go plop. My heat was at medium, so I am sure that I didn't use too high heat.

Alton Brown, chef, says that all non-stick pans are a misnomer, since you always have to use some type of spray or fat to grease the pan. This I always do before using one. But I thought these copper colored pans were suppose to be different.

What are your experiences with the copper colored ceramic pans?
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Old 03-10-2018, 11:21 AM
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First of all, I don't have any of these pans.

A friend recently bought one and the instructions said that you must use a little fat of some sort.
I think it was a tbsp, but maybe it was only a tsp? Not sure.

What I do know is that she has found it to be real slippery.
So much so that she found it hard to flip her egg over, without it sliding over the edge of the pan.
Or to get the flipper in under something in the pan.
All a learning curve .....
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Old 03-10-2018, 01:15 PM
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I have one like yours,mac, and the same thing happened to me!
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Old 03-10-2018, 01:32 PM
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I use a light coating of Pam spray. Those eggs just slide every which way! I prefer the copper pans.
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Old 03-10-2018, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by NanaCsews2 View Post
I use a light coating of Pam spray. Those eggs just slide every which way! I prefer the copper pans.
Even though the directions were very sparse, the one thing it did say was not to use canned sprays. I took that to mean to use only oil or butter. I guess that this means that Alton Brown was right again, all non-stick pans are a misnomer.

I did just use a pan to brown a roast before cooking. I added a little bit of oil, about a tsp., and it browned it beautifully. I suppose if you can get away with just using a fraction of the fat you would normally put in a frying pan, then it will be a healthy choice for those of us who are trying to keep to our diets.
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A friend gave us one for Christmas last year. I hate the stupid thing. I find eggs cooked in them to be quite 'rubbery' for lack of a better term. I prefer my T-fal teflon pan even though it's supposed to be no good for you. Oh well. In both I generally cook w/butter - a small amount but butter nonetheless. Rarely do I use oil of any sort. Otherwise I use our steel or aluminum pans. DH likes the red copper but he has strict orders not to cook any food I'm eating in them.
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Old 03-11-2018, 02:35 AM
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When I bought mine it said you had to cure it . So followed the directions. But when doing eggs Pam.
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I bought one and was very disappointed with it.
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I bought a cheaper brand small skillet to try it out. Loved it but I also had to add some sort of lubricant such as a spray, oil or butter. The one time I didn't for my fried egg it stuck but once I got it unstuck it slid around like it should but that told me to always use something on the pan 1st. I love my pan enough that I bought the electric skillet where the pan just sits on top of the heating unit. You can use it on the stove or in the oven too so 3-fold. They also carry a pan that looks just like it so if I ever damage this pan I can get a replacement easy enough.

I talked my sister in to buying a set of whatever brand. She was a bit hesitant as they were so cheap (on sale at Xmas type) and the brand we hadn't heard of but she did and she loves them. Wishes we would have bought 2 sets now. Everyone I've talked to loves their copper pans. Myself I never could cook my fish without over cooking but now it comes out tender and flaky like it should every time. I'm sold. I didn't buy a complete set due to the fact I'd purchased an expensive (last time set) back when I moved here 7 yrs ago plus I don't have room to keep both sets.
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I use about a tsp of coconut oil when frying eggs and it works fine. Also, I spray the ends of my silicone spatula with Pam and that helps, too.
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