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Tartan 05-18-2021 11:41 AM

Navy beans
Do you soak your beans overnight as the packages suggests? I just put mine in a pot with water to simmer a couple of hours before I want to eat them and they cook just fine.

recycler 05-18-2021 12:53 PM

That’s what I do also. The Instapot does a great job too if you have one!

Iceblossom 05-18-2021 01:44 PM

I do the overnight soak when I can, mostly just because. Have also done the "fast" method.

Sometimes you get the beans that just don't cook right and stay sort of scrunchy no matter what you do. I think that is a storage issue -- maybe starts about 5-10 years after harvest.

RedGarnet222 05-18-2021 02:00 PM

I rinse and start my beans bring them to a boil and cook maybe 15 minutes. Pour off the water into a colander and restart them. They cook faster and have a more pure taste to them. The last fifteen minutes or so I put spices, onions or garlic in to the water to give them some flavor sometimes. Not always, depends on my wants for that day.

Stitchnripper 05-18-2021 02:23 PM

Originally Posted by recycler (Post 8484776)
That’s what I do also. The Instapot does a great job too if you have one!

I use the Instant Pot too. First I bring them to a boil using sauté, no pressure, then dump that water and go from there. We love all kinds of beans and the Instant Pot makes it so quick

tropit 05-19-2021 06:40 AM

I soak mine overnight whenever I can. I agree with Iceblossom, sometimes I get some beans that are not fully done when I do it the fast way.

kristijoy 05-19-2021 09:16 AM

I love my instant pot! I make refried beans with pinto's without soaking. All others I soak and cook for less time.

tranum 05-20-2021 03:41 AM

Soaked overnight.

Sassylass 05-20-2021 03:46 AM

I don't soak....just wash and throw in the instant pot. In 90 mins I can have a pot of baked beans.....works for me!!

GingerK 05-21-2021 07:36 AM

I have to say that I am an old fashioned gal. I soak my beans overnight, bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour, drain and throw beans and all the other ingredients into my big roaster. They go into the oven at 275 for 4-5 hours. I usually make a double batch because they freeze well.

I have stopped adding salt to the water. I found it made for a much tougher bean. Instead, I wait until the last hour of cooking, to add the salt and any other spices.

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