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Thread: Need motivation

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    Power Poster sandpat's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
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    All good advice from the others. We all grieve in our own way and find ways to cope that allow us to make it through the bad times. The pain never goes away and the hole they leave in our lives never closes, but we find a way to deal with that plus move forward. I still tear up and can cry at the weirdest times..seemingly for no reason..

    You'll get back to your sewing when the time is right for you. Don't worry about trying to rush or force it.

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    Oct 2008
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    I am sorry. Oct is still very new for a loss. TAKE your time you can not rush the griving process. I tried but I only made it last longer.
    My grandma gave this to me right before she passed to help me deal with the loss of 2 of my students.

    Celtic Night Prayer

    Do not hurry
    as you walk with grief,
    it does not help the journey.

    Walk slowly,pausing often:
    do not hurry
    as you walk with grief.

    Do not be disturbed
    by memories that come unbidden.
    Swiftly forgive,
    and let God speak for you
    unspoken words.
    Unfinished conversation
    will be resolved in Him.
    Be not disturbed.

    Be gentle with the one
    who walks with grief.
    If it is you ,
    be gentle with yourself.
    Swiftly forgive,
    walk slowly ,
    pausing often...

    Take time, be gentle
    as you walk with grief.

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    Super Member sewsewquilter's Avatar
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    {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}} and warm thoughts.

    Everyone has given you great advise.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your memories.

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    Senior Member dojo36's Avatar
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    Odessa, Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by dcurvey
    This has been one hell of a year. We lost grandpa (uncle to me) in April and I have been going back and forth across provinces till my aunt 9whom I called mom) passed late October. I have not been able to get the sewing machine going..is it cause she taught ne to sew? I have quite a few projects to do but can't seem to get going. I did make all the Christmas gifts as usual but can't seem to decorate. I go to church but end up crying half way through. Any advice on how to get going again?
    on a piece of paper, make 2 columns, one for your heartaches and the other one for your blessings. that's what i've done before and it sure helps me - my blessings column is much longer. i had major major surgery in july of this year and i'm so much better but still not completely back to par, but i wake up every morning and thank God that I'm alive, and can think - see - feel - care - sew & quilt - and do a little cooking and housework. everybody needs time to heal in times of loss, but hopefully it will soon be a memory of the past and not so much in the "now".

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    Super Member Quilt4u's Avatar
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    It takes time. I did not sew when my Dad passed away. And when my Mom Passed I could and still have a hard time knitting.

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    Moderator sharon b's Avatar
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    All have said so much...Just take time for yourself...It will come back to you when the time is right.

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    Super Member mimee4's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
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    Incredible prayer. I will be sharing it will a group of "Wednesday friends". We all grieve and need to experience the grief in its fullest, to come through to the other side.

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    The time will be right....... when it is...[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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    dcurvey's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Thank you all. I needed that. I have still not taken the sewing machine out for a spin but I am making a pair of her slippers, a pattern she taught ne long ago. The last time I was with her we were knitting away and talking...as one woman does to another. So right now I guess knitting is keeping me going. I'll have to start donating them to the church again one I have a pile made.

    Thanks you all, This is the best 'board' I have ever joined, with the fun, insight, knowledge and supoort.

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    Power Poster RedGarnet222's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Reno, Nv
    I am so sorry for your loss. But, from experiance I know that you are in very good hands now. Just remember that when you are weak, god is the strongest. Just ask for that peace that is beyond your undertanding. And stay in your faith. There will be bad days and easier days. But, you will live happier if you just trust it will get better and live like you know that.

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