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Thread: Credit Card Information Compromised from Connecting Threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crafty pat View Post
    I never use a credit card on line or mail order. If they won't take a check or money order they don't get my business.
    But Connecting Threads does take checks and money orders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by debcavan View Post
    > Customers who had credit card numbers on file after using them at
    > Knitpicks.com, ArtistsClub.com, or ConnectingThreads.com may have had
    > their information exposed. A file on the Crafts Americana Group, Inc.
    > servers was accessible for a period of time before being removed on
    > January 25, 2013. The file contained names, credit card numbers,
    > addresses, and phone numbers.
    > Source:
    > California Attorney General

    This is the e mail I received this morning and I checked my account immediately and yes there was a $500 from New Zealand. They cancelled my card and are sending me a new one. The people dealing with me at the credit card company were very kind and so calm. Obviously they deal with this all the time. I gave them the information that I had received the e-mail and others had immediately e-mailed they had had charges but didn't know where they came from. This was a quilter's site. So that is why I checked. One lady had her credit card company call her but it went passed mine.
    I had my card compromised after using it at Connecting Threads. Thanks for the info. I will be hesitant to use it there again and I had planned on doing so in the next few days.

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    I had my card compromised recently ... as did many people here on QB according to the MANY threads on the subject just in the last month. It's a good bet that were were all done by the same hackers.

    Jan ... I'm going to check out that idea with my bank! Thanks for the tip!!
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    I just checked my Discover card. Someone hit me up for $197 on 2/13. Thanks for the heads-up!

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    This is a great idea, will have to look into it. Several years ago there was a problem with our account, don't remember the exact details, but we needed to establish a new account, however we also had to keep the original open for checks that hadn't cleared yet. My DH put $300 into that account until the problem was corrected, then he only used that debit card number on charges that he initiated, which meant if the account was hacked, they could only get $300, unlike a debit card which would have access to your entire account. It always pays to be alert, and for the bank to be alert too. One day after dropping my husband and daughter on a plane to FL, she going back home and he "looking for a job", so I decided to initiate my new credit card that was in my name only. I made several purchases before and after work, and when I got home, the bank had left me a message about the charges made that day, as I had never used the card before. It was nice to know that "they had my back". It never hurts to be too careful.

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    Well that may be how people in many places in Europe got both of my debit card numbers just two weeks ago that were from two different banks!! I told my dh that I bet one site I shop at frequently was compromised but they aren't telling we the customers in fear we'd stop shopping with them online.
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    My Discover was hacked about a month ago and they called me.
    Someone tried to get into my sister's 401K and the bank stopped them.

    We are in the SC breach but I really do not think mine was from that,
    I think someone grabbed the # (I had only used it 3 times in that month
    gas, groceries, and on-line to check my credit report).

    I now have one of those metal blocked holders.

    Have been told you can just wrap the cards in aluminum foil & that will work.
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    I'm not sure if my bank would give me a free account that didn't require a minimum balance...you'd think they would, just to prevent this kind of stuff!
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    I order from the catalogs and they do take checks but not on line.

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    I never charge on my debit card or credit card at a restrurant or on line. If I plan to eat out I take cash. For other activities such as ordering on line I get a prepaid card ( you can purchase one at Wal Mart and at your bank) and use it for purchases. This way no one can get your card #'s.

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