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Thread: The fws pony club update photo - discussion - completed page

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    QNS--I've had some issues with quilterscache patterns not printing to size too. It takes many times to print sometimes!! Here is a program where you can print the 50 Stars blocks...you can either download it or buy the cd: http://www.quiltpro.com/page/Foundat...0_Fab_Mainpage You can choose any size. I am pretty sure Mirabelle said she was planning on doing 10" blocks as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingNinaSue View Post
    I have been thinking a lot about the various projects for next year and nervous about DJ; have the disk and book but still very unsure about it, feel a little lost. Anyone else feel like this or it is just me? Looks like a lot to tackle.

    Must put in the 50 stars disk and try it also and see what it is going to be like.
    Same thoughts here QNS! I KNOW I'm not doing 6" blocks again! I have not thought of fabric or anything, so think if I start this one it will be scrappy. I'll get a basic, probably solid, background fabric. I really like the Moda Bella Solids, and Thousand of Bolts have them for $4.95 a yard (a real plus). I am like you I have the 50 PP Stars book, but have not done much with it either. Carrie thanks for the link to the computer program for 50 Stars. I printed the page so I can download it later, if I do the Stars!

    Jan and QuiltE - beautiful block!
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    I paid and downloaded the foundation cd and looking at it. I can manage my way through the blocks, printing the blocks and printing the pattern for each state. The lines, however, do not print out very black, and not a broad line at all. must ask them tomorrow if I can change that. Not all 1/4 seam line prints out on copy as near as I can tell. No way to print out templates or pp pattern. block print gives you the block only...no sew allowances. after using eq7 on FWQ, it looks like it never passed kindergarten. my opinion only. help. does it? am i wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by janRN View Post
    Prayers and good vibes being sent to all of you who are having health issues--Anne, Anael, Carrie, and Mr & MrsGrannyQ and any one else not doing well.

    QNS, like you, I've looked at the DJ software and book a couple of times. I'm kind of intimidated by it--not sure I can navigate it easily, too many steps to get from one part to another. But I'm determined to master it!!! I'm not going to commit to doing a certain number of blocks per week or month but will work at my own pace (which may be "none") during times I don't have other things promised. I am going to finish the 50 Stars, I have 12 or 15 done. That CD is so simple to print the patterns from and her patterns fit well together. I just have trouble with her color descriptions: can't tell light from medium from dark in the pics. But I just figure out my own colors anyway.

    Look at this awesome MB I got from QuiltE!! She added my favorite color and kept her theme of "Friendship" with the Friendship Stars. I love it--thank you, QuiltE.Attachment 447377
    Jan it's wonderful! QE ya did great!
    My initials are BB, so dublb is double B.

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    Is everyone in the midwest ok after all those nasty tornados???
    I finally uploaded the photos of the blocks for the Relay for Life quilt...The colors we're using are the Village Colors. teal, burnished gold & off white.. I made a log cabin and a block called Crowning Glory from Quilterscache. I hope the girls bring the rest of the blocks...I'll take a photo of them together...The Christmas Wreath is by Georgia Bonesteele and the last photo is of another project I started...I just love the MSQC Tutorials!!!

    Re: 50 stars...What does the CD have on it??? if I remember there aren't any patterns on it...They are in the book and they need to be copied???
    About the DJ..does anyone know the names of some of the blocks used??? I'd like to draw them up or find them in EQ7 or Blockbase...I have 9 of them made from years ago...I'd like to challenge myself into doing a couple more...I do have the book somewhere in the attic...I'm not doing any steps if I don't have to....
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    Good morning! I start my new one day per week schedule today. I'll be working Mondays only--I HOPE!!!! The big wind storm missed us last night, just very heavy rain. Hope everyone is all right and safe.

    The CD with the 50 Stars book is just instructional--colors, cutting. You have to copy the actual patterns from the book. I copied them at work and kept them at 12". If you have access to a copier that re-sizes you can print them at any size. I should have taken the book to be spiral bound but after cracking the spine, it lays flat and everything copied fine. I quit using Quilterscache patterns because I could never get them the correct size. As for DJ, I wanted to make a few block patterns, but this senior blonde couldn't find the patterns on the CD. I have to go back to the beginning of the book and do the lessons I guess LOL.

    Have a great day, everyone. Do something you love.
    I pray for peace today and hope I don't have to tomorrow.

    When I was accused of living in a fantasy world I almost fell off my unicorn.

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    I signed up for the Yahoo Group of Carol Doak. There you can download all templates/PDF files for the 50 stars.

    The Dear Jane programm has to be installed on your computer. When you've done that you can print all the blocks in all sizes you want.

