Quilting in a Featherweight

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Originally Posted by OurWorkbench View Post
Do you have a walking foot for your machine? From my understanding one needs to be careful which walking foot as you need one for straight stitches only.

I'm wondering if increasing the pressure, or decreasing the pressure would help. Maybe increase the stitch length? You said samples were made, but were you using the same batting or just fabric?

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I was thinking the same thing about the pressure on the presser foot. Increasing the pressure and increasing the stitch length would probably help.

I have also never quilted on my FW's. I use my Juki for that.
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I have just finished a 17” wall hanging that I did on my FW. I did stitch in the ditch for the main body which came out lovely but my free motion vine in the border was not very good but I am just a beginner at fm. I did a second one (Christmas gifts) and my fm vine turned out much better on my Singer 348. Feed dogs were up for both, stitch length about 10. Sorry I have forgotten how to post pictures here.
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I quilt with my Featherweight, but I have yet to FMQ yet though I've practiced a bit. I think it will be some time before I FMQ because I've been told that I can only FMQ for short periods of times or the machine can overheat. And so far I'm terrible at it.

I do use a walking foot. While my husband made me an extension table, it's still very difficult to quilt within the small throat space. (I've struggled through several queen size and one king size quilt.) I'm looking to cobble together a weightless suspended quilt frame - there are a few available commercially and DIY info online. Has anyone used one and found it made a difference while quilting? My arthritic hands need some help!
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