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I am a new member of the Featherweight Club!! >

I am a new member of the Featherweight Club!!

I am a new member of the Featherweight Club!!

Old 08-13-2013, 08:32 PM
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Default I am a new member of the Featherweight Club!!

Yesterday I was gifted a 1947 221 FW by a friend who was going to throw it away! She needs cleaned up, oiled, etc, but runs smooth. I only have one pressure foot, no book, no case, but I got the FW. I was looking on Ebay for a manual and seen so many accessories, but I don't have any idea which feet really do work or which ones I might find useful, in particular, does anyone use a walking foot or the embroidry/darning/freemotion foot. I need ideas and/or experiences with any of the accessories sold today. I love this little machine and plan on using it alot. Any and all advice will be most apprecited by this FW newbie.
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Old 08-13-2013, 10:03 PM
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Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a featherweight. Shame on your friend for even thinking of throwing it out. So glad you were there to come to the rescue. My FW came with lots of accessories and I've also purchased a few feet that I thought would be useful. I don't like either of the 1/4 inch feet that I bought as well as the one that came with the machine. I also have a free motion foot that I bought on a whim just to try FMQ but haven't really used it for anything yet. I'd suggest that you get her cleaned up and oiled, then give her a good trial run by piecing several blocks. You may find you don't need a lot of accessories or extra feet. BTW, you can download a 221 manual at http://thefeatherweight221factory.com/
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Old 08-14-2013, 04:48 AM
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Maggie, congrats!

Who needs a case anyhow - they are over-rated lunchboxes which all smell like old attics. ;-) (I am just kidding- nobody be offended, please!) Mine has a case, though, and honestly, I never use it. (the case)

I am so pleased for you! Just give her a nice clean up, sew on her a bit. You know, all short-shank feet will fit the little FW, so you don't need to buy anything special.

Also, I'd wait and see how it is going to be used before spending $ on accessories. You may well find, as I do, that you end up using her for quick basting jobs, etc, and that you might not really need much more than that simple presser foot after all. Or you may! We're all different. Just don't feel as though you have to run out and buy FW-branded Stuff, because really, you don't.

Congrats again on your acquisition! It is -shocking- to me that someone would throw something like that away. :-( But on a happy note, I am really glad that you have rescued it!!! Yay!

BTW, apparently, Graham F's site has some helpful bits on cleaning up the old Stitchers. And, of course, all the advice you could ever hope for is lurking on QB as well. Happy tinkering!
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Old 08-14-2013, 05:53 AM
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Congrats, enjoy your machine!!
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Old 08-14-2013, 07:30 AM
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Congratulations on your save! You might look on the Goodwill site as they have singer parts on there alot.
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Old 08-14-2013, 10:07 AM
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Congrats! I just became a member yesterday too. I got mine off Craigslist and it wasn't free - a good deal, but not free :-).

As far as manuals go, you can download Singer Manuals for any of their machines for free at http://www.singerco.com/accessories/instruction-manuals At least all the ones I've needed are there anyway, including the Featherweight.

I've not gotten to use mine yet as last night's sewing required a blind hem stitch (lol - I've somehow been nominated as the person who can hem at my church) but I'm looking forward to using "Louise" later this week!

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Old 08-14-2013, 11:09 AM
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Welcome to the FW club..... I have 4. 2 are 1947s. The other 2 are early 1950s. I love them all. I have a walking foot that I use on baby quilts. I purchased it at sew-classic and it lines up with the feed dogs very well. I probably have most of the original attachments.... and I do have an original darning foot.... it's one that I use for FMQ on small quilts. I've also used the buttonhole maker on my FWs. I also bought a 1/4" foot and I like it a lot.

I use my FWs for all my piecing and love the perfect stitches and click-click-click sound they make. It's music to my ears. So much more soothing than the noise newer machines make. I can hardly be in the same room when my SIL sews on her machine. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard..... ARGHHH!!

So, enjoy your 'new' machine. Take good care of her..... she'll last your lifetime and then your children's, and then your grandchildren's... etc.
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Do check out www.sew-classic.com for parts, etc. Great site, and customer service is wonderful!
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Welcome to the FW club, and you will enjoy her, because she can sew through thickness that some of the newer ones cant. Look at <April 1930> site for parts. Try David McCallum's book on FW's. Remember she does like oil have the foot petal checked for safety reason. Enjoy.

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Originally Posted by Cecilia S. View Post
It is -shocking- to me that someone would throw something like that away. :-( But on a happy note, I am really glad that you have rescued it!!! Yay!
Me too!

On an unrelated, but similar, note - I bought a $15 knitted baby's shawl from a woman today who advertised it for sale as being knitted by a great grandmother. I spent countless hours crocheting a shawl for my first baby and couldn't believe that someone would sell a family heirloom for $15. When I asked her about it, she said it belonged to her son and she asked him if he wanted to keep it for his kids, he said 'nah' and wanted to put the money toward some video game or something. He was under 10 y.o! ...I am still amazed. This story is in the same "I don't get it" file as people who would get rid of anything so beautiful.
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