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Thread: Bernina 440 I want to know everything! :)

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    Jan 2010
    Hi Everyone! It's the pesky annabanana again!

    Like i've mentioned before i'm dreaming and saving for a Bernina 440. I especially want it for the BSR. (which some people have claimed is a waste) and i think all the cutsie bells and whistle would be fun.
    I have a standard $500 Janome right now, and it works great for piecing and even Free Motion Quiliting (but i only am good at stippling).
    Anyways, i live 5 1/2 hours away from the nearest dealer, and i've raked the internet for anything i can read on this machine.
    Now i'd really like to know the opions/thoughts/experiences, ANYTHING of what people have of this baby!!!
    do you like it, hate it?
    what do you love? hate?
    i've read so many people LOVE this machine, and there's been the handful with MAJOR problems. so what's the scoop???
    anything you have to say about this machine will be sweetly read by me!
    thanks so much in advance! you all rock!

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    Jan 2010
    Phoenix, AZ
    It is all in what you are used to. Bernina feet are extremely expensive. However, I think they are a fine machine, and their stitching power is very good. The arm of the machine is fairly wide on the Auroras, that seems to be a plus with quilters. If your budget is limited, I would stay with Janome or Babylock/brother machines. You get the same bells as the Bernie 820 on Babylock machines for about half of the cost of Berninas. Worth looking to be sure.

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    Super Member nursie76's Avatar
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    May 2009
    North Central PA
    I got my 440QE in July of last year, gently used. I absolutely loved it! I didn't even want to go on vacation, because I wanted to stay home and sew..lol I splurged several weeks later and got the embroidery module and love it too! I made DH a quilt for Christmas and used the BSR to FMQ the entire thing. I really like the way it came out, though it was far from perfect as it was my first attempt at FMQ. I had none of the problems that a few on the board have mentioned, but my dealer is awesome and did talk me through a few caused by operator head space. ;-). Did think that I might like to upgrade eventually to a 640 so I could have 9mm fancy stitches, but wasn't planning on doing that for a while, but in March, went to the Lancaster, PA quilt show and was offered a fantastic deal on a 730E, and DH (my enabler) talked me into it. I was sorry to see my 440 go, but I got as much on trade in as I paid for it, and I have heard that she has been adopted out to a good home. lol
    I don't think you can go wrong with the 440, but being that far away from a dealer is a little inconvenient as they should be serviced (cleaning, oiling, etc) at least once a year by a dealer, just as you would any expensive piece of machinery. I would definitely become friendly with the dealer and consider a used machine. They usually come with the remainder of the warranty and a demo model would come with a full warranty. Good luck.

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    Nov 2009
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    I had stitch issues when I bought mine, brand new,
    and the dealer kept telling me I needed to adjust my bobbin tension a hair,
    even sent it to their repair person twice.
    After weeks of some real headaches, not being able to do the lessons in the free Usage class,
    I took the thing to a town a couple counties over, where people I knew had gotten rave service,
    and the guy not only made time to look at it right there on the spot, but did some adjusting and set it right. The bobbin tension was several ROUNDS off!
    Because it had come to me in poor adjustment, he did not charge me.
    He showed me how it ought to behave right, even sewed through 4 folded layers of fabric-batting-fabric at one time - It performed like a buttered angel.
    And now it is the treasure it was meant to be.
    I advise it heartily.
    If you want to spend lots for the accessories and attachments.

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    Moderator Jim's Gem's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Camarillo, California
    I have a 630 that I bought used on e-bay. It has worked like a dream. A great machine. They are expensive though but supposedly a very high quality sewing machine.

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    Feb 2010
    I also have a 440 with the BSR and the embroidery machine .... just absolutely love it. i am sewing every night . so many projects.. getting used to the BSR. Was afraid of it at first but then said what the heck. some pieces turned out great. of course i know all the boo -boos. paid big bucks for this machine but definetely worth it. haven't even begun to utilize all the features.

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    Super Member mary quite contrary's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    I started with a 1090 and when they had a great sale I upgraded to the 440QE. I love it! I sew several hours a day and the only problems I have is when I need to send it out for regular cleaning I sure miss it.

    I don't use the BSR as much as I thought I would. I use my walking foot more than the BSR. I am working on learning QAYG and hopefully I will use it more. I find it too difficult to move a big quilt through smoothly. That's me not the machine because I have seen some beautiful quilts but not from me.

    The free classes are great and I had a great teacher. I learned how to use all of the extra feet. There was a discount if I bought them at the class. Our dealer also offers a discount on your birthday so if I want feet I just have to plan ahead.

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    Jan 2007
    Russellville AR
    The 430/440 machines are wonderful! If you aren't in a huge hurry, that line is due to be revamped very soon, you might get a nice price break on the existing models when that happens.

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    Senior Member mawmawbeve_60's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    I love My 440..don't use the BSR much as i would of thought....sews like a dream...and with any thread!..a lot of other machines r finicky..what ever i put in mine usually sews great....Matelic is a little hard...but..i sew slow with it...great Machine...

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    Jan 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by cjtinkle
    The 430/440 machines are wonderful! If you aren't in a huge hurry, that line is due to be revamped very soon, you might get a nice price break on the existing models when that happens.
    oh do tell. where did you get such juicy info? i already know i AM in a hurry, but since i'm saving, i HAVE to wait. so a price break for my 'patience' would be great! :)

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