    Jan, lovely block! I love the colours QuiltE used

    GrannyQ, you and your family are in my thoughts. Big (((HUGS)))
    And (((HUGS))) also for Carrie, QNS, Honchey and everyone else who needs a hug

    I'm doing ok now, no fever, it's still painful but not as much as last week so I can move around better and now I can try and build up some strength before surgery.
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    Anael, what a sweet picture to see as I wake up this morning. Adorable. Sending all of them hugs which you can deliver when you feel up to it...they can only gain interest...so you can add to the hugs.

    Yes, fifty stars are in the book and I may have to take it apart so it lays flat enough to copy. No good copy places here in the middle of nowhere. I may talk to the foundation people today for suggestions. DJ has it on the CD if you are smart enough to figure things out but very thin lines and hard to see. The book can be purchased through various sources or borrowed from the library.

    I had a password with the google site for FWSQ, but have not remembered what I did with it...not real happy about keeping up with passwords and security everywhere I go..realize its the real world of today...but not happy about that aspect of today's society. Always seems to work against you more than for you. Another day, the sun is shinning outside, no tornadoes here....although this place and its history says it happened once...took the hen house off the property. Have a good one.

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    MidWestern PC'ers ... please check in!! ... We all need to know you are safe and sound.

    About midnight the winds got up here with some rain. It was pretty fast and furious, and started to wonder if I should stay in bed? or do something? Hydro went off/on/a few times .... I don't know how long it was off, as I went to sleep but I don't think too long, as the temp in my home was still reasonable this morning when I woke up and the furnace was not on. I am sure there are lots of trees down, with the force of what was going on. This morning it is still pretty windy, but nothing like last night ... more blasts of wind every so often.

    JanRN ... Aww shucks!!! I was hoping the turquoise would be pretty much the same as the one that JanieW used. (hhmmmm both Canucks picked up on the turquoise! ) And tried to pick up on the ying-yang look of some of the other blocks you already have.

    Honchey ...
    And now you have me laughing at the DJ!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaa for the new neighbour's kindness!! If not the $$, or a gift card, I bet some home baking would be welcomed! Library dilemma ... ITA with OKSGlad, to glue a large envelope inside the back cover, then slide the pattern into it for those that follow. Back is better than the front, as it will stay protected better, being that the back cover gets opened/moved less. Good for you, for helping to organize the RFL quilt fundraiser and I really like the fabric choices. I'm thinking the greens in the Crowning Glory were distributed along with the rust in the log cabin. After that, add your own? My oh My, you have been productive!!! Look forward to seeing your Christmas Wreath done too.

    Tissue Paper Stabilizer Update ... I didn't see Honchey's post about the tissue paper, so blindly used it last night. I did have the dual-freed engaged, which does the job of the walking foot. All went well and avoided the gathering that I had been getting in my test run on Friday night. The paper stayed together, and then I just pulled it off, once I was finished sewing. I was doing a fairly wide satin stitch for an overlay of one fabric on the other.

    JaniacManiacs ... I'm still in and with the same strategy as JanRN ... no deadlines, when I feel like it, sometimes productivity, sometimes nada!! I have yet to install the CD, so will look to all for instructions/advice when I get to that stage! And I still need to find my background fabric.

    OKSGlad ... hope that your hot chocolate tumble did not result in a sprained ankle. Oh what a mess to clean up! Hope that your Jury Duty is done and over today ... and that there;s no chance of a 2nd?

    JanRN ... Happy Work Day!!! And let's hope for the one day routine continues.

    Anael ... so good to know you are feeling a little more comfortable. What a grand picture of the SewGrands, to end my viewing on this thread!

    QNSue ... for your password dilemma ... I have a small address book to keep track of those miscellaneous passwords, names, security questions, etc. I keep it right next to the computer for reference.
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    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    Yep, QuiltE, I keep a diary of passwords with the computer and a quick look on two pages of most frequently used ones, but one page is missing now...no sign of it anywhere. It was a yahoo group not google group I referred to earlier.

    Shame on you who suggested tearing out pages in a book belonging to the library! Get the librarian's permission, first. It was lend to you on your honor to return it in the same condition as when you borrowed it. My MIL taught our girls to tear pages out of a catalog when they were young, Grrrrrr, they were too young to know the difference between the catalog and a book. Of course, college kids would use a wet string in the margin of the book and tear out what they wanted in expensive reference books, etc., as if they were the only ones to ever need that info. You have the privilege of borrowing the public item; respect others and their rights please!! Now off my soap box and I will take my nickel with me, 'cause it was more than two cents worth on the soap box sounding off!

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