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When you were young and impressionable, what type of machine ... >

When you were young and impressionable, what type of machine ...

When you were young and impressionable, what type of machine ...

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Default When you were young and impressionable, what type of machine ...

... did your parent(s) sew on?

When I was a young feller my mother sewed on a black sewing machine. One that looked like any of 10 million Singers or clones or other brands. Back then I never knew what brand it was, all I knew was it was black and heavy. As I grew up that is what I thought all sewing machines looked like.
40 years ago, back in the 70s my mom had a HOTHER sewing machine. I basically grew up with that machine and my mom using it. I have it now, it's my avatar picture, and use it myself.
I did not see or even know that sewing machines had evolved to the squarish ones until I met my wife and saw her Singer 538. Not long after that my mom bought what I think is a Kenmore ZZ machine in a cabinet. It was a square one too. She gave my wife and myself the HOTHER.

Now after being exposed to the forums, and becoming interested in sewing, I still see the old black cast iron Singer 66 / 15 / 99 type machines when I think of sewing machines.

How about you?

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Hello Joe

To me the Singer 28K hand machine is the classic sewing machine, and any other machine is a variation on that theme.

My mum only ever had one machine, and I have it now. When I left home and wanted a machine I bought another 28K because that is what I had always used.

I'm only just getting used to round bobbins, and I've only recently stopped looking for non-existent thumb tabs when releasing my work. Once a 28K girl, always a 28K girl.

And motors were an unnecessary complication. I'll never see the attraction.

I'm happy in my time warp.

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My mother sewed on a Singer treadle. It was one her foster mother had. I also learned to sew on it. It makes me sad to think about that machine because when I was breaking up my brothers house I foolishly gave it to the salvation army. Things were in a mess than and my husband said give it away cause you'll never use it. How I wished I had kept that sewing machine.
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My father was the sewer in the house when I was growing up, he learned to sew in his teens and worked in NYC garment trade sweatshops with his mother back in the early 1930's. He had his mothers sewing machine, black and probably a Singer, and it was in a big sewing cabinet. I remember he always had a circle of felt around the top somewhere for straight pins. It was a treadle machine and I could never get the hang of it. My brother Jim did as he made himself lots of little drawstring bags for his marbles.

Next machine I used was the one, note I said one, machine we had in sewing class when I was in 7th and 8th grade, around 1948-49. With only one machine in our class room it took us the whole year to make our outfits - pj's in 7th grade and our graduation dress in 8th.

Fast forward to the 1960's when my MIL bought herself a new Singer with lots of attachments and it sat in a lovely walnut desk. She gave me her old White that had a knee press to begin and stop sewing and I began sewing curtains for our new house and little cotton dresses for myself.

Machines that I've bought for myself, 1970's a Kenmore when I began a small craft business with my friends, 1999 an inexpensive Brother to bring to my week long Elderhostel quilting class and then a Pfaff when I wore out the Brother making quilts almost non stop. Brother really didn't wear out, just wasn't up to the amount of sewing I was doing and needed repairs every year that cost more than the machine itself. I've been happy with my first Pfaff and a few years ago upgraded to a new edtion and that's it for me although I do have a 1963 white Featheweight and a little Gem Gold for classes. .

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My Mom always had a Singer. I learned to sew on her treadle in the early 70's. She then "moved up" and bought a refurbished Singer when the Junior High Home Ec. liquidated theirs. Only two machines she every had. My husband still has the second Singer in the cellar and uses it sew on canvas for tents and ice fishing shanties.
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My Mom used Singers all the way...but we were never allowed to touch them (with rare exceptions) as they were a very important part of our household income. My first very own machine was a (gently) used black Featherweight, which I subsequently traded in for a newer model. I went through several of them but now have 15 or 16 different ones so I guess I'm done (for now...), including a new Janome 6600P and an almost new Husqvarna Platinum. Also have a treadled 128, and several other older ones. Did I mention I LOVE SEWING MACHINES????
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My mom had a black Singer when I was very young...I don't know the model, and she does not remember it. At one time we had a Martha Washington cabinet with a ZZ machine in it, but again, I don't know the model, and neither does she. It was a loooong time ago!! I had bought a couple of modern machines when I started sewing again in about 2001. When I started quilting in 2004, I realized how bad my cheap Brother was, so I bought a more expensive Brother. Then I got interested in the vintage machines, and now I have lent out both of my modern machines and primarily use my vintage Singers. They ROCK!! :-)
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My mom had a Singer treadle, not sure which model, or where it came from. Unfortunately, she loaned it to a friend in the '70's, who left it out in the rain. Grrrr...

My dad bought her a brand new Kenmore in a cabinet soon after that little incident. That's the machine I learned to sew on.
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At home we had a Singer 301 shortbed, in Mocha, it had belonged to my Grandma. She let us have it, and i believe she purchased, a Brand new Kenmore. My Grandma in Mexico had a treadle, I don't remember much about this machine, she wouldn't let us touch it. I wish i knew more about it.
I would love to find a 301! That is top on my list right now.
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My mom had a 15-91 which sat in a corner in her bedroom. We all learned to sew on that machine. I was lucky enough to end up with it and I use it frequently. I also own a 301a, 99K, 185J and a portable Brother for classes. As you can see I love the older Singers. The 99K is my favourite because it just sews so nicely and I love the sound it makes. I also use my 301 a lot. I have been looking for a featherweight to complete my collection. I know I'll find one someday.
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