Is my husband a keeper?

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As you all know I didn't know how to use a sewing machine until last August. Long story short I took to quilting like a kid in a candy store. My hubby brought me a sewing machine from Sears about 5 years ago for Xmas and it was all of $89. He didn't think I was serious and I didn't learn how to thread a bobbin until last year so it was a little bit of money well spent. I brought a Singer Confidence and had it sent to Afghanistan to have a second machine. The Kenmore quit on me and I tried to revive it by letting the maintenance section look at it. Its dead. Meanwhile I had been using the Singer and as I got more proficient I noticed that it does not sew as smooth as the Kenmore did and I paid what I thought quite a bit for it. (I had no idea these things could cost more than a nice new car.) Well I informed my husband that I needed a new second machine and this was his response: "Well, since you are serious about this sewing and quilting I am going to get you a very nice expensive machine that is going to last some years and be reliable so you can do what you enjoy what you doing without any major worries but you have to wait until you get home to get it becasue I don't know what I am looking for." I love him! Is he a keeper or what? More importantly, what kind of machine should I get??? Board members I need your help!
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I like the Janome line -- but you need to go to the stores, sit down and TRY out all the machines. It's like cars.....there's one for everyone, but we all have differents wants/requirements. and YES -- he's a keeper!! :mrgreen:
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He's a keeper.
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There are many good machines out, look for what you like, or what you would use it for.

I prefer Janome, in my opinion it's a good brand. Have my first one from them now for over ten years and I'm still happy with it.

It's a Janome Gold Jem. A tiny machine easy to take with you, because of the size. On the other hand, it's harder to quilt a king size on it. I've done a queen size on it, though.

Look around and take it easy with the purchase, there are many good machines out there.

Happy Quilting, it' nice to know you caught the quilt bug!
The only bug I like! :-P
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I love love my Janome 6600P and my 350E Joanome (embroidery) machines.....
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Janome is a good brand. I have an old standby that is 10 plus years old. However, when I switched to my Brother machines I find them to be so dependable and user friendly that I thought I should give you another option. He is a keeper.
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Love my Bernina's. Have an 830LE and a 330 for my travel machine. They are discontinuing the 400 series, so you might be able to get a great deal. They are also coming out with the 500 series, so you might get a good deal there too. The nice thing about the Berninas is they hold their value and you can trade up if you decide you want to do more.

But as was said earlier...sewing machines are like cars. You have to set down and try all the different ones, decide what you are looking for in features etc. and then make the decision.

Good luck with whatever you decide. And yep! That DH of yours is a keeper.
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I have a Janome and Janome Longarm and I love both
the Janome is in the shop getting its yearly check up so I can't tell you the exact model number, but most of them are very lightweight and easy to use,
except of course the Longarm that sucker is heavy, but I use it only for sandwiching my quilts
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I love my Husqvarna Viking. It does everything
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You might want to make a list of what you want to use your machine for and what you want it to do. That could help in narrowing down your search.

Have fun shopping for your new machine.
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