Is this a 201?

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The price us not unreasonable for a working machine in a nice cabinet like that. The stool needs reupholstering, but it's still on the pluss side, since it's usually missing. With second hand stuff in general bargains turn up, but as others have mentioned, these are often more of a project where you invest lots of time and a bit of money to get them nice again. Missing parts and accessoried easily add to the cost, and cabinets needing refinishing is a lot of work, but often well worth it.
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I paid $80 for a 201 Centennial in a nice cabinet but no stool. It had the attachments in the box but no button holer. It is a wonderful machine. I hope you can get them down some. Good luck!
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Default 201 table

Hello all,

I just completed a sewing table allowing me to use several vintage Singers in my collection. It was mainly built for the 201, but others will also work with the appropriate spacer placed in the bottom of the cradle. It was made from recycled materials in my shop. The tray and a drawer(not yet installed) was salvaged from an old computer desk. The 201 is so quiet that I can run it full steam with no vibration as was the case when on the wally world folding plastic picnic table. Attached are a few pics of the project. Chow for now.


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Did you get the 201-2? Does it have a manual ($15)? Operating foot/knee controller ($30)? Attachments set ($35)? Light bulb work ($5)? Do you need the cabinet ($50)? I use these values to negotiate a lower price for CL purchases. Also, look carefully at the wiring as these models often need rewiring ($75-$100).

I have four 201's. The most I paid was $50 for a CL Singer 1200-1(a 201-2 with a presser foot knee lift and an industrial-like foot controller) in a Singer industrial-style table. In saying that, $200 is a fair price to ask, but you should be able to pick it up for $100-$125 unless it is really complete (see above). "Asking and getting are two different things." Good luck!
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Get it even for the $200. It is a fair price for a great machine.
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That's a great sewing table.

I didn't ask about a knee lift, as I don't use them. It has the original manual, "some" attachments and the button holer. It's been there for 7 days now. One thing that may keep it there is the price and the fact it's not listed by the model number. It's listed as the model number of the motor. There are also over 500 sewing machines for sale on Craigslist. (That one is, by far, the nicest 201.) I don't have time to drive over there until next week, either. It's about 40 miles of city driving between here and there. I'm going to stall a couple of more days and if it's still there, I'll go see it and make an offer.
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I don't have a 201 but I do have a 401 in a desk cabinet. I paid $150.00 for it and with a cabinet and being in good shape, and if you really like it, I would go for it. If it's local even better. either way shipping would cost so go for it. I would certainly take a test kit with me. My test kit includes needles and thread for that particular machine, a layer cake slice of fabric ( I prefer denim)to see how it handles a heavier fabric and to fold over for a layer/thickness account and a small cleaning brush and maybe a small tube of oil (?). If they won't let you test with your kit move on. If it has the manual, that's a huge plus in my book.
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You can also pull up and print your own manual which will help you with checking trouble shooting areas and you will have for your own future reference.
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I just got my 201 yesterday. It had been on Craigslist over 2 weeks. It is in a cabinet that is functional but not pretty. It looks dry as a bone. I was able to test it and it seems to make a good stitch. I don't need any attachments because I have a nice collection. I downloaded a user manual and service manual free. The motor wires may need to be replaced, don't know yet. I paid $80 which was her asking price. I have seen about 2 of these machines in the wild in the last few years and I have looked. I thought it was a fair price. I must say I am quite pleased with it! I will take a look at it's innards and start the cleaning up and assessing process.
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Please see my post above concerning negotiating for a Singer 201. Yesterday while making the rounds of our local thrift stores, I ran across another 201-2 in pretty good shape, but in a rough Mid-Century Modern cabinet. I already have four of 201's so I really was about to pass it up until I asked what they would sell it for. The manager said that they considered sewing machines in cabinets as "furniture;" and, "Oh by the way, we are having a sale on furniture - 60% off the $30 price." 201 number 5! Do you also sense a problem here? I reeeally like the 201!
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