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Thread: Puzzled about scissors...

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    Puzzled about scissors...

    So I've always had a wonderful pair of Gingher scissors (8" sewing shears, sharp point), but somehow in re-doing my cutting area I've lost 'em. Don't know how something big and shiny like a pair of scissors can go missing, but, well, they did.

    And I miss them. They were like an extension of my own arm.

    So I went to JoAnns and bought a new pair of what I thought would be identical scissors. And. They're not. They are subtly different, and it's disturbing. The metal blades are slightly - very slightly - thicker, and they weigh just a fraction of an ounce more and somehow the difference is very noticeable to me. Plus the action is stiff, sticky, and requires more effort to use. And yes, I did "try out" several pairs in the store, looking for the ones that are easiest to operate. I've put some sewing machine oil on the screw area, but I can't loosen the screw to make them easier to use. And the oil didn't really make any difference.

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in scissors, when buying a replacement for an old favorite pair?

    Or is there just a better brand than Gingher these days? What's your favorite pair, and where & when did you buy them?

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    If you've had your scissors for some time, it's not surprising the new "identical" pair is not. It seems like manufacturers are always changing things. I have a pair of Ginghers that spend most of their time in the box they came in. They were a gift from my sister years ago and I was always afraid to leave them out where my children, or worse--my husband, could find them and ruin them cutting cardboard. Sadly I never got in the habit of using them because they stayed in that box.

    But I know what it's like to have a "favorite." I had a little pair of dangerously pointed embroidery scissors that I've used for years when hand-sewing. I like to sit in the sunporch in the morning and stitch because all the natural light is great for my aging eyes! Well, we replaced the carpet in that room with ceramic tile this spring. The first time I dropped those scissors on the floor, they landed point first. Nothing I tried straightened that tip out. They just aren't the same. I've been through three other pairs since then and can't find one that feels right to my hand.

    Hope yours turn up!
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    i've had the same scissors for 50ish years. i don't even know the brand. i still love them but mostly use my rotary cutter in quilting. and i use smaller fiskar-like scissors for my hand work. it's hard to replace 'an extension of your arm'
    Nancy in western NY
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    Well, I'm surprized that the old pair didn't show up 15 minutes after you brought the replacement pair into the house. that's what always happens to me! I was wondering if you had the old pair for a very long time and had them sharpened a lot if that didn't reduce the weight.
    I do know what you mean about an extension of your arm. I have an old KAI teal and purple rotary cutter from the 80s or 90s. I LOVE it, but there was a plastic thing-y where the center of the blade goes that finally wore out. I brought it to the last sewing expo and showed it to the KAI scissors people to see if I could get a replacement part or cutter and they just laughed...
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    I can realate to even a slight change in a tool can throw you off. I have a knife I am equally fond of ... and the new ones are just slightly "off" from the one I have... its not the same .. and I want that same "user feel" .
    I hope your trusty sissors show up! As for anew pair I have heard wonderful things about Havel and even better about brand called KAI.

    Should you find your sissors.. maybe they can tell you where my first rotary cutter is .. its been in the "land of the lost" for about 18 years.
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    I bought an expensive pair of Gingher scissors many years ago, online, and when they arrived I did not like them. We never bonded, and I think they are still in my sewing room somewhere. At the time I thought I was safe ordering Ginghers, especially since I had loved some others I had used. I think there are differences in manufacturing all the time -- both planned and just machining variations. Manufacture is probably moved periodically, not only from factory to factory, but nowadays from country to country.

    Based on my experience, I would advise returning the scissors. Maybe try a different brand (there are some really good competitors out there now), as it may be easier to learn to like a completely different scissors than trying to get used to a pair that isn't quite the same as the old pair.

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    I have one gripe about scissors. I don't like the handles. You used to be able to buy grips that fit inside to make the openings smaller and less slippery if scissors were all metal. I have long double-jointed fingers and the scissors slide terribly. I've been using the Fiskars that squeeze so they stay put. Havel does use these inserts on the smaller scissors.

    I have one old pair of Gingher that I haven't been using just for this reason.

    The older scissors were better in some respects. I gave a family member a pair of Singers twenty years ago to cut his hair with. I didn't like them. Just out of curiosity I ran them through the Fiskars Sharpener and they cut fabric very well.
    So it must be the metal alloy or manufacture thereof they used long ago.

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    I know Fiskers are a cheap scissor but I have arthritis in my hands and I like the spring loaded ones. If I have to do much cutting they are my go to ones. Also I worked sewing factories for years and I have the metal thread snips that I use constantly. They are also spring loaded. I have two pair of them and a pair of plastic ones. But the plastic ones have thin blades and they dull easily. I also have some ginghers but hardly ever use them because my hands tire very easy.

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    You are not alone!! I just bought a new pair of 8" Ginghers at Joanne's. I've had Fiskars but both pair are getting old and either won't cut from the base or won't cut all the way to the tip. So I had a coupon and purchased the new pair of Ginghers. They are very stiff and it takes a lot of pressure to cut. I think I started a thread about this about 3=4 weeks ago. I haven't oil mine yet.

    Someone suggested on my thread that they like the spring loaded Ginghers but I haven't tried them.

    I just purchased a pair of Mundail at Hancock's and couldn't try them out before hand. When I got home, I opened them and they are HORRIBLE!! So back they are going! UGH It is so frustrating to not be able to find a great pair of scissors.

    BTW, I do have a pair of the spring loaded Fiskars which do a pretty good job and my son came over to install a shower curtain rod for me. I caught him cutting the plastic straps on the packaging with my Fiskars. I jerked them out of his hand and he kinda looked at me funny. HEHE I told him those were the only fabric scissors that cut halfway decent and he couldn't use them on the plastic!! Now I may make him bring me home a good pair from the hospital!!!!

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    They're different because they're not broke in yet. It takes a very long time to break in a new pair of scissors but there is a change from new to broke in that happens.

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