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Thread: Chipped Beef! As Gram would say... SOS ..

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    Senior Member kathyd's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkiris View Post
    When I was a kid, my Mom's "creamed chipped beef" was a white sauce (butter, flour and milk) to which she added chopped up Buddig beef, from the small pouch, and peas. We ate it on toast. Not my favorite, but I liked it better than what she called "chop-suey"!!!
    I remember having this one. We had it on nights that dad worked late (he didn't like it) Mom just couldn't make toast fast enough for 4 kids!

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    Dec 2010
    OKC, OK
    I remember eating this when I was a kid. Mom used hamburger most of the time. My DH said that when he was in the Navy, SOS was made with chipped beef; Sh** on a shingle was made with hamburger; and Sh** in a duffel bag was stuffed peppers. Got a laugh out of him!! Sounds like something I need to make but since the chipped beef has so much salt, which I can't have, I'll make mine out of hamburger. It'll bring back fond memories.

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    I make my own with jar dried beef and white sauce, dash of cayene and ready for rice or toast. BTW, Stouffers has it in the frozen food case at your local grocery store. Same as Mom used to make.

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    Highland, CA
    Yep! My grandma (who raised me) used to prepare it often. I loved it then and I love it now (thank you, Stouffers).

    She would also make what she called "goulash" (which I went on to make it for MY kids). It was ground meat, sauteed onion, its own brown gravy and a small can of green peas poured over mashed potatoes. I haven't had that in decades. The very thought of it makes me hungry.

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    Wasilla, Alaska
    My brother called it that when he was in the Navy.We had it growing up just like Pinkiris. I like it.

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    Oct 2012
    Twin Cities, MN
    Wow! This brings back sooooo many memories! Grew up eating creamed chipped beef, creamed tuna, creamed hard boiled eggs, and goulash. Years ago Mom told me it was because with eight kids, money was really tight, and sometimes flour, water and eggs were about all she had. The creamed eggs were a result of not having any tuna to add!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    If I don't feel like making white cream gravy I use an envelope of Peppered White Gravy that you add 3 cups water to. I use the dried beef in jars, cut in bitesize pieces. I don't add the dried beef until the gravy is smooth. This doesn't need salt....there's plenty in the beef.
    We ate this a lot when I was a kid...we were very poor but I didn't know it.....my foster mom would rinse the jarred dried beef because it is SO salty; she would make a cream gravy, lots of black pepper and we would eat it on toast.....takes me back to wonderful awesome memories ! Another childhood memory was when we went fishing, which was often, we would pack our lunch to eat while fishing.....it would be CANNED corned beef (fat and everything), white bread and mayonnaise.....(makes me cringe to think of it, but it was wonderful then); too, we would have vienna sausages out of the can, saltine crackers and yellow mustard ! When I was a kid I thought my foster parents were really really rich because we had iced tea each night with supper/dinner and also had some kind of dessert...might be syrup on biscuits but it counted as dessert !

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    Jan 2012
    Boy, do I remember this dish. Since my Mom worked, it was a quick and easy dish to make in the evening.

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    That's what the military called it when my dad was in the Army. Otherwise known as SOS

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    Feb 2008
    My dad used to make this, said he first had it when he went into the Air Force back in the 50's. He always browned the chipped beef in the butter and then made the white gravy right on top of it : ) I still like it, though I don't make it very often.

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