We were in Martinsville, IN yesterday and stopped at the Morton Ave Antiques at Morton and Poston streets and found 4 White cabinet machines. All the machines were dirty and would need cleaning and oiling, but all were complete with wiring and controllers.
One had accessories and an original owners manual.
One was badged as a Domestic the other three were marked Whites.
The three looked like this machine only in cabinets:
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One was marked $12.00 the others were not marked.
The fourth machine was a modern type, late 50s to 60s with built in stitches and many controls. It was filthy but in complete condition as well. It sort of resembled the Morse machines we all drool over. This machine is VERY heavy and as I tried to lift it up to inspect it the whole cabinet came off the floor.

From what I saw, I believe we could have bought all these machines, cleaned them up and refurbed them, then sold them for a profit. Well, at least two of them.

But we left them there so if anyone is in the Martinsville area and would like a good vintage machine to work with go get 'em.
Oh, be sure to check out the one in the larger cabinet with three drawers on the right side, it's the one with the manual and accessories.