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Originally Posted by needledumb View Post
Hey there and howdy do ppquilter, et al,
I did receive Sewmore770; By all appearances it is a a beauty; & by all appearance a beauty sans plastic as it will remain sans plastic surgery. Seller is seemingly a lower order primate, since it was packed as if by a monkey visa vi my requested & payed for extra care re shipping. So, it now has two approx. 5cm bare metal wounds as if gouged by a screwdriver. What can you do about the wake of acne beyond accept the scars?
Most important for me, the motor/bracket/bolt was loose and when tightened the motor does not rest square, but rests at a several degree angle from square behind machine, with it's spindle to belt drive seemingly tight. Does the motor on the back of your Sewmor 770 rest parallel behind, or is yours also at a non-plumb position? I'll be taking it into a sewing machine fix-it/check-up place, but wondered if the bracket - which is serious gage iron metal - may have been bent during shipping by any dark and vast impersonal forces? Machine did come with some accessories, including two different multiple cam insert disc pieces. Haven't received that generic De Luxe Zig-Zag Sewing Machine Instruction Manual yet. Again, not sure how much help that'll be, but if you can't find it and want copy I'd be happy to provide it at only cost of photocopy and postage. Best to all, or as close I can manage to that, Paul
Sorry it has taken me so long to get a pic of the back of my 770 to show you the motor. Yes yours looks just like mine. let me know if the manual you get is any help as i have another Japan made model too.
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One of the sewing machine repairman from NJ says it is okay to use Windex on a soft cloth to clean up machines. Charlee favors oil and a tee shirt type fabric. I wouldn't use paper towels if you can find cloth.
One repairman uses Q tips for cleaning internals. I wouldn't use soap and water because water is the machine's enemy. Soap can be harsh and corrosive too. Be gentle. This machine can be a real beauty. Fred from Texas says to use a good carnuba wax on the bed to make it slick to aid moving fabric. I used a product called Back to Black, you can get at the auto supply shop. has everything from bobbins to cords and a good instruction on their site. This machine will be so great when you finish it. Can't wait to see the pictures.
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Thanks for rear view pix of Sewmor 770 machine.
Yep, looks to be long-lost twin; Granted, doppelganger or of anti-matter smatterings, maybe. Seriously sidetracked, some of which of more compensatory self-induced nature, so doesn't look like I'll be able to have sewing machine savant check her out to see if bracket it in fact bent or no.
Other than that, sticker/plate on motor (which matched sewing machine color, so figure original?) seems somewhat different that yours - Primarily black w/ silver border and lettering reads, among other things, Premier Sewing Motor made in USA. Told that the machine was Japanese manufactured, they sub-contracted for necessary motor works? Seller does seem to be an enlistee serving battalion ULie, in that she (if that is said real gender) documented machine as being of 1.5Amp oomph, while the sticker reads it being more along the lines .9Amp. Someone wrote if one doesn't bare so much false witness then one isn't so hard pressed to remember things; no idea who penned that, either.
Also had wondered about why not use a decent car cover like turtle wax toward the ends of protection from normal use, so good to see that wasn't original thought...albeit it's now in need of a body work specialist and detailer, and the machinefax would reveal that it was in an accident.
Thanks again for your assist,
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Here is a pdf file of the manual for a Sewmor 606, in case you haven't found one yet:

Originally Posted by Caroline S View Post
Here are pictures of my Sewmor 606. I also have not been able to find a manual. Based on her shape I think she is a Necchi clone with a few other machine styles thrown in. She sews beautifully and when I find a cabinet to fit her in I will try FMQ as her feed dogs can drop via a nob on the bed. The cabinet she is sitting in is a Sears cabinet. She is only in the cabinet while I was cleaning and testing her.
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Originally Posted by cabbagepatchkid View Post
Here is a pdf file of the manual for a Sewmor 606, in case you haven't found one yet:
Thanks Cathy. However my Sewmor 606 looks different than the one in the PDF.
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Hey, I'm new to the Quilting Board but I was wondering if PPquilter still had the Sewmor 770. I recently got a "Bel-Air" 770 and am having issues with mine. I was able to find a manual that was close to the 770, the Deluxe Zig Zag # 14 manual is almost the exact same. Also does your Sewmor have a built in Cam or did it come with cams that you can put in?
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I love the old Japanese machines. The ones with the cam stacks are hardest to make work though. I recommend some Tri-flow and time out. Go easy on turning the knobs. There maybe a set screw. If you turn it and the internals are still stuck the knob will break loose and can be tough to fix. For cleaning external I use oxi clean laced with Dawn but not on the older machines. You can use a car wax that does not have cleaner. Here is a link for more Japanese machines that do the fancy stitches:
I do not know of a generic manual for the machines with camstacks.
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I do still have the Sewmor 770, but have no manual to it. I bought the cabnit and machine for $20 just as a display in my sewing rm. I have no attachments for it either. Would love to have a copy of the manual to see if its feasible to get it in running order. I just love the look of the older machines and have many of them in my albums in my profile.
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Hi all! ? for u. I found a sewmor 770 @ local thrift and bought it. It has 2 cords that have wall plugs. Is this correct or has this machine been monstered? There is no presser foot...Should there be? Also one plug runs light and the other makes the mach8ine run really really fast and I don't know how to turn it off or regulate speed!!! HELP PLEASE~! I'd love to keep it but right now it is a runaway diesel.
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Those aren't wall plugs, they plug into a cord block like this:
One outlet is for the light and one for the motor. One wire coming off of the block goes to the wall, the other connects to the controller of your choice (foot or knee lever).

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