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Scrambling Eggs With Water, Not Fat

Scrambling Eggs With Water, Not Fat

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Originally Posted by tropit View Post
My technique is still in a Beta stage, but so far, it's worked every time. Clean up is a snap too! I may try it with "fried and basted" eggs next time.

The one thing that I have done is baste my fried eggs by putting a few drops of water into a tight fitting lid, then covering the eggs in the pan for a minute, or so. I learned that in my early days as a breakfast cook.
yep. Thatís what I posted above. I love them this way
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Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
I make a "fried egg" - a little real butter in skillet, just a dab, melted, then crack in egg. In a few seconds put in about a tsp to tbsp of water and put lid on. I wait til the yolk turns white - it is still a little runny - and then slide it onto a plate. I love eggs this way.
This is the only way we "fry" eggs too! In the late '80's into the early 90's my dad participated in a University study for heart patients. This is the way they showed him how to cook eggs. We refer to them as "Rays" eggs....as in "do you want "Rays" eggs or scrambled eggs?"
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After 60 years I finally figured out how to make scrambled eggs the way I like them. Stand there and keep stirring, don't get distracted by the toast or the coffee. I use a non-stick pan.
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There are so many ways to cook mixed eggs. Creamy, fluffy, curdles, flat, or poached. I prefer the creamy style. It takes longer to cook though. In a cooking class I took we got to sample each different way. I prefer the creamy scrambled.
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My MIL was never my favorite person, but one day she made me laugh so hard. She was complaining about how someone that she was visiting had made her scrambled eggs. Apparently, the eggs turned out to be like, "little, tiny, pieces of turds." She went on and on about it. Right then, I knew that I'd better learn to make great scrambled eggs and two, to never ever serve my MIL my home-cooked breakfasts.
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