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Thread: soooo frustrating

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    Senior Member Yellow Bird's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Pahrump, NV
    Tell her "Sure I will make it for $12 if you buy all the supplies to make it."

    Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY INTO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE 'offended' actions! Doesn't matter what her 'station' in life is she should never get away with guilting people.

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    Super Member Dina's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    I am glad you didn't agree to do it. She probably just didn't know any better, but still.....

    I told four of my friends that I would make them quilts if they bought the fabric, batting, and backing. They all jumped at the chance, and they only half believed me when I told them it would not be a cheap thing to do. They believe now. :) These are all teachers in my English Dept. at a junior high.

    We met for lunch, and then went to a fabric store. Each bought the fabric and sent it home with me. THEN they told me they wanted me to give them all their quilts at the same time. I told them to be patient. It has been three months, and I am almost finished with the 4th. Two of them have seen pictures of their finished quits, but the other two want a real surprise. I sure hope they like the finished products!!

    Okay, so I got way off subject here. Sorry, but it is sort of exciting, and they did learn the cost of a quilt. They actually said they would pay me to quilt them, but I told them I wanted to do them...plus, when I told them how long it would take to make each quilt, and they did the math at minimum wages....well they understood quilts a lot better.

    Plus it was fun.

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    Junior Member PatchGirl's Avatar
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    off the grid in TN
    Maybe you should offer to give her a 1 hr. quilting lesson for $12.00 :) Her offer was ridiculous... :shock:

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    Super Member starshine's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Maybe first clarify with her whether her offer of $12 was for the labor only, and was she intending to pay for the supplies. If not, let her know that you can give her the supply and fabric requirements and she can pay for all the supplies, and agree to do it for $12 for the labor(or free if you want to donate time). Also you could offer to accompany her to help select the fabric and supplies if she would like help with that. And you could also give her a list of some places she can take some quilting classes so that she can learn to do it herself.

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    Dec 2010
    Finger Lakes, NY
    She probaably just doesn't have a clue what things cost. I'm sure once you explain it to her she won't be offended. She shouldn't at least.

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    Super Member moonwork42029's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Possum Trot, KY
    If you think she was offended and it will continue to bother you, bring it up to her but have your information on hand. Tell her you're afraid you might have upset her the other day and here is an actual price breakdown for the topper and that you never meant to make her feel bad. That way the ball is in her court as to the way she feels...you did nothing wrong but you can make sure she understands why it isn't $12. If she would like to barter some of her services for it maybe you can work out a trade.

    Work up a cost estimate - print out prices from an actual order if you can for back up

    Add in the cost of batting and a spool of thread.

    Calculate the number of hours - even at min wage put in an amount.

    Tell her you won't count wear and tear on the other machines and tools that someone else might add in as "overhead costs".

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    Super Member Scissor Queen's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by tealfalcon
    She is a pastor's wife...not at my church and a very sweet lady but i just cant do it for that price...when i told her i couldnt do it for that price she acted like she was offended...so what am i supposed to do? just give in an do it for that? anyways just had to get that out and hope that some of you can relate
    (snipped some)

    What you do is stand up for yourself and tell her "I'm sorry but I can't accomadate your request."

    Just because she's a pastor's wife doesn't mean you have to roll over.

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    Super Member eparys's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    New England, USA
    Lots of folks have no idea about what it takes and how much even the fabric costs. If she is someone that means something to you . . you might want to offer her to make it at cost of the fabric (ie she pays for the fabric, batting and backing) otherwise add up the cost of the fabric - add in something for your time and say in your "sweetest voice" ... "I am so pleased you like my work, but for me to create the table runner that you would like, the fabric will be __ and my time would be __...". Remember, that if you do this for $12 then you will be opening yourself up to a barrage of requests.

    Good Luck!!

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    Member chelgvns's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    NE of Joplin MO
    Honestly, she probably has no clue how much materials cost nor the effort involved in quilting! I didn't! I have always appreciayted a beautiful quilt but had no idea what all really went into making one. Now I know and can appreciate the quilts even more! If I were you I would tell her the cost of making the table runner and the time and effort put into each step of the quilts proces. She probably has no clue!!!

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    Super Member amyjo's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan
    Well I'm glad you didn't laugh in her face but no, you don't have to make her something at a loss to you. If you have a Joanne's ad handy, show her the price of fabric today and explain how much you would need for her project. Most people do not have a clue about fabric prices. If you want to throw in your labour for free, that is up to you but be warned she may be a repeat customer if you do.
    I am afraid I would have laughed in her face. Most of the women around here who are preachers wives are quilters too and I don't think any one of them would make one for $12.00. Maybe $120. if she bought the stuff to make it. Other wise no dice. sorry that's the way the ball bounces.

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