Found a machine for free!

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Lightbulb Found a machine for free!

I picked up a free Gritzner sewing machine today from a thrift site. And I am trying to figure out when it might have been made. I`m finding the closest serial numbers to be dated from 1904 but I was wondering if I could get some help figuring it out.

It is powered by hand, it says gritzner on the box but not on the machine itself. The serial number is 1391465

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Hi Eirdil, A quick Google search produced this link, which I hope might be of use at least as a starting point for you. Do let me know if you find the information you want. Marion, UK
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Welcome to Quilting Board. I see you are in Norway any where near Drøbak? There is a member on another board that is from there and has quite a few vintage and antique machines.

You sure are lucky! It looks like it may be a transverse shuttle machine based on the serial number and probably a year later according to Sometimes the machine may have had the cases switched out. Also, many times one company would make the machine and then the seller would put some other name or badge on the machine. The badges that would be on a Gritzner machine would have one of the badges on the lower pillar as seen near the bottom of the page at Some of the other German badges for both makers and distributors can be seen at And here is a list of German makers and machine made or distributed

There is also this German site that has Gritzner as well as many others (as listed on the sidebar) https://www.naehmaschinenverzeichnis...inen/gritzner/

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Thank you so much for the reply! I am located closer to Bergen I did find the gritzner logo on the side anyways i just managed to miss it earlier.
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I know it's summer and I know some people don't check the sites as often as others, but Eiril, would love to see some pictures. My collection contains several German machines, transverse and vibrating. They are so spectacularly made and I love how the TS machines sound when they sew.

Hopefully adding a response here will send an email to you and remind you that we would love to have you come back and show us your find.
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