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When cutting up butternut squash, I wash any dirt off and I place it on my cutting board. I take my large butcher knife and cut 1 inch slices off by holding the knife handle and tapping the back of the knife tip with my kitchen hammer until the slice is off.. It is best to use a butcher knife that the metal knife blade extends all the way through the handle. The 1 inch slices are then easy to peel with a peeling knife after.
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Many of you have mentioned cutting squash into slices. I have never done that, I usually just cut in half, turn upside-down and bake. I'm going to try slicing.
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Originally Posted by RedGarnet222 View Post
This recipe caught my eye to try.
Roasted Delicata Squash Recipe - Love and Lemons
This sounds like something I have to try. Thank You for the recipe.
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Which is you’re favorite squash and why?
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I often will poke a couple of holes in acorn squash and put it in the microwave. After about 5 minutes, it is easy to cut in half.

I then can put the two halves, minus the seeds and strings, in a shallow dish with just a bit of water, cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes. You can add brown sugar, maple sugar or just a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg. Yumm.

Another option is after the microwave process, cut in chunks and roast the chunks. then top with a light sprinkle of feta cheese. The strong feta and the sweet squash blend well for an interesting veggie dish.
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Originally Posted by petthefabric View Post
Which is you’re favorite squash and why?
If the squash I just roasted tastes wonderful, that is my favorite squash! I eat a lot of squash and find even if you buy the same kind of squash, there is a big difference in how it will taste and the texture. A lot depends on growing conditions and how long and how it has been stored. Right now I am enjoying a variety of squash from a local roadside stand, they are so good, even the acorn one which is usually fairly bland when I buy them from the grocery store. I bought 6 different varieties hoping to find my favorite to get more of for the winter before the stand leaves. Well, that has been a failure as so far everyone I have tried is "my favorite" I would get a sampling of what is available in your area and just try them. Oh, I always fix my squash the same way, just half or quarter it remove the seeds, wrap it in foil and roast it. Yep, that is my favorite way. I will dab a bit of butter on top when done but I just love squash mostly plain.
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Sewingpup, thanks. There’s a couple stands close.
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I really like butternut. I tried some I was told was buttercup - I steamed it and it was still dry as dust. I tried making it into soup, added a can of coconut milk and some regular milk, you could still eat it with a fork. So I did.
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