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2022- What are your quilting goals?

2022- What are your quilting goals?

Old 12-14-2021, 04:31 AM
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Default 2022- What are your quilting goals?

I look forward to hearing what your goals are for 2022!

My goals for 2022 are more or less the same. I have decided that I will no longer allow my stash to stress me out! I will take the time to enjoy the process. This year I actually made a list of the patterns I wanted to do and it helped with the indecision of ď what nextĒ? I pulled 15 patterns and chose from them throughout the year.

Old Goals: 2021

1: Work more with EQ8- I am getting there! I have enrolled in an online class and I am making progress.

2: Back a quilt with Minky- Not even close!

3: Make a paper pieced quilt. Did not even get near that, however, I would like to attempt at least a table runner.

New Goals:

1: Become more proficient with Auto Pilot. I am certainly more confident in using it. Coming from Pro-Sticher, The ease of Autopilot can take getting use to.

2: Learn a new technique. I hope hand embroidery counts.

3: Use more scraps. See #3 above.

4: Spend more time learning about color. I have spent more time with my color wheel, stash and online videos about color, to me its fascinating.

5: Spend more time quilting. I got far more quilts done this year than I did last year.

Never Ending Goals:

1: Organization- Getting stash more organized by color, they are loosely sorted and itís pretty easy to find what iím looking for, but it does need work.

2: Winning the lottery - Still has not happened despite my efforts!
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Old 12-14-2021, 04:44 AM
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Actually finish a few quilts that I started years ago.

Part with some of my sewing machines. I gave one of my favorites to my granddaughter on Sunday. Hope she appreciates that I was parting with one of my "pets".

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Old 12-14-2021, 05:06 AM
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Making a list of the patterns I really truely want to make in 2022, pulling the fabric for them and making kits. Then honestly selling off or giving away so much of the fabric that I will never use. I may even sell the quilting frame at some point and maybe selling one of my machines. With my back problems it's gotten harder and harder to sit and sew.
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Old 12-14-2021, 05:41 AM
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Would love if I could quilt all the quilts I've got hanging up waiting to be quilted so far which is around 12 large ones. Finish piecing the 5 I've got started already and get them finished completely and make a couple scrappy quilts for the New Hope Auction as the money helps keep the homes open for those less fortunate with disabilities. Would surely downsize my scrapes at least.
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I am going to stitch up everything in my stash! OK, let's get real. I am going to stitch up the amount of fabric I can and only buy enough to maintain my stash as is. seriously, my goal is to stitch up more fabric than I buy. And finish at leasst 5 of the UFO's I have.
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Lisa, great topic!
This year I made a lot of quilts. Many were sent out to my longarmer because I don't devote time to getting more proficient in machine quilting.
So that's my goal in 2022! I keep saying it and then I'm off piecing another quilt haha
On a happy note: this year I've used a lot more stash than before and that feels good. I usually purge around the 1st of January and intend to do that again. It's helped me a lot staying more organized. I dislike looking at fabrics I know I'll never use.
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That’s funny. I was just trying to organize my plan for 2022. Good grief did I say 2022? Ok, well AP&Q has a print out page that I want. It’s a UFO list and a group to join. Not joining the group but I think I will tape up my list of UFO’s. It’s about 15. Didn’t make any progress this year but would like to throw myself into it next year. It’s really hard not to start new quilts. They draw me in with excitement. But I have too many big projects started.
On the exciting side I bought a used book last night. Love paying $5 for a $30 quilting book. Got it from www.abebooks.com. I bought Chuck Nohara’s 2001 New Patchwork Patterns. Paid quite a bit more than $5. Have wanted it for a long time. Hard to find. Out of print. It’s in Japanese, coming from Japan. Won’t get here until March. Anyone else excited about Chuck Nohara?
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My goal is the same as last year and I did it in 2021. Finish 12 quilts. One a month is the goal but that doesn't always work. It's not as difficult as it sounds, I have way too many flimsies. I just have to make myself sandwich and quilt one a month. It helps that my Guild has a "Get -R-Done" competition. We can list up to 20 quilts to finish. They don't have to be flimsies, it can just be fabric purchased to make a quilt.
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1. Don't we all want to use the fabric in our stashes first? For me a never ending goal!
Not necessarily in this order!
2. Finish the wonky star Qsized quilt
3. Finish the Star quilt for my friend
4. Make graduation quilts for 2 Granddaughter's
5. Work on my WIP's
a. Joyce made me do it
b. HST quilt
c. OMG
d. Time to Commit
e. Fragments
f. Abilene
6. Baby quilt for a fund raiser
7. Mini quilts for 3 fundraisers
The list could go on and on!
Good luck everyone!
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I feel very good about my progress as a quilter in 2021: I finished 2 quilts that were UFOs from the 1990s and quilted a top I inherited from my Great Great Aunt. I started and completed 5 more quilts, which means no new UFOs. I completed HollyAnne Knightís Free Motion Quilting Academy, which makes it more likely I can finish my quilts. I do still have a tote bag to make out of the Kona color panel I got in a grab bags of fabrics, which will likely be a 2022 project.

For 2022, my goal is to not add to the UFOs, which means piecing and quilting the 3 I just started, as well as quilting a top I started decades ago. I also have another top that I inherited from my Great Great Aunt to quilt and a few more ancient UFOs. And Iím going to QuiltCon in February, which should be a lot of fun.

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