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Originally Posted by quiltingcandy
I understand your attachment to the machine. When my mother asked me what I wanted when she died, without thinking I said her sewing machine. It's a 1950 Singer 15-91 in the cabinet. She laughed and told me to just take it - she hadn't sewn on it for years and said she couldn't even thread it anymore. (She was a wonderful sewist.). I keep it clean and oiled thanks to the site. So it hasn't seen a repairman over 15 years.
My grandmother has a 1930s Singer that she still uses. This one belonged to my aunt and I remember her using it when I was younger so I am definitely attached to it. Her kids do not sew and were just going to throw it away. Once I get it working I plan to keep it in good working order.

Originally Posted by juliasb
Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan. I am glad you jumped right in with a question. I tried doing what you are proposing 'once' and never again once I discovered how easy it is to take the machine head out of the cabinet. Leave the table home and just take the machine itself into the shop. Again welcome to the QB!
Thank you for the welcome. I figured I would ask more experienced people for help rather than risking damage to my machine or just overall making it harder on myself.

Originally Posted by bkay
Good luck with it. The 401 is one of my favorites. I've "unstuck" two so far.

Glad to know that there is hope for my machine.
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