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Thread: Broken left shoulder !

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    Jul 2011
    Hope you get better soon. Just went through 2nd rotaror cuff surgery, This time also tore muscle and tendon. With first sewed after 4-5 months. Had lots of trouble pushing down on ruler. Dr. said will prob lose some usage. Ask if I worked. Hubby told him I quilt for hours and give away. Didn't think he noticed. Loved that he said it, lol.

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    Dora, Mo
    I can feel for you. I fell at the nursing home that I have my Mom at in jan. I shattered the elbow. Had surgery 2 wks ago. Went to doc on Mon & I have to wear the sling for 3 more weeks & then he will decide when I will have as he called radical therapy. I can't even pick up a small coffee cup. He put in a titanium elbow. It hurts like there is no tomorrow. I have not been able to do a blessed thing. I am so bummed over this. We just retired 3 yrs ago, built the log home of our dreams, then Mom had a stroke , moved her in with us as we were finishing up the log home. Then she needs hip replacement this yr. Had that done, in nursing home for rehab, she has a stroke & alot of other blood problems. Life has been down hill since I retired. Now this with my elbow. Have the sewing room i have always dreamed of. Hubbie also got me 10 alpacas for our 50th anniver. We shear them for the wool for my quilts. Then one week ago today our neighbors 5 big dogs came over & killed all 12 of my beautiful animals. we had babies. Talk about life's problems. I can hardly wait for 2012 to be over with. I just wanted to sit here in my lovely primitive log home on 60 acres & quilt my heart out . Hang in there. I think you will be back to sewing before I will.
    Love the OLD, UGLY, & WELL LOVED

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    I currently have a broken shoulder & right arm, actually 3 breaks! After 7 weeks still have trouble lifting heavy items, when first broken had trouble cutting fat qtrs for swapping and couldn't press down on anything so ironing was difficult and very painful. I'm supposed to keep it in a sling, but it is a real nuisance. I will be glad when I full use again! Hope yours isn't too painful
    Debs Herold & Hemi (ADA Service Dog)

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    Daughter broke her shoulder (the ball on the shoulder joint) and was in a splint for weeks. Rehab followed. She recovered nicely in about 3 months. No problems since.

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    One thing to remember is to do what the doctor tells you to do (or not to do) if you do more than you should, you'll risk, at the least, a delay in recovery, & at the most, permanent disability. Good luck & I'll put you on my prayer list.
    Nami to 6

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    I broke my shoulder about five years ago. Before I had surgery, the bones had shattered, but the surgeon was able to put in a titanium replacement. I am not sure of all of the terminology. Anyway, I had my arm in a sling for a couple of months. I got so bored that I was determined to start sewing. (I am right handed and broke my right shoulder.) I sewed with my left hand threading the needle and operating the machine. Luckily, I had some blocks already cut out before my accident. I sewed and sewed and enjoyed every minute although it was extremely tiring. I decided that some people with only one arm can sew, so I should be able to sew with one arm until my other one healed. Heal it did, some therapy, and then I was sewing as before. She should be in great shape in three or four months if she follows the doctor's orders, maybe sooner.

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    oh my, i do hope you can sew again. i broke my left collarbone next to the shoulder. it never healed even though i had surgery. my bra strap falls off all the time but otherwise it's ok. unless i move wrong.

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    Ontario, Canada
    Good grief! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and after reading about all these injuries, I'm going to be super careful outside. I hope your shoulder heals well. Just do what the doctor tells you for a good outcome!

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    broken shoulder

    Quote Originally Posted by tutty View Post
    Anyone ever break their shoulder and when were you able to sew again please and thank you
    I broke my shoulder in August. It broke up in the "knuckle part". I could sew sitting higher in about 4 weeks for short periods of time. It still hurts and if I am sitting at a regular height, it strains it. It is doing fine, but my heart goes out to you. It was very painful and I was not allowed to put any weight on it for a long time...only my husband could lift my arm 3-4 times a day after 6 weeks. If the break moved, I would have had to have surgery and a pin. Lifting my arm on my own could have moved it. I don't know how long it will take for total healing. It gets stiff if I don't exercise at least every other day. Hope this helps.

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    I had lifted a very heavy well pump motor in August,, and tore the rotator cuff 70% ,tore the bicep muscle ,two tendons, and pulled my right arm out of socket by 1/2 inch. I could not lift it or move it at all. it was totally dead. i thought I could never be able to use it again. and I am right handed .

    I was sent to a sport medicine surgeon,and I had a REVERSE SHOULDER put in. where they screwed the titanium ball to the end of my shoulder blades and the socket to the end of my arm, in the hospital for three days, was in a huge sling for six weeks and then 4 weeks of therapy,, The therapy was a breeze, They said It was the quickest recovery time they ever had. and Now I can do all the things I use to do with that arm and no Pain. It was a real miracle, and I am so Blessed to be able to work in my yard, cook ,clean , quilt, etc. I am 74, and retired in Fl. I go to KY every summer and live on my house boat till labor day.And yes,I have a featherweight onboard to sew and quilt with, when I an not fishing. hehe So take heart, you can recover , back to normal, cmaras.
    "I do not understand ,how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to" ( and mine is my summer houseboat on a beautiful KY lake.) quote by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

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