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Thread: What to do with a sick Hubby

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    My husband had knee replacement surgery on November 1. He was told that he should be pain free in 6 months. Well, magically on May 1st he said he had is first night pain free and slept well. I wish they had told him 3 months - he would have been pain free on February 1 instead.

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    Mine doesn't get sick very often -
    Plus he's valuable to me alive -

    So I try to take care of him when he's sick.

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    "What to do with a sick hubby?"
    Why - send him home to his mother for the duration, of course! LOL

    Just kidding...my husband is like a lot of guys. Rarely if ever sick. Me - sick all the time. His famous question: "should I just fix myself something to eat?" What - like I don't want/need food too? lol

    The best one yet was in January when he was having abdomen muscle pain (his description). Went to the doctor (wow!) and was diagnosed with possible hernia. Referred to see a surgeon a week or so later. About 3 days later I get a phone call from him asking me to stop at the store & get him exlax, prune juice etc. because he had really bad gas. Nothing helped and the next day he went to the doctor (again wow!). Was sent immediately to the hospital for a CT - diagnosis? Burst appendix & emergency surgery. He was in the hospital for 6 days.

    His version of the story: My wife wouldn't take me to ER the night it got so bad.
    Translation: I asked my wife - "should I go to ER"
    Her reply - "it is your call" (because he hates "mothering" as he calls it - I call it being a concerned & caring wife)
    His decision "I don't want to go sit in ER when all I have is gas"

    Our mutual agreement as a result of this ordeal: He will now let me determine if he needs to go to emergency. :D

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    Call an ambulance and have them take him to the emergency room!


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    i personally think that if you hold the pillow over his head long enough... the whining will stop! lol

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    Mine loves to go to the doctor...go figure. Granted he has a number of health issues, but recently when he starts to moan and groan about something, I tell him to get ready and we'll go to Urgent Care or Out-Patient's. Usually that shuts him up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrycottage
    How many of you have husbands who love to lie around on the couch whining about how lousy they feel, but absolutely refuse to go to the doctor?

    Mine won't consider going to the bedroom; he has to camp out in the living room so everyone in the house can suffer with him!
    Check out his vitamins and minerals and caffene. If he doesn't have a diffiency and that isn't it, call the EMTS, or drag him to the doctor.

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