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Thread: Boom 11- See Changes - Sign-ups OPEN through 12/10

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    Super Member Janice McC's Avatar
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    Mar 2013

    Boom 11- See Changes - Sign-ups OPEN through 12/10


    Please read the posted information below before signing up. Although my original intention was to keep the swap the same as previous ones, the changes became necessary. Particularly different is the way the Fat Eighths (F8s) and blocks are sent to members. This swap still remains a great opportunity to “meet” people from all over and to receive blocks made personally for you and to make them in return. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! This is a 2 month (fast) or 4 month (slow) swap. You may work at your own pace once the F8s are mailed so long as you make all mailing deadlines. I hope you'll consider joining Boom 11.

    Here's the plan:

    1) You will receive a list of Board Names of those in your group with the same time frame.
    2) You will choose a fabric (or fabrics ). Cut your fabric into Fat Eighths (F8s are 18” x 11”). You will need one for each member. (Please do not use Eighths (9” x 22”) instead of F8s. F8s are a better size that allows more block options.)
    3) You may advise members of colors you’d prefer they use, or not use, on your block but please do not request specific blocks. This is meant to be a “friendship” swap where your friends pick a design and sew a beautiful 12 1/2” unfinished block for you based on their creativity with your fabric.
    4) Send ALL F8s to me in a tracked pkg, with $6* in stamps, Money Order or well-concealed cash. Upon receipt of all your group member’s F8s, I sort and ship you ALL of the F8s you’ll need to complete blocks for your co-members using the $6*. I will provide you tracking info also. (Pls allow me a 3 biz days to sort and get to the Post Office following receipt of the last F8 pkg.)
    5) You will sew a block for each member out of the F8 you’ve received from them. When you have finished ALL blocks, you ship them to me in a tracked pkg, once again with $6* in stamps, Money Order or well-concealed cash, and I sort the blocks into pkgs for each member and return them to the owner using the funds you sent me. I’ll provide tracking info. (Again, allow me 3 biz days to sort blocks and get to the Post Office following receipt of the final pkg.)

    *Actual cost will be determined by how much I can carefully stuff into a USPS Priority envelope. I believe one envelope can handle a small group’s F8s or blocks but a larger group will need a larger package so the costs will be higher. I’ll test envelopes with F8’s and blocks of my own soon so I’ll have a better idea of the cost before sign-ups close.

    Please make sure to also refer to the basic policies that apply to all swaps through the board: Rules For Swaps And Similar Activities - Updated 8 December 2010. Please pay attention to the mailing requirements. The Quilting Board requires tracking for every item sent and you must supply me with the tracking numbers. I will supply them to you for the packages I send out.

    1) Please prewash your Fat Eighth (F8) fabric or fabrics prior to cutting and mailing them to me and be certain that the fabrics used to complete the blocks you make have also been prewashed prior to making the block.
    2) When mailing your F8s to me for distribution, please make sure they are individually sealed in a Ziploc bag or tightly wrapped in Saran Wrap. Label each F8 with your QB name, the member for whom the fabric is meant along with any instructions. Peel-off labels are useful to help the recipient prevent fabric mix-ups, something that’s easy to do. Pls seal and label your completed blocks in the same manner as you did the F8s before mailing them ALL back to me for distribution. (You may advise the member of colors you would prefer they use, or not use, but pls do not request specific blocks. Block choice is the maker’s.)
    3) Please mail your F8s to me within 3 wks of the start of the swap, anticipated to be about Jan 1, 2014. The sooner you get them to me, the sooner they go out! Be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you mail.
    4) Carefully handle all fabric received and blocks, placing them somewhere safe until mailing time comes.
    5) To help keep track of the fabrics and blocks made, I will email a chart to everyone to complete as you go.
    6) Please keep in touch with your group members by posting. I’d like everyone to post at least every two wks with a status of how you are doing. You may post more often (daily?) but just be sure to keep in touch so nobody is left in the dark.
    7) All blocks must be completed within the time frame for the group and mailed to me with a tracking number. Please remember that everyone is permitted the full time period to finish. So long as the final mailing date hasn't come and gone, please don't urge a member to hurry. Encouragement is good, pushing isn't. Faster members must be patient and wait for the remainder of the group to finish. I will give reminders as deadlines approach.
    8) All blocks should be 12 1/2” unfinished. They may be regularly pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd, whatever the block maker decides to do. It is up to each individual. Again, the feeling is to get a true friendship quilt out of this. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every skill level, join in and try new things and grow.
    9). Please clean up the blocks you’ve made before mailing them to me. Trim your threads, cut your dog ears - remove any excess work from the back. We do not want to have any unnecessary bulk that makes them harder to quilt.
    10) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Also important information:

    You MUST be in good standing with previous swaps. Anyone with unfinished blocks from a previous Boom will not be permitted to join.

    Mailing/tracking costs on this swap may seem daunting at first however you may actually find it to be cheaper than if you had to mail each envelope individually, especially in the larger the group. YOU are responsible for the cost of all mailings. (I will provide you with tracking info for any package I ship to you.) If you feel mailing/tracking costs may be an issue, you may not like this swap.

    PLEASE do not send fabrics or blocks with perfume or overwhelming fragrances on them due to allergies. There are swap members or family members who have severe allergies to certain things so plstry your best to not send anything that could cause an allergic reaction.

    NO public complaints or criticisms of other swappers, items received or other type for any reason are permitted. ALL complaints must be addressed by Private Message (PM) to me. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    To join Boom 11, please EMAIL me at boomerangswaps@bellsouth.net (new address!!!) with the following info:

    Board Name*
    Full Name
    Complete Address
    Phone Number
    Email Address
    Have you participated in other Boomerang Swaps? Yes/No
    If yes, what was your last Boom?
    Do you prefer a Fast Grp (2 mos) OR Slow Grp(4 mos)?
    Do you prefer a Small Grp (16?) OR Large Grp (35?)?

