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Thread: Quilting...can it be overdone?

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    Super Member hperttula123's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    I prefer heavier quilting. There is something about the texture of it after it is washed. I could run my hands on it all day long. Some of my smaller projects, I purposely quilt really heavy just so I get that. If the thread matches the quilt, it doesn't take away from the quilt itself. That's just my opinion.
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    Senior Member IAmCatOwned's Avatar
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    Oh, yes, it can be overquilted. If you overquilt, you lose the loft and thus the warmth of the quilt. Not an issue if you want say, a coverlet or a wallhanging. Lots and lots of quilting looks fabulous, but unless you want a summer quilt, you have to do less.

    I have seen some very heavily quilted quilts at quilt shows and I can't say that I've ever seen one so quilted that you can't see the pattern of the quilt. Maybe it was the quilter's thread choice rather than the quilting?

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    Feb 2010
    Keene, New Hampshire
    Many,many of the long arm quilting I see on the Board I'd call way overdone.
    It looks like quilting for the sake of quilting - having no relationship to the quilt pattern itself.

    I've yet to see a handquilted one that I'd call overdone.
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    Super Member justflyingin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally J View Post
    I think it's like all things with quilting, to each their own. I don't do lots of fancy quilting just because I do it on my home machine and because I want the quilt really soft. I admire those "fancy" quilted pieces but just don't have the skills, or really the desire to try it.
    I'm with you here.

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    I like soft quilting so you can see the design in the piecing. Sometime they are way over quilted. But it is truly what you like.
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    Super Member feline fanatic's Avatar
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    This question is like asking can a quilt have too much blue? Everyone has their own feelings of what they like or don't like on just about everything, including quilts.
    Heavy quilting in itself is a matter of opinion. I suppose the quilts I have posted here would be considered overquilted but I spend a great deal of time studying any quilt before it goes on my rack. I always try to acheive a look that compliments the piecing.
    However, like Heather, I love the texture and the look. I am drawn to quilts where the quilting is that something that makes the piecing just shine. Or picks up on a motif in a fabric. I love the kind of stuff Green Fairy does, like that horse quilt with the compasses quilted, that to me was beyond beautiful but I suppose to others it was considered overdone.

    I also think that business about a quilt becoming stiff as a board due to being to heavily quilted is hogwash. The batting is what causes the stiffness with heavy quilting. W&N is notorious for losing its drape when heavily quilted, so use a different batting.

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    Jan 2012
    Just quilted a baby quilt and used a much denser edge to edge pattern than I ever have. For me, it is way over quilted. But, if feels a lot like the baby quilts my grandmother made my children. I think I will stick with less is more for me personally.

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    Kentucky - Live in Iowa
    Quote Originally Posted by ckcowl View Post
    yes, a quilt can certainly be 'over-quilted' if the quilting over powers the quilt-
    quilting should enhance- not take over- and sometimes people seem to just get a bit 'carried away' and they fill a quilt up with so much quilting that it winds up being stiff as a board- and the quilt itself is lost somewhere under all that thread.
    but it is a personal choice too- some people like very dense quilting- others like a large--easy quilting style-
    but no matter what kind of quilting a person likes it should enhance the quilt
    I agree totally! Some quilts just appear stiff from too much quilting.
    Aronel aka Lee

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    Super Member jitkaau's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    As long as the quilting enhances the quilt I am happy with it. Anything over the top can always be hung on the wall for decoration.

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    Oct 2010
    Yes..I am working on a quilt now and am not happy with the way it looks..so I am going back to take some of the stitching out...bummer...having said that I have to agree with everyone else and say it really depends on the piece you're quilting...some just call for alot...some call for alittle...

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