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Thread: I think my quilts are cursed

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    Super Member Flying_V_Goddess's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    I'm starting to believe the quilts I have made are cursed. Seems like every quilt I give the relationship with that person goes down the tubes.

    First quilt: Given to God son. Not really the relationship with the God son that went down the tubes, but rather the parents. Had a good friendship with his parents until they moved three hours away from here last spring. Last time I saw them I went to their place in October to attend the husband's birthday party at his mom's bar, everyone got too drunk, he asked me what my problem was (which was everyone was drunk and it made me uncomfortable 'cause I don't drink until I'm plowed) and long story short he chased me out of the bar and I spent the night on a bench in the rain and most of the morning in a Shell gas station wondering how in the world I was going to get home. I did get home okay and things got worked out...or so I thought. Despite saying that things were cool, they really weren't. Guess I lost quite a bit of trust that night and thus have not returned any of their phone calls since then.

    Second quilt: Denim quilt. Made it for a friend. Years later had a falling out with him. Haven't talked to him since last May (not that I miss him...he did act like I wasn't good enough, though it took me a while to accept it).

    Third quilt: Actually this one techinically does not exist. Didn't even get started with the quilt made from Kittie shirts when the boyfriend it was going to broke up with me rather than working things out. A month later he tells me he wanted to break up with me long before any of the things that lead to the break up happened, but he didn't because he "felt sorry for me".

    Fourth quilt: Have been pouring my heart out into this quilt made out of Slipknot shirts. The friend (who I also liked...liked being the keyword here) was borrowing my Xbox and had plans to buy it. But two months later I still haven't seen my XBox or money to buy it. He's been avoiding my calls about it. I've asked for it back several times. My brother went there because he was borrowing a couple of his games and the lights were on, but when he rang the doorbell suddenly the lights went off and he heard the door being locked. He's just being a real.........."jerk" is about the worst thing I can call him without violating the board's rules, but I'm sure you can use your imagination to think up of some other names I'd like to call him. My guess is he either sold my Xbox or thinks I'll just give up and then he gets a free Xbox. Of course, the quilt I work the hardest one has the biggest downfall with the relationship with the intended recipiant. Luckily, I'm still not finished with the quilt and don't have to give it to him. Shame though because I spent almost $20 to get a nice personalized embroidered label done and put a lot of thought into what I wanted for the label (there's even a reason for wanting to get an embroidered one).

    Maybe I should stop making quilts for other people. Or maybe stop picking the wrong people to make quilts for.

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    Super Member cctx.'s Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Corpus Christi, Texas (that's me!)
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    How do you get your font color for posting.....?

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    Super Member Quiltforme's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Beautiful Washington state!
    It's not you I have been following your post for some time now it is not you. for someone to go and make these beautiful quilts out of the kindness of your heart they don't deserve your quilts. You will find the right people honestly you will. It just seems you are weeding out the bad ones just happens to be the ones who received your quilts. Maybe give your quilts to a charity and then you will see how your much your quilts will truely be properly loved. That kindness will be seen and you will see the good people out there. I had the same problem so to say. I choose the wrong people. It took a while to figure this out sometimes our hearts are so big we just don't see what is happening.

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    QM is offline
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    Dec 2010
    Northern California mountains
    We all have had regretable people in our lives at one point or another. Maybe the next quilt you make for someone else will be for a charity, where you can be sure your excellent work will be appreciated.

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    melslove's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    I agree with QM, your work will be appreciated at a charity and it will make you feel good too :)

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    Power Poster Lacelady's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
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    Turn it round ..... make quilts for people you don't want in your life any more!

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    Super Member Sassylass's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    I agree with giving your quilts to charity...I know cancer patients love a nice cuddly warm quilt when they are taking chemo and radiation. All ages love these quilts. I quilt with a group and we made 49 and I thought that was great....until I was told 50 go out in ONE week..So plese put all that love, kindness and caring into quilts that others need and will love.Check into Prohect Linus in your area or cancer quilts..or for those that have lost every thing in a fire.

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    Super Member thequilteddove's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    *gives you a hug* I have had many people in my life that I loved. Girls I had been friends with for 10yrs, men who proclaimed to love me until we died. Granted I wasn't quilting back then; but when the relationships ended I was devestated each and every time. Every last one of them I took personal - I felt betrayed, abandoned, used... I am WAY older now and my way of thinking has changed a lot. I was fortunate to learn at a relatively young age (arount 25-30) that it wasn't me, it's life. As we age we are constantly evolving. We grow, mature, whatever... the people we love may do it faster than we do or we may do it faster than they do. They/we are not always 'equipped' with how to deal with 'stuff' without hurting each other...

    The love you put in to anything, be it a relationship or a quilt is NEVER for nothing. We just need to learn who deserves our love and when to cut our losses when we discover they are not worthy.

    Keep making your quilts. Make them for soldiers, battered women, yourself, what ever. Continue to make them for people you love no matter how the relationships go. Your quilts are NOT cursed and neither are you. Know that in your heart and you will see how life gradually changes :)

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    Super Member damaquilts's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Barnesville GA
    Or maybe stop picking the wrong people to make quilts for.

    There ya go. You answered it yourself.

    I use to waste my time on making/doing things for people not anymore. :-) Now I am much pickyer about who gets things.

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    MiniCC's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Doswell, VA
    Heal yourself and make yourself one :) or two - turn it around and show yourself the same love and admiration....you are worth it, right? You are not going to walk out on you.
    Or i like the idea of charity as well for the kids who are doing chemo and such. :)

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