    *Board name will be given to your fellow group members at the start of the swap. All other info won't be shared.

    Please note I will contact everyone PRIOR to that start of the swap to make sure they are still interested in participating.

    I hope you will consider joining us for Boom 11! I look forward to hearing from you! (I've previewed this post over and over but I do apologize in advance if I've forgotten anything important. If you have a question, please feel free to ask and I will try to reply promptly.) Thank you. Janice McC

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    Super Member Difergie's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I am in! I didn't sign up for last boom and really missed doing it. Will we post pictures of the blocks as we make them? I love seeing all the blocks. Will send you my info.

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    Super Member joanelizbay's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Boonville, Missouri
    Blog Entries
    I have a question before I agree to the fast group...What if you dont get all the F8's from everyone that signed up? Do we wait and wait for them to send them to you before we can start? The problem with that is on several swaps its taken some people over the deadline to even send out the F8...and IF we have to wait until you receive ALL the finished blocks for us we wont be getting any squishies in the mail...that was a lot of the fun, going to the mailbox and finding fabric!!
    I agree that the cost you are offering will be a LOT cheaper than sending out 16-32 envelopes and I like the idea a lot but I dont understand having to "wait" for everyone to get the F8's to you....Anyone have an opinion??

    People may not remember what you looked like or what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel!

    This is the link to my albums for all Boom swaps.

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    Super Member Difergie's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I will miss the getting the squishies in the mail also but I can see how this will help things stay on track. If we post pictures as we make the blocks that will sort of be like surprises to me. Change is always strange. I have been in a couple of swaps where people received but did not send. This will probably keep things even. Looking forward to the swap.

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    Super Member moonwork42029's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Possum Trot, KY
    I do like sending the f8's to you and having you send them out to all the members. That way, if someone doesn't send the f8 to you within the 3 weeks, you can send out what f8's you have received and the unused f8's will be returned back to me and I won't worry about the "non senders".

    If you don't send the f8's out until after the 3 weeks (plus 3 days to sort them), then we only have 3 months to sew the blocks...not 4 since almost a month will be used up waiting for the batch of f8's to be received. (For a slow group...otherwise, you're cut down to 1 month sewing time for fast group)

    I'm like Joan though and really would miss having the squishies come in the mail throughout the 4 month period.

    I really also like seeing all the blocks being posted as they are received. Sometimes you are "brain blocked" as to what to do with a fabric and then you see someone's block with it and you have a great idea. Sometimes you also want to make one that coordinates with some of the ones you have seen posted too.

    I didn't do the last Boom but have done 3 other ones. These are pretty radical changes... I'll have to think long and hard about it.

    Please reply to our concerns. Thanks
    Lisa L.
    Howdies from Possum Trot (yes it does exist)
    My most recent swap - Boomerang 16

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    Super Member moonrise's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Northwest Georgia
    Ditto what Joan said. No offense intended, but I like the old way better, even though it costed more in postage. Most of the fun was getting lots of squishies in the mail, and seeing the photos that were posted all along during the swap. If there were a few stragglers or MIAs, they didn't hold up the rest of the swap.

    Any chance of having some "traditional" groups?

    (I can't even imagine what a job it'll be to sort those F8s and blocks. There are bound to be a few people who inadvertently forget to label them, or labels that come off along the way. )
    Have a wonderful day! If you need to contact me, please use the e-mail address on my profile page. Sometimes I don't get notifications that I have a PM here. Please note that I'm usually unavailable on weekends, but I'll get back to you on Monday.

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    Super Member Janice McC's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Great comments, thank you! At this point, the only thing I want to address is that no, we cannot go back to the traditional way of mailing and this is why: mailings in any swap on this board REQUIRE tracking between participants. Ladies, I know it wasn't the case in the last Boom or the time before or the time before that but it is now. Apparently, this swap flew under the radar but this hosting change has forced our hands. Basically, if I don't agree to insist on tracking, I will not be supported in the host role, and I'd venture to say, neither will the next person. Folks, those are - and have been for years - the rules. That we escaped them in previous Booms doesn't change the fact that they exist. QB's house, QB's rules. I accept that but the question is if you all will. For those who will, I'm here, ready, willing and able to host. If we get together a good enough sized group, I'll be thrilled to act as your host. Whether that happens remains to be seen. In the meantime, please continue to ask any questions or make suggestions but the tracking situation isn't my call. (Of course, if you'd like to handle all of your mailings individually as before but WITH tracking, a group of 16 should only cost you about $180. $180 EACH. Ouch!) Janice McC
    Last edited by Janice McC; 11-20-2013 at 03:43 PM.

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    Senior Member Bee Beatty's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    This is my first Boom. Recommended by a good friend who has completed many. I have seen her finished quilts. They are beautiful. I will send my info! Thank you for organizing this.

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    Mar 2011
    I've already emailed my info to you. I am so ready for this! My fabric is already washed, dried, cut, pressed and ready to wrap with saran wrap. I would like to do 2 small fast groups. Thanks for stepping in for us.

    take time to build memories with the kids

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    Jan 2011
    Let me see if I understand the process? I would mail you all of my F-8's and you would sort them and mail them to the other members in the group. In turn I would get a packet of f-8's from other members. Once I completed my blocks, I again sent them to you and you hold them until all the other blocks are completed and then you would mail my completed blocks from others to me in one mailing? Correct? If this is the process, consider me in. I'll officially sign up next week.

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