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Thread: Buying a sewing machine from LQS vs. Joannes, Hancocks, etc.

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    I haven't read anything about Kenmore machines. I have been using them for years (and years) of sewing and I have no complaints whatsoever..I purchased one of the upper line just about a year ago....and I really do love it.

    I did purchase a maintenance contract with Sears for a two or three year term.
    It covers almost everything and annual full service jobs.

    I take the machine to their local shop and it is transferred to their maintenance or repair shops and returned in usually a week......

    I am pleased as can be with my machine.......and have no complaints.......

    Can't find a company that has been in business much longer than Sears.....no can we?

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    Service is very important. I purchased a Janome 9000 from eBay at a very good price and was very satisfied with the machine. However, I was on my own to read the manual and figure out how to operate and do a lot of things the machine was capable of doing. This may also be true if you purchase from a "big box" store. No classes.

    I was able to take the Janome to a LQS for service as they sell the machine also. However, the service was terrible, terrible. I finally traded for a used Bernina 450 and am thrilled with it.

    Think about getting a very good higher-end, used machine where service is paramount and classes are available.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knot Sew
    Hmmmm I buy on line an cheap stores cause I like cheap stuff and must be dumb...thank you...I would be insulted if this was not childish...I really don't care...this is nothing compared to the worries and illnesses many of our members now have....we are all quilters who are all the nicest people on earth...we love each other and wish the best to our fellow quilters... Happy holidays all
    you do not "like cheap stuff." you know a good value when you see one. ;-)

    you are definitely NOT dumb. spending more than you can afford or more than you want to spend on something you know you don't need would be dumb. letting somebody else "shame" or bully you into spending more than you want or can afford would be dumb. not listening to your own inner voice would be dumb.

    we have this argument at least once a month. about machines, fabric, thread, batting ... the list goes on and on. it's both amusing and frustrating to me.

    amusing because it happens so often. frustrating because so many consistently forget that what's best for them as individuals may not be what's best for every other person reading the conversation or trying to make a choice. we present our opinions and fight for them as though our lives depended upon convincing everyone to see and do things as we do.

    it confuses me, too, because quilters ARE some of the nicest people on the planet. why do we so often forget that when these debates get started?

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    I also had a Kenmore for years. Now my daughter has it and her 12 yr & 9 year old use it. Still in good working order. I also have a Babyloc Elure plus. I have resently bought a used Kenmore to tote to sewing classes

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    Quote Originally Posted by sewmom
    When i was in the market for a 2nd machine for our house on the lake, i looked at the ones at Walmart, Joanns and Meijers. I was uneasy about getting them because i didn't know what the quality was on those machines. I thenwent to the LQS and looked at the Vikings, but they didnt know what stitches were on the machines that hadn't come in yet. I ended up going to the LQS in a neighboring town. They also sold Viking, but not hte cheaper ones because they are made in China. He also told me that the ones from the box stores he couldn't get parts for them. the company didn't have those numbers. I ended up with a Janome 6600. My husband insisted on getting it for me. I was looking at used or floor model machines.
    You can't really go wrong with a Janome. Two of my machines are New Home (before they were known as Janome) and I love them. Also, Janome make the Kenmore machines sold by Sears. My late MIL had one and now one of her granddaughters is using it.

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    I work at a LQS and I also use to work for a sewing machine dealer. If the machine has the same model number it is the same machine at either store. But most dealers do not sell the cheaper models that the chain stores sell. The machines are just not that good a quality and a dealer stands on her (his) reputation. Most dealers wont honor a chain stores warrenty even if it is the same make and model as they sell. You would have to have it shipped back to the manufacturer at your expense, because they did not make the profit on the machine to start with. Hope this is a help. :|

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