OH OH I caught the Bug!

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Default OH OH I caught the Bug!

I have two new "expensive" machines, a serger and a cover pro but seem to have caught the vintage bug. Started with a black 221 featherweight, then a white featherweight, then a 222 freearm featherweight! Oh no, then I found a Singer 301, of course Singer Red Eye 66 treadle came next, then a Freedom hand crank and now a Viking 21 from the 50's. I already had a Singer 128 and a Jones hand crank that were bought years ago just because they were "cute" and put up on a shelf for decoration.

I have cleaned them all up, oiled and have most of them sewing nicely. I actually prefer sewing on the vintage machines. I am making a quilt on the treadle and next plan to make one on one of the hand cranks.

I blame Bonnie Hunter for my sewing "virus". She is contagious.

Have to say, if I am going to be "sick", vintage sewing machine virus is the way to go.

My husband thinks I am crazy. he he

I have to stay off of ebay!!!!!!

What do all of you have in your sewing room? I am feeling the need for more sew-meds.

Loving my machines in Arizona
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Forgot to add:
Looking for the round dial up card that shows the stitches and settings for my Viking 21 automatic. Anyone have one for sale or know where I might find one?

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welcome to the loony bin LOL!!

I'm on the far side now, trying to rehome machines and whittle down my collection. I would have been fine if I'd stayed with my original plan of mostly Singers. But I fell off that wagon and now have more non-Singers than Singers. Though I do have more Singers than any other manufacturer.

Right now, in my main sewing room, I have a 66 lotus in a parlor treadle cabinet. On top is a 66 redeye hand crank in a bentwood case. Next is a White (japanese made) zigzag that is the same model my Mom owned when I was little. Next is my husband's Necci Julia, with his viking 21 on top. Next to that is his 201 in the Singer cabinet that his Mom had - oringinal with her Golden Touch N Sew 625 (that machine is in the Shed).

Then there is the 15-91 in the cabinet I use for my second ironing station, next to the re-topped treadle I have my my Juki2010Q on- that is my main sewer now. Next to it is another Singer cabenet fitted so I can put my Viking 990 in it, or have extra room when I'm using the Juki. Around the corner is another Singer cabinet with another Singer, and I'm drawing a blank, but it's one with external cams and typewriter keys on top.

My Pfaff embroidery machine sits on top. At the end of the ironing board is another Singer cabinet with a 99 inside.

I'm doing pretty good, I think I hauled 8-9 machines out of my sewing room so I'd have a bit more room. It's much nicer in there now.

I have most of my Singers in other rooms in the house, and quite a few out with my Longarm - but the bulk of my machine collection is in the "Shed".
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319 with the typewriter keys?
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You have collected a few gems there Pati :- )

My favorite is a Singer 201, it's the one I use the most. If you ever should come by one and can afford take on another machine it's a very nice machine. For this one I have buttonholers, zigzag attachments, loads of feet and accessories. I especially like the buttonholer, and can recommend it for your 128 or your 66.

I like Viking / Husqvarna 21 (19 too), they are speedy stitchers with strong motors. They need to be kept up regarding oiling, and might be a bit of a search to find a service guy who knows how to sort them out. All in all, I find them well worth the effort.

I have a freearm Elna Supermatic (aka Elna 2, late 1950s) I have grown to like a lot. After a DIY fixup involving a replacement of a rubber pulley it runs very nicely. It's does all kinds of fancy stitches, and the freearm gives it an advantage for some types of sewing. I also have a Bernina 730 which is a favorite, very easy to use, low noise, and the best satin stitches. It has 20 built in stitch patters. The Elna takes replaceable cams, and it has more advanced cam mechanism. I need to fuzz a bit more with settings on the Elna to get the satin stitches as nice as on the Bernina, however; I like them both. Either of these are nice if you ever need a freearm model.

I have yet to splash out on a Featherweight :- )
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Originally Posted by Mickey2
You have collected a few gems there Pati :- )

My favorite is a Singer 201, i
I like Viking / Husqvarna 21 (19 too), they are speedy stitchers with strong motors.
I have yet to splash out on a Featherweight :- )

I haven't come across a 201 yet that was in my price range. I am about maxed out on space in my sewing room. Actually put three machines in my craft room and one in another room.

My Viking 21 looked beautiful and I don't think she was used much but the stitch regulator was frozen solid, the bobbin winder was way out of adjustment and the bobbin tension was way too tight. I think someone was trying to make her sew but she had sat for so many years in storage that the oil had gummed everything up. I used some kerosine to loosen everything ( took a lot of work to get that stitch regulator unfrozen), oiled her up with good oil and she sews like a charm now.

Trying to find the round rotating cardboard guide for the cams. It gives you all the correct settings for each stitch by rotating the dial. She even has the common A B C cams and a D cam that was an extra buy when she was new.

Sounds like you have the "vintage" bug too! Isn't it fun?

Have a great day

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