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Pegboard for me as well for my cutting rulers. For my ruler work rulers, I have a hard plastic case to keep them safe.
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I have a slotted board for my small templets. My HB made that for me. I bought all kind of thing that they would go on and hang in the closet bu to get one templet or ruler of the ring you have to take others off first. That did not work. I finally put some hooks and L shaped hardware on the wall and have then hung in three places. That works for me.
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My 24 x 6 I have hanging along side my cutting table. Those I use the most I have on one end of the cutting table in a slotted container. Those I might use occasionally I have hanging behind me on the pegboard. Those I use once in a while I have in a drawer by designer such as Bonnie Hunter's rulers, Jenny Beyer's rulers, etc. My quilting rulers I have in a rolling cart under the quilt frame along with the ruler table. I made a list of all the rulers I have so when one comes up on sale I check to see if I already have it before buying it.......again.
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I have a couple nails I hang my larger rulers on. Medium and smaller or duplicate rulers are stored standing up on a cart in my studio. Currently my new quilting curved rulers are sitting on my sewing table. I haven't determined where I will be storing them.
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I have a "file box" that holds hanging manilla folders. I label the folders and am able to store all of my rulers in there - square, triangle Deb Tucker, etc. Works nicely for the small & medium sized rulers, but the large ones have to be stored elsewhere. Very easy to find what i'm looking for since they are labeled.
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I use the Dritz ruler stand
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Originally Posted by FoxyLady View Post
I am currently using Command strips with a hook -- the large size. I hang my mats, my strip cutting templates, other rulers and templates on the wall behind my door. That way they are out of sight but easily accessible when I need them.
FoxyLady, I too use Command hooks to store my rulers but I hang them on the sides of cabinets, cutting table, and machine cabinet. Wherever there is space for a ruler and a Command hook, I hang a ruler! The space behind the door, is occupied with Command hooks storing the hoops for my embroidery machine.

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At our local quilt show one can purchase a ruler storage slotted board. The board is flat against the wall and the rulers sit in their slots at an upward angle. I'll try this picture.
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Originally Posted by Battle Axe View Post
At our local quilt show one can purchase a ruler storage slotted board. The board is flat against the wall and the rulers sit in their slots at an upward angle. I'll try this picture.
it looks likes you didn't upload the image after selecting it. I have to be on full page to find the upload tab. It was all the way to the right of the full page. The pop up window didn't show it.
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I made a shelf with scrolly supports and rested a curtain rod on the scrolls. I had to use hot glue to keep the rod in place, then I hung my rulers on on it with S hooks. I like it because theyíre visible but out of the way, and they donít take up much room. I donít have enough wall space for a pegboard.